Dear Editor:

I just can't understand where Halloween has gone. I decorated my yard with carved pumpkins, witches and skeletons hanging from trees and a host of spooky skulls and goblins. The porch light was on, candy was ready for handing out and an atmosphere of scary was in the air. Unfortunately, no one came. No trick-or-treaters, no cars driving through filled with costumed children and their parents — nothing! A wet blanket had been thrown over a fun night, and I am so frustrated. 

The most frustrating thing is that in the past I've had as many as 23 trick-or-treaters show up (yes, I counted). Other Halloween nights have been close to that number as well. There have been two occasions in which no one came, this being the latest.  

Of course, I understand parents' concerns, and I understand the concept of trunk-or-treat, but I wonder if children are missing out on the joy and fun of trick-or-treating door to door? If parents are worried about crazies doctoring treats with terrible things, remember, these people always have been around and sadly, always will be. 

Pick neighborhoods that you trust, check your kids' treats before they get to them and have faith that most candy-givers are good, decent people. Go with your kids and keep watch, but don't deny your little goblins, superheroes and werewolves the fun of this night. Don't let Halloween fade away. Who knows, you may even see the Great Pumpkin! 

Come back, trick-or-treaters. Come back, Halloween.

Kathy Golbeck

Ginger Way


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