Dear Editor:

I am responding to the letter regarding the new weight equipment at Maryville High School. Reading the first couple of paragraphs of his letter, I get the distinct impression that this is a county football fan jealous of the success of the city schools' football programs.

It seems to me he is using the tired old mantra of “… but it's for the kids” to mask his contempt for two perennially successful championship teams at Alcoa and Maryville. Baseless accusations and insinuations about football programs do nothing to “help the kids."

I would advise the letter writer that he take his concerns about the state of the county sports teams' facilities to the Blount County Commission meetings and address them there. I completely agree that the county schools and the kids who go there deserve the best they can get. That comes down to who allocates the funds, not the city schools.

As for spending his money in city establishments, he is free to take his business elsewhere if paying sales taxes in the cities of Alcoa and Maryville makes him “mad as hell." I am proud of all the schools in our county and know that many fine students have graduated from them all.

Billy Harmon

Grant Street


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