Dear Editor:

Regarding the Sept. 24 letter, "DENSO retiree is getting her life back:" I too have had hardships, missed family events and had difficulty balancing personal issues versus work requirements. I understood and accepted that from the beginning. Life happens. 

I have unrelenting standards. I suffer from self-sacrifice. But none of my defects were due to my career at DENSO. I have worked there for 25-plus years and if unhappy, would have done something about it long ago.

I have worked elsewhere, traveled the world, and seen and done things that were not at all pleasant. I did these things because it was required of me, just as DENSO has requirements that it must uphold. I've been worse places and got paid a lot less. DENSO is not as bad as some would have you believe. Yes, I work a lot of overtime. However, DENSO supplies me and my family with the means to do the things we need and want. 

I would challenge any DENSO associate currently working or considering a career with DENSO to get involved in what's going on with your department. Ask questions about what can be done to reduce overtime, improve Machine Operation Ratio (MOR), reduce In Process Rejects (IPR) and cut costs. These are not just random numbers but key elements that require constant monitoring.

Do something to make a difference. Don't just show up to work, clock in and wait for quitting time. That's called a job, not a career. We are a global company that is still growing, and I for one, like it here.

Ron Strickland

Six Mile Road


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Hmmmm.......funny how his attitude has changed since he has been promoted to a management position. When he was a lowly production associate he complained as loud and often as everyone else about the overtime he had to work.

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