Dear Editor:

I was disturbed by the level of wrath expressed in the Oct. 3 letter to the editor ("Anti-Trump derangement syndrome shows Dems for what they are: corrupt"). To better take it in and understand where it was coming from, I reread the Sept. 15 column about Trump's GOP approval rating and written by Jonah Goldberg (a conservative columnist). He writes that "Trump is behaving like a wartime president, but the enemy is Blue America."

Goldberg continues: "The wartime atmosphere ... encourages partisans to overlook faults with their own side more than ever, because in the zero-sum logic of war, any dissent is seen as providing aid and comfort to enemies who would be worse if they gained power. ... The need to justify your support makes it impossible to acknowledge any shortcomings at all."

It's an enlightening column that I urge everyone to read/reread. We must try harder as individuals, regardless of politics, to better understand how and why identity politics fuels our anger, biases and divisions and also makes us more vulnerable to misinformation and disinformation.

Shirley Brown

Willard Street


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