Dear Editor:

I know you are probably sick and tired of reading my opinions and responses to some of the articles printed on the Opinion page, but sometimes I just can't help but be outraged and have to respond.

I was reading S.E. Cupp's column ("Trump's race-baiting pays, as usual," 6A, Monday) on the comment President Trump made about being lynched. If you look up the definition of the word lynched, it means being hung for a crime or an alleged crime without a trial.

The definition makes no reference to race. I'm so sick and tired of these people picking up on every little word that he uses and twisting it to meet their agendas. Please stop printing this tripe targeting the president; he is far from perfect, I know, but he is the president.

I doubt that you will print this letter since you just printed one a week ago from me. But I did want to speak on behalf of the president since the the media never has anything good to say about him whatever he does, even if his actions are beneficial to all of us.

John E. Smith

Old Plantation Way


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THE President sent 1800 of our armed service women & men to Saudi Arabia, just a few weeks ago, to protect the prince and his nation. I sure hope folks remember what nation sent 15 folks over here & killed 3000. I’m over it, & our president’s apologists.

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