Dear Editor:

Yes, we all will answer to God. But will our answer be correct? When he was depressed, drunk, hungry and stank, did we shun him? Does the Jesus you follow say don’t give sinners a break?

My neighbors surely tire from lugging around their sack of stones, looking for sinners. Well, not all sinners; they’ve cherry-picked the Mosaic Law and excluded laws as they tend to do. As old as I am, when a hot chick passes me in the mall, the lust wells up before I can say: “Wow! I’ve sinned against my God."

I am a sinner and unworthy to cast stones on anyone. Jesus preached love; he said even the pagans love their own kind. True followers of Jesus are to show love and compassion even to their enemies. For all my stone-throwing neighbors, I'm a simple sinner trying to follow three rules: 1. Keep God first. 2. Treat my neighbors the way I would like to be treated. 3. Don’t judge the sinfulness of my fellow man.

The country isn’t sliding towards Sodom and Gomorrah. I haven’t read of any lynchings in the paper; we just shoot each other.

Ben Walker

Portsmouth Circle


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