Perfect Scores

• Porter Elementary School Food Service, 4520 Wildwood Springs Road, Maryville

• Chuck’s Concessions, 1443 Old Piney Road, Maryville

• REO Cheese Wagon, 346 Deer Run Drive, Maryville

• Sam Houston Elementary School Food Service, 330 Melrose St., Maryville

• Domino’s Pizza, 2629 Topside Road, Louisville

• John Sevier Elementary School Food Service, 2001 Sequoyah Ave., Maryville


• Blackberry Farm Brewery, 106 Everett Ave., Maryville: 95. Violation: Dish machine not properly sanitizing.

• TLC Foundation Station Food Service, 2706 Mayflower Drive, Maryville: 99. Violation: physical facilities not installed, maintained and/or clean.

• Shoney’s, 1021 W. Lamar Alexander Parkway, Maryville: 92. Violation: records for items on bar not properly filled out; metal containers stacked on shelf while wet; inside lip of ice machine dirty; stagnant water on the floor near ice machine.

• Central Park, 1703 W. Broadway Ave., Maryville: 99. Violation: extreme ice buildup around compressor.

• Bluetick Tavern, 128 W. Broadway Ave., Maryville: 98. Violations: thermometers not provided; utensils, equipment and/or linens not properly stored, dried and/or handled.

• Chili’s, 204 Hamilton Crossing Drive, Alcoa: 83. Violations: paper receipt wadded up and sitting on top of blue cheese dressing; no sanitizer in dishwasher; steaks not stored at proper temperature; staff drink stored about ready-to-eat foods in prep cooler; all cutting boards have multiple dark cuts and scratches.

• School Of Perpetual Motion Food Service, 1452 E. Brown School Road, Maryville: 96. Violations: contamination not prevented during food preparation, storage and/or display; single-use/single-service articles not properly stored and/or used; warewashing facilities not installed, maintained and/or used; test strips not used; physical facilities not installed, maintained and/or clean.

• Friendsville Elementary School Food Service, 207 E. 4th Ave., Friendsville: 99. Violation: metal containers stacked while wet.

• Papa John’s Pizza, 503 N. Cusick St., Maryville: 98. Violations: employee drink stored above established food in walk-in cooler; floors and walls dirty in various spots.

Editor’s Note: All Tennessee restaurant scores can be viewed at Once on the site, restaurants can be searched or filters — such as date range, inspection purpose and county — can be applied to all inspections. The site will give a list of all inspections and scores. The PDF used by health inspectors also can be viewed for all inspections.

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