Dear Editor:

Families of immigrants in this nation with medical deferral visas received letters telling them they must leave the U.S. within 33 days of receipt of the letters. Some of the deferrals are for children, and if  they return to their country of origin, they will not be able to receive the lifesaving treatments hey need. They will die.

People fleeing the devastation of the hurricane in the Bahamas are being denied entry into the U.S. for temporary refugee status. Conditions in the Bahamas are unfit for human habitation. Many will die.

Children are still in cages. Teenage girls are in cages without feminine hygiene products. Mothers and fathers are separated from their children.

Some folks say they don’t watch the news. It makes them sick. How do you think the families feel when told they must leave medical care? How do the refugees feel as they are turned away? How do children feel in cages? How do young girls feel as they bleed on their clothing? How do parents feel when they don’t know when they will see their children? I think it might make them feel sick.

As privileged people, we would rather be ignorant to the plights of these people. We would rather throw up our hands and say, “There’s nothing I can do!” We have these options but those people do not.

We are at point where human decency is no longer exhibited by the leadership in the executive branch. We must speak up and demand that our senators and representatives do something now to confront this cruelty. Maryville’s native son, Sen. Lamar Alexander, must be challenged to consider the legacy he is leaving as one who is complicit with the unethical behaviors of the president by his silence.

And we must be prepared to vote next year as if our nation’s life depends on it. if not, the great American experiment of democracy will die.

Ginny West Case

Cedar Park Drive


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What can we do to help the Bahamians? They are in dire need of assistance.

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