Dear Editor:

I know some of us are extremely loyal to our favorite news network. Some even find it painful to briefly watch an alternate channel. It may be natural to avoid seeing anything that goes against what we want to believe, but if we don’t do our best to be informed, we are depriving ourselves of learning the truth — very important during these divided times.

If we only watch CNN, then we may be missing informative information we should be aware of. If we exclusively watch Fox, we’re only learning what they want us to know. None of the networks are always fully accurate — they all spin the news to adapt to their agendas — and therefore it’s prudent for us as citizens of this society to do our best to be informed. Often the same news event or political comment is so far apart in presentation that it sounds like two totally different stories.

I encourage everyone to watch them all, even if it is agonizing. Absorb and consider what you learn and then make a knowledgeable decision on the direction you believe our great country should be going. You may be amazed at what you learn.

Gary Heath

Logans Landing Circle


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