Dear Editor:

I know many people are probably tired of reading letters about the Aug. 24 Pride event (which, by this point, has already passed), positive or negative. The Aug. 16 letter ("Reader has no pride in LGBTQ event") really did cause a stir, huh? I, like many, have my own input on his view of Pride and Christianity.

I don't know much about the Unitarian Universalist Church Fellowship. I'm not very familiar with religion in general, to be honest. But from my limited experience in the Christian Church, I've been taught nothing but acceptance. I've been taught that all love is a beautiful thing, and it should be treasured.

Why, then, is some love more acceptable than other love? If two consenting people want to spend their lives together, who are you to disagree? It's not your life!

Maybe I'm biased. Maybe I'm just a young, radical, over-sensitive liberal. But the fact is, agree with it or not, we exist. The LGBTQ community isn't some vague concept you can just devalue and expect to go away. We're always going to be here, and we'll always be a part of the community. You don't have to bow down to us. You don't have to "worship the idols" we set up. You don't even have to accept us. Just accept that we're here. Just accept that we have a right to live. Wouldn't you rather us get along than constantly be fighting?

We're here, we're queer and we are not going away, like it or not.

Grace Ballard

Hickory Drive


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