Dear Editor:

The Roman Empire lasted 500 years, from 27 BC until 476 AD. The United States is at one half of that. Can two of the greatest nations that ever existed on this planet be headed for the same fate? Lets examine some of the similarities and decide.

Rome developed a great antagonism between the Senate (Congress) and the emperor (president); Rome developed a marked incline in morals — adultery, homosexuality, pedophilia, pornography and lewd acts; increased alcohol and drug use; legal prostitution and gambling; human trafficking. All sound familiar?

Political corruption was rampant. Rome experienced constant wars. Rome had a breakdown in national security, allowing the enemy to have access to their battle plans. They could not protect their borders. Cheap labor due to massive illegal immigration depleted available jobs for citizens and led to increasing dependence on government for support. This lead to discontent and eventual revolt. Sound familiar?

A steady decline in ethics and values. They abandoned ideals, customs, traditions and institutions. Basic principles,standards, and judgment about what was important or valuable dissolved.

Romans turned their backs on their Gods, allowing the rise of other religions. Unrestricted abortion and infanticide were the rule. This led to a reduced birth rate among the citizenry and thus an increase in non-citizen population. Rome experienced a rapid deterioration of its infrastructure and had a growing deficit.

As is evident, the parallels here are striking. All of these conditions are being practiced or being extolled as the politically correct thing to do, right here in our United States. We must take a hard look at our current path and ask ourselves if we will meet the same fate as the Romans. Let's cling to the morals and standards that our Founding Fathers established.

David Griffin

Belmont Drive


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