Marriage Licenses

May 15

• Sydney Kohl Durbin, 21, and Danny Wayne Slatter, 24, both of Maryville

• Corey Ryan Dillow, 18, of Louisville, and Caitlin Ginny Moore, 24, of Friendsville

• Kelsey Paige Sellers, 25, and Dylan Tyler Gumm, both of Maryville

• Randy David Johnson, 51, and Tammy S. Chapin, 49, both of Maryville

• Stephen Craig Scott, 53, and Cynthia Jean Kerr, 60, both of Maryville

May 18

• Jimmie Burl Griffin, 64, and Lori Elizabeth Stacy, 54, both of Englewood

• Robert Wayne Jackson, 47, and Tammy K. Elder, 49, both of Maryville

• Brandi Nicole Christopher, 35, and Christopher Lee Goins, 35, both of Alcoa

May 19

• Stephanie Dawn Taylor, 41, and Keith Alan Blevins, 46, both of Maryville

• Luiza Cunha Costa, 26, and Ashley Charles Bleich, 29, both of New York City

• Brittany Danielle Cates, 31, and Carneal William Lytle, 36, both of Louisville

May 20

• Kevin Andrew Painter, 45, and Vanessa Lyn Sparks, 35, both of Maryville

May 21

• Bradley Kyle Carpenter, 51, and Rhonda Terry Bennett, 55, both of Maryville 

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