Dear Editor:

The Other Voices op-ed "Universal Basic Income is nonsense, merely a handout" (Oct. 1) missed the point. The last two tax cuts pushing the federal government to trillion-dollar annual deficits were merely handouts.

Is the basic income nonsense because it isn’t benefiting the wealthy? Andrew Yang has found a problem. Capitalism finds a way to produce goods and services at the lowest cost. With technology, the goal is to produce goods and services with robots instead of humans. That computer answering system we all hate is a robot. When the 5G network gets here, everything will move quicker toward automation.

When no workers are being paid, who’s buying all these goods and services the country is producing? They are working very hard on automating big-rig truck drivers, and soon, a robot will bring the pizza you ordered to your door. This proposal by Yang might not be the answer, but his "Humanity First" message is real.

Ben Walker

Portsmouth Circle


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