Dear Editor:

This is in response to letters published Aug. 16 and 21 on the LGBTQ Pride event.

I confess that I’m tired of writers who lecture us on the meaning of the “Word of God.” Each of us creates our own image of God, and through history almost every conceivable human act, both good and evil, has been at one time or another, construed as following the “Word of God.” As for the Unitarians “drawing inspiration” from entities ranging from Atheism to Judaism to Christianity, that’s an enlightened idea. We could use more of that in this age of polarization.

Both writers make the erroneous assumption that the LGBTQ community recruits young people to their groups. I would point out that the community, rather than recruiting, works to welcome individuals of any age who have been systematically ostracized by the proponents of rejections in the general population. Cruel treatment of individuals of this minority group is hurtful to people of all ages, but is especially damaging to young people as they struggle with their natural sexual preference identities in our judgmental society.

People of the LGBTQ community are simple normal people. Yes normal. These writers and others of the same prejudicial outlooks need to realize that all of us are born with sexual preferences that occur across a full spectrum. This is normal, just as we all differ in our inborn tendencies in other areas of life.

Some people respond to the LGBTQ community with anger, which usually arises from fear. The writers should put aside their fear and visit an LGBTQ Pride event with open hearts and minds. Ask questions. It might be a learning experience for everyone.

Don Morrison

Sylvan Circle


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