Dear Editor:

Where in the nation is there a Howard Baker?

During the Watergate investigation, Sen. Baker, R-Tenn., was willing to ask the tough questions. "My primary thesis is still, what did the president know, and when did he know it?”

Peter Grier reported, "Baker continued to press, not for Nixon’s advantage, but for the truth. His careful and detailed questioning won him widespread national attention and praise."

Where are Republicans who are willing to press for the truth today?

Why has the senior senator from Tennessee become so complicit in the manipulations and treason of Trump? After all, Sen. Lamar Alexander isn't running for reelection. He's preparing to live off the spoils of his political career.

Will he ask the key questions?

Alexander stated, “I thought the president's telephone call was inappropriate. ...  If the House does send us articles of impeachment, we have a constitutional responsibility to hear the case, and I'm prepared to do that.”

Stephen Elliott reports "Alexander did not express concern about Mitch McConnell’s recent announcement that he would work in “total coordination” with the White House during impeachment. “That’s between the leader and the White House,” Alexander said. “He talks with them every day.” Alexander must know that this is not ethical.

Alexander has the opportunity to leave the Senate as a great statesman or a complicit politician. His legacy is dependent on the choices he makes at this time of constitutional crisis.

Will he ask the key questions?

Ginny West Case

Cedar Park Drive


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Alice Beth

Apparently not, we have not seen any evidence of it.


Maybe if the current administration starts a 100 year long war with Iran, he & his loyalists won’t have to worry about an impeachment.

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