Dear Editor: 

The death of George Floyd was a terrible tragedy and those police officers involved should be held responsible for their actions. The majority of our police officers are dedicated as they protect us from chaos, lawlessness and criminality. 

Have you heard of retired police Capt. David Dorn? He served 32 years as a police officer. He was well thought of in the community he served and by his fellow police officers. During the riots in St. Louis over Floyd's death on June 2, Dorn, an African American, was killed by looters as he was trying to protect his friend's pawn shop. 

Let us not forget the different duties of our police officers. The officer consoles the family after the loss of a loved one as a result of an accident. It is the police officer who compiles the evidence and arrests the drug dealer. The police officer removes the child from an abusive home. The officer answers the call when there is domestic abuse. You call 911 when someone is attempting to break into your home. 

Some 800 police officers have been injured during the riots. We are blessed to have four loyal and dedicated police departments in Blount County. Every night I pray for the Lord to protect our police officers. Remember police represent that thin blue line that protects us from lawlessness. 

The next time you see a police officer, thank him or her for their service to our community and for putting their life on the line to keep us safe.

Buddy Hunt

Old Niles Ferry Road


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