Dear Editor:

Recent letters and editorials have criticized our mayors for not forcing Blount Countians to wear masks. This desire concerns me.

Our system of government requires leaders who do not dictate and force their will. They are to respect our liberty above all else, and we have a corresponding responsibility to care for ourselves.

If masks and distancing work as claimed, they will protect the wearer from catching COVID-19 and from spreading it if infected. We are all free to wear masks to protect ourselves. If others choose not to, their actions will affect only them. The desire to force others should be restricted to our own minor children.

Apparently, some expect our local leaders to "mother" us to death. God save us from such tyranny. If they can force us to wear masks for our own good, why not have them force us to eat our Brussels sprouts?

The last thing I need or want in my life is a government mommy. I own several masks and wear them when needed. I avoid crowds. If a private business requires masks, I respect their property rights and wear one. However, if government requires it, it is our civic duty to rebel against such control.

Our mayors have left it up to individuals as to whether we choose to protect ourselves. Make your own choices; control your own body. Convince others if you wish. Our mayors have the wisdom and strength to recognize the limitations of their power.

Frank Mimbs

Wildwood Road


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