Dear Editor:

The occupier of the White House and Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina don’t understand many things, including that those who were lynched had no opportunity to defend themselves. The victims, mostly African Americans, were dragged from their homes or work places and brutally humiliated and “strung up.”

Often their bodies were left hanging in the wind to teach others a “lesson.” This horrific part of our history bares no resemblance to what is happening now. It is degrading of Trump and Graham to compare themselves to these hate-filled periods.

Trump has multiple opportunities to defend himself and his administration. He continues to refuse to submit his tax returns and other information and to defy subpoenas. He has ordered staffers not to testify. He and others are depending on their white male privilege and political power to protect themselves.

It is amazing that people like U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander do not come forward and insist on cooperation with the investigations. Sen. Howard Baker had the integrity to step up during the Nixon impeachment and speak for justice. Why is Alexander, who is respected and known by some for his integrity, remaining silent? He knows the Constitution. He was raised better than this by his parents and the community of Maryville.

Why do Alexander and others stand silently by when Trump calls a clause of the Constitution “phony?" Why are they silent when he calls these proceedings “crap?" Why do people support his vulgar language and demeaning behavior?

One has to ask, if you are innocent, why not participate in constitutional proceedings? The writers of the Constitution knew that this might be needed if there were disturbing abuses of power. It’s called checks and balances.

As Trump and others delay and destroy checks and balances, they admit their guilt.

Ginny West Case

Cedar Park Drive


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