Dear Editor:

While DENSO does admirable things for the community, its treatment of associates unlucky enough to work in the "wrong" department is less than desirable. These associates are expected to work unthinkable amounts of overtime. Family and church do not matter.

These associates are responsible for 100% perfect quality parts to pass by their exhausted eyes. These associates (there are many) are required to work seven days a week (eight- to 12-hour days) for weeks and months on end.

When DENSO performs community events, i.e. community cleanup, 5K runs for specific needs or pumping gas for United Way, they offer all associates an opportunity to join in, all except those people who work seven days a week. They are expected to work or use their vacation time. This is all in the name of "company need." Try explaining that to your children, grandchildren, pastor or anyone else important in your life.

DENSO preaches a work-life balance. This is so far from the truth for a large majority of the workers. I recently retired with 28 years of service. I was one of the unlucky people whose family life was nonexistent due to "company need." The next time you are out and about enjoying your Saturday and Sunday off, think about all the people in Plant 101 who haven't had a day off in weeks or months.

Needless to say, I have regained my family life, caught up on lost sleep and regained my sanity.

Kathryn Watts

Lake Road


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Thank you for writing this letter. "High 5" Hope you enjoy your retirement and ridding your life of the unbearable stress it requires to work there. Retired from there myself after 20 years. People just don't understand that don't work there!

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