Dear Editor:

In response to Cohen's article, 11/9/20 entitled, "Using censorship to tip election,"  I have to say I am more than bothered by the Maryville Daily Times printing of such a bunch of "falsehoods."

Cohen states that Biden was not censored through social media, but Trump has been. Social media has every right to kick someone off if they are ranting and raving with no justification. Trump's rants were not "real." Anyone would receive censorship if they were spreading liable threats against someone; this is what Trump was doing. Cohen, have you realized that Trump's legal cases have been dismissed by the courts? Biden's comments were not censored because he was rational and not spreading threats about anyone, or our election process. Not one election official spoke of any fraud ... no governors, no state officials ... no one. 

Political bias, or meddling in a major election? Cohen, really? Trump threatened the US Postal Service by not providing additional funding in April 2020 at a time when the public needed affordable delivery during this pandemic, and for mail-in ballots for the upcoming election. In August 2020, a mere two months prior to election, Trump admitted the USPS could not deliver the mail-in ballots without additional funding. Cohen, I guess you don't recognize political bias or meddling when you see it.

Cohen, communist China? Wow, did you see 60 Minutes try to interview Trump? Trump walked out. Now that is something you would see in communist China when information is not free flowing.

It is never more clear that the country wants Biden and Harris to bring us together again, and I feel the peace, freedom, democracy, respect, hope and much more, that we all are craving.

I believe that Cohen's article (true, it’s just her “voice”), only states more untruths about Trump situations, and continues to pull at the fabric of our country, and to that end is why I am very disappointed in The Daily Times for giving Cohen a place to rant, rave, and spread more untruths. True journalists, news reporters, do not print such falsehoods. Congrats to Biden/Harris.

Barb Pierce

Sweetwater-Vonore Road


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