Granted by Blount County Circuit Court Judge Tammy Harrington

Aug. 3

• Mary R. Williams and Patrick A. Williams

Aug. 4

• Dereck Wayne Blair and Cassina Daniele Blair

• Tori Ann Pickens and Brian Alex Pickens

• Ashley Renee Jeffries and Jesse Lynn Jeffries

Aug. 5

• Ryan A. Kirkland and Emily A. Kirkland

Aug. 6

• Sierra Austina Bryant and Jonathan Adam Bryant

Aug. 7

• Robert Stanton Tallent and Amy Elizabeth Tallent 

• Therese Anttoinell Bledsoe Asbury and Larry Asbury Jr.

Aug. 10

• Latina Marie Green and Terenzo Monches Green

Aug. 11

• Nicole Ann Wilkins and Michael Dean Wilkins

• Angela Kay Goerdt and David Michael Goerdt

• Aaron Irene Frogg and Ronnie Andrew Frogg

Aug. 12

• Michelle Lynne Littrel-Oliver and David Anthony Oliver

• Jerry Richard Elliott and Summer Allene Smart

Aug. 13

• Thomas Jayson Pacer and Billie Ann Pacer

• Josh Franz Posvancz and Leslie Anne Posvancz

Aug. 14

• Morgan Amelia Gunter and Matthew Canid Gunter

• Elizabeth Anne Benoit and Ronald Maurice Benoit Jr.

Aug. 17

• Faith Hope McGinnis and Joseph Michael McGinnis

• Devon Stone and Justin Alan Chrisman

• Richard Dean Carter and Allie Christine Miller

• Pamela Faye Carr and Jeffrey Gordon Carr

• Mark Hodges and Victoria Hodges

• Karen Stoppelbein and Lloyd Stoppelbein

Aug. 18

• Jack Edward Welch and Rhonda Joy Welch

• Hunter Evan Patton and Lillian Maria Rose

• David Crowe and Susanne Crowe

Aug. 19

• Kelly Milam Switzer and Zachery Switzer

• Kristine Elizabeth Coker and Paul Engel Coker

• Amber Rhodes and Joshua Rhodes

Aug. 20

• Nhu Do and Steven James Bowers 

• John Michael Love and Jennifer Lynn Love

• Mindi Lashay Beckley and Jason Adam Beckley

Aug. 21

• Catherine L. Terry and Jonathon W. Terry

• Gina M. Helton and Robert T. Helton

Aug. 24

• Yolanda Edith Berumen and David Jay Swain

• Vance Craft and Brandi Craft

• Angela Grace Rini and George Anthony Rincon 

• P. Diane Bunch and Paul Henry Bunch

• Donna Rochelle Johnson-Clark and Jery Otis Click

Aug. 25

• Brandon Robert Schroeder and Jessica Gourley Schroeder

• Jennifer Burnell and Logan Burnell

Aug. 26

• Michael Brian Davis and Chanda Alanna Hurst

• Jeffrey Lynn Nugent II and Rachelle Lynn Nugent

• Victor Lynn Loveday Jr. and Linda Gail Loveday

• Michael Aaron Bishop and Alison Fay Bishop

Aug. 28

• Jennifer Dawn Parrott and Kelsey June Parrott

• Adam Ray McFall and Amber Lea McFall

• Nicholas Allen Rosenow and Krizen Mendoza Rosenow

• Knikki Francesca Slaven and William Shane Roberts

• Melissa Chapman and Gary Chapman

Aug. 31

• Kendall Anne Ford and Lawrence Alan Moats

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