Dear Editor:

I’d like to respond to the Aug. 16 letter ("Reader has no pride in LGBTQ event." The author criticized an article promoting Blount Pride, which will take place this Saturday.

The author began by attacking the Unitarian Universal Church, whose pastor organized Blount Pride. The author expressed discontent over how the article didn’t clarify that the Unitarian Church isn’t affiliated with Christianity, doesn’t adhere to the Bible, and draws from numerous world religions — as if such details would affect the credibility of Blount Pride.

According to the Treaty of Tripoli, negotiated by the Washington administration and ratified unanimously by the Senate in 1797, “the government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” Therefore, the author ought to recognize that Christianity and the Bible have no credibility whatsoever on the matter of LBGT rights in the U.S.

The author also expressed concern that Blount Pride is meant to "recruit, proselytize and indoctrinate young people." This is an obscene mischaracterization of an event that seeks only to teach people — including kids — that all humans are created equal and shouldn’t face discrimination because of who they love.

The author then attacks “Drag Queen Story Hour.” That’s right: He actually criticizes people for volunteering their time to read books to children. Disparaging people for creating a positive difference in their community is objectively ridiculous.

Lastly, he writes, “I’m here, too. And I’m not going away. I will not bow down and worship the idols you set up.” To that I respond: We are not asking you to go away or bow down to anything. We respect your right to stand by your beliefs. All we ask is that you respect our right to promote equality for all individuals in our great community, state and nation.

Michael Boisture, president of Heritage High School Democrat Club

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