Dear Editor:

I want to heap praise and God’s blessing on Chris Riser, Greg Heisler, Tony McConnell, Gene T. Bullock and Gerald E. Ivey for great letters and understanding of the word.

For those who say "accept us, we’re here, we’re queer and we’re not going away like it or not" — you display the very hostilities and threats we are talking about.

Before I go on and you get your judging pens out, I, too, am a sinner. My sins are just different than yours, and we will all stand in judgment. I pray each day to be the best I can be for Jesus, to show him I’m grateful for taking on my sins and that he loved me first. The Bible says if you sin and are truly sorry, you will be forgiven. It’s when we know it’s a sin and we keep on sinning the same sin that gets us in trouble. It shows the Lord we are not truly sorry.

To the LGBTQ community, I love all of God’s children. I don’t have to accept your lifestyle and get very tired of being told that I have to. In Leviticus 18:22 it says, “man shall not lie with man.” I don’t need any other version, explanation or thought. Period. You cry equality; you can vote, marry and get spousal insurance just like us.

My message is I don’t have to accept your lifestyle. God gave us free will to choose what we believe to right or wrong according to his will.

Do you get it, LGBTQ? We love our fellow brothers and sisters, but we still don’t have to like or accept what you’re doing.

Judy A. Sigwalt

Country Meadows Lane


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The Bible also says “they will know you by your love”, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, “love they neighbor” “... lest you be judged” etc etc... If this letter was to express love and understanding, I’m sorry, your intent was lost in translation.

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