Dear Editor:

The events of this week have come to the perfect end for Turkey and Russia. The “cease-fire” has ended. Russia and Turkey leaders had a meeting to decide how Syria would be divided. The United States had no voice nor representation. The Kurds are being forced to move from the area that had become a homeland for them into the desert. Turkey considers the Kurds as “terrorists."

Russia got exactly what it has wanted for years — a strong influence and force in Syria, something which would not have been possible had the United States forces remained.

Turkey got exactly what it wanted, the moving of the Kurds and their replacement with Arabs who had sought a “safe place” in Turkey.

The influence of the United States in the Middle East has been destroyed, leaving Russia as the leading force in the area.

Because Turkey is a member of NATO and is now an ally of Putin, the alliance is weakened at a time when NATO was first formed as a shield against Russia for European countries.

Warren Harris

Chippendale Drive



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