Dear Editor:

Anger? A writer is concern over anger expressed from political right. If living in a bubble, vision will be restricted about political corruption, double standards. The left condemns one form of foreign intervention in U.S. politics while whitewashing another.

Democrats wanted transparency in Trump’s Ukraine call and received a partial transcript. However, there is no call for transcripts of Obama’s calls with Iran right before he delivered $150 billion in cash. Nor, are there transcripts of Biden’s calls with China before his son got a multibillion-dollar deal. Yet we are expected to smile.

Obama was praised for taking out Bin Laden. Trump is criticized for the death of the king of decapitation monsters, Baghdadi, the ISIS leader.

The left tries to impeach Trump on opinion, deception, illusions. We gave Clinton impeachment due process fairness. But Trump does not receive the same.

Yes, there is anger. The uncivilized left display anger by violent protests, property destruction, assault. The right shows anger at the ballot box.

Trump is hated by the left, but loved by the American people. That is reason enough to sing.

Shanna Dean Cooper

Old Nile Ferry


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