Dear Editor:

As the recent shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas shows, a good person with a gun is a valuable asset when a bad guy wants to do harm. When the madman pulled out a shotgun and started shooting, an armed parishioner terminated the threat in less than six seconds. 

This is much better than a 20-minute wait for the police to arrive, after which they gather outside deciding what to do for several more minutes.

Obviously when the intended victim is armed, the results are dynamically different than when they are defenseless. All gun-free zones do is create shooting galleries for maniacs. 

Having school resource officers at every school is expensive and even when present, they will never be where they need to be when the crazy person starts shooting. They will always be responding. 

Now contrast this to a situation where the teachers are permitted to be armed. With the criminal shooter not knowing which teachers or staff members are armed, they will have a much-lower probability of mass carnage. 

Gun-control zealots will scream about unintended gun discharges or a student taking the gun from the teacher. With more than 20 states now permitting certified teachers to carry while working, not once has either of these things occurred. Not only that, but not one school with armed teachers/staff has been the victim of a shooting. 

It’s time to face reality. It’s time to permit trained teachers and school staff to carry concealed weapons to protect our most precious commodity, our children.

Ray Bergeron

Early Drive


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