Perfect Scores

• Twisted Sister Juice Bar, 742 Watkins Road, Maryville

• The Casual Pint, 721 Watkins Road, Maryville

• Townsend Elementary School Food Service, 140 Tiger Drive, Townsend

• The Dancing Bean, 7142 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway, Townsend


• Panda Express, 506 Foothills Plaza Drive, Maryville: 99. Violation: ice buildup around door and floor of walk-in freezer.

• McDonald’s, 2315 Market Place Drive, Maryville: 99. Violation: ice buildup inside door of walk-in freezer.

• Irish Pub, 1720 W. Broadway Ave., Maryville: 98. Violations: cutting board with deep, blackened grooves; light banister in kitchen area not properly covered.

• Irish Pub Bar, 1720 W. Broadway Ave., Maryville: 99. Violation: no sanitizer test strips on hand.

• Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, 1724 W. Broadway Ave., Maryville: 96. Violations: dirty wet wiping cloths laying on food preparation surface; plastic spoons turned in different directions in holder; cutting board in ice cream area had deep, blackened grooves; ice buildup in walk-in freezer; old food and grime buildup on floor underneath equipment.

• Townsend Pancake House, 7767 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway, Townsend: 94. Violations: no items in refrigerator date marked; rust on outside of walk-in cooler.

Editor’s Note: All Tennessee restaurant scores can be viewed at inspec Once on the site, restaurants can be searched or filters — such as date range, inspection purpose and county — can be applied to all inspections. The site will give a list of all inspections and scores. The PDF used by health inspectors also can be viewed for all inspections.

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