Perfect scores

• Minds in Motion Learning Center Food Service, 1442 William Blount Drive, Maryville

• Sherri’s Fun Food, 642 Water Oak Drive, Seymour

• Joe’s Italian Cuisine Bar, 1904 W. Broadway Ave., Maryville

• TLC Foundation Station Food Service, 2706 Mayflower Drive, Maryville


• Landings Bar, 2001 Alcoa Highway, Alcoa: 99. Violation: nonfood contact surfaces not clean.

• Cooper’s, 2001 Alcoa Highway, Alcoa: 93. Violations: clean containers stacked while wet; plumbing under three-compartment sink in disrepair; dish machine leaking; three-compartment sink not at proper temperature.

• Tres Portrillos, 908 Hillside Drive, Louisville: 96. Violations: proper thawing methods not used; shelving in disrepair; dumpster doors and lid open; unfinished walls in establishment.

• El Tarasco, 908 Hillside Drive, Louisville: 99. Violation: dumpster doors and lid open.

• Yummy Yummy Pizza & Sandwiches, 908 Hillside Drive, Louisville: 99. Violation: no vent over grill/fryer.

• Delicias Balin, 908 Hillside Drive, Louisville: 95. Violations: three-compartment sink without drainboards and test strips; various equipment dirty; dumpster doors and lid open; floors and walls dirty with old grime; vent not big enough to cover grill.

• Captain D’s #3202, 2714 Alcoa Highway, Alcoa: 98. Violations: gasket on walk-in freezer door in disrepair; floor tiles in disrepair, causing water to pool; ceiling in disrepair above kitchen make line; ceiling in disrepair in dry stock area.

• Smoky Mountain Montessori School Food Service, 1903 Old Niles Ferry Road, Maryville: 99. Violation: utensils being stored with food end turned up.

• Child Haven Child Care Food Service, 130 Dotson Memorial Road, Maryville: 99. Violation: No thermometer on hand for dishwasher.

• Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, 2129 E. Broadway Ave., Maryville: 95. Violations: contamination not prevented during food preparation, storage and/or display; in-use utensil not properly stored; food and nonfood contact surfaces not cleanable, properly designed, constructed and/or used; nonfood contact surfaces not clean; physical facilities not installed, maintained and/or clean.

• Joe’s Italian Cuisine, 1904 W. Broadway Ave., Maryville: 97. Violations: cutting boards had deep, blackened grooves; no chlorine test strips on hand; ice buildup in walk-in freezer.

• Green Meadow Country Club Restaurant, 1700 Louisville Road, Alcoa: 95. Violations: consumer advisory missing on menu; outside of various equipment dirty.

Editor’s Note: All Tennessee restaurant scores can be viewed at Once on the site, restaurants can be searched or filters — such as date range, inspection purpose and county — can be applied to all inspections. The site will give a list of all inspections and scores. The PDF used by health inspectors also can be viewed for all inspections.

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