Dear Editor:

A young woman who has a very rare condition has been in a program at a university in California for 17 years. She was invited by the university to be a participant in a study searching for a treatment for her condition. That study not only has kept her alive and to live an almost normal life, but the practices and treatments used to do so can provide hope for others around the world.

Her parents recently received a letter from immigration officials that they must be out of the United States in 33 days. That letter is a death sentence. Without the continued treatment, not available in her birth county, she will die in a short time.

She is not alone. Others have been given the promise of the U.S. government that they may remain here for medical treatment. A boy who has a heart condition, another who has cystic fibrosis and any others who also have been given that same promise from we the citizens of the United States by our immigration system over recent years have received the same letter. The result in each case is certain death. The treatments to keep them alive are not available in the country from which they came.

Are their lives not as valuable as a fetus? Are they not as much God’s children because they were born in another country? Have we as a people become immune to murder by edict?

Warren Harris

Chippendale Drive


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