Dear Editor:

With decks awash with blood from heroes past, we stand together before the portals of time with long-forgotten memories of dreams of what once was and what used to be. Will Lady Liberty survive or shall Karl Marx take the place of Uncle Sam?

Evil is afoot in the land of the American eagle. Evil calls itself by many names, CNN, liberalism, social justice, The Washington Post, political correctness, Black Lives Matter. But what about Chicago? What about the Big Apple? Black lives matter not at all to those men and women who spin lies and make believe.

Do all lives matter? No! You’re a racist to suggest such common sense virtue. One dares not speak against the authority of the Imperial Left. They may send you away, away to places where reason is an unspoken sin.

“Your nation is filled with systemic racism. Cops are racist. Soldiers are racist. You’re a racist, too, so shut your pie hole and obey. God is dead! America is the root of all the wickedness in the world.” These are the drum beats heard daily from the ignorant, the envious, the Evil Left.

Must we stand mute like dummies wandered from a pest house? Shall we cave before the unjust demands of fools and traitors? Do you want to live in a country ruled by Nancy Pelosi and her wild-eyed zealots? Is Adam Schiff and his degenerate breed your idea of God and country?

The storm is upon us. Who will stand for America? Who will stand with me?

Larry Henry

Riversedge Road


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