Dear Editor:

I feel that I must send a rebuttal to the reader who called me a liar in his July 30 letter to the editor. In his response to my op-ed ("This nation is not going back to the good ole white days," A6, July 29), the writer said I lied about President Donald Trump.

However, I included references to my sources of information and clearly what I wrote was the truth. Trump has spewed racist hate since before his campaign began with his comments about the 44th president, Barack Obama, who he claimed was born in Kenya; his comments that Mexicans are rapists and criminals in his campaign announcement in 2015; and in his comments about Congressman Elijah Cummings and the city of Baltimore in the past few days. (Trump's remarks are available on Twitter and videotape for anyone to review.)

Clearly, there are folks in Blount County who need to better inform themselves as I suggested in the op-ed.

Sandra C. Walker

Mint Road


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