August 1 to August 7

• Steven Sullivan and Amanda Sullivan to Esther K. Smith Revocable Living Trust, Esther Smith, trust and Kathleen Smith, trust, Hawkins Sullivan and Hawkins Properties, Lot 28R, District 1, $899,000

• Stephen Vineyard and Whitney Vineyard to Conner Wulf and Katherine Wulf, Dell High Subdivision, Lot 2, District 10, $320,000

• James Sipe and Olivia Sipe to John Loope, Raulston View Subdivision, Section 6, Lot 142, District 19, $120,000

• Foothills Land Conservancy to Tisha Chauncey and Michael Chauncey, Rock Garden No. 4 Addition, Lot 253 and Lot 254, District 9, $85,000

• Smithbilt LLC to Gina Mcallister and Kenneth Mcallister, Manor in the Foothills, Phase II, Lot 347, District 7, $273,985

• Melissa Guy to Matthew Flaska and Meghan Flaska, Worthington Subdivision, Section 1, Phase 4, Lot 198, District 19, $335,500

• Martin Himes and Lisa Himes to Robet Peagler, Green Valley Subdivision, Section 6, Lot 122, District 6, $440,000

• Craig Norris and Shanda Norris to Victor Neschi and Rebecca Netschi, Windsor Park Subdivision, Lot 32, District 9, $340,000

• Mccall Construction LLC to Lawrence Caponegro, Sweet Grass Plantation, Phase 1, Lot 80, District 12, $95,000

• Dollie Williams, Dollie L. Williams and Steven Williams to Paul Williams and Bobbie Williams, Carroll Property, Lot 45R, District 9, $250,000

• John Loy and Alyssa Loy to David Loy and Kathryn Loy, Andover Subdivision, Phase 3, Lot 107, District 9, $75,000

• Matthew Pinkard to Dillon Wilburn and Candace Wilburn, Belmont Addition, Lot 15, District 9, $295,000

• Patricia Mcmillan to Matthew Pinkard, Everett Heights Subdivision No. 3, Lot 49, District 9, $290,000

• Penny Mcintosh and Penelope Mcintosh to Brigid Kahn and Joseph Kahn, Acres 8.95, District 15, $399,900

• Jonathan Vandiver and Regina Vandiver to Gonzalo Rada and Maria Martin, Windridge Subdivision, Section 5, Lot 189, District 19, $400,000

• Thomas Flynn and Carol Flynn to Stephen Brand, Griffitts Mill at Mint, Phase 1, Lot 2, District 7, $351,200

• Deborah Teffeteller and Debbie Teffeteller to Thomas Frazier and Shawna Frazier, Homer Butler Property, Lot 19, District 5, $30,000

• Brandon Tipton to Jacob Thatcher and Madison Thatcher, Wrights Ferry Pike, District 9, $170,900

• Bill Barker and Kathy Barker to Dustin Martin and April Martin, Northwood Subdivision, Lot 40, District 9, $660,000

• Alvin Anderson, Randall Pinyan, Randy Pinyan, Iris Anderson and Lessnau Iris Kay Estate to Little River Holdings LLC, G. Endsley Farm Subdivision, Lot 7, District 4, $79,000

• William Presnell, Jill M. Presnell and Jill Presnell to Derek Hooks and Linda Hooks, Otha Anna Estates, Section 1, Lot 19, District 13, $325,000

• Brian Thomas and Amy Thomas to Michael Duerr and Julia Duerr, Castaway Cove Subdivision, Lot 1, District 5, $189,900

• Michael A. Bennett and Michael Bennett to Kathy Hamma, W. B. Irwin Addition, Lot 57 and Alley No. 163, District 9, $186,000

• Jeffrey Polakiewicz to William Maples and Ashley Maples, Old Niles Ferry Road, Acres 1.33, District 6, $435,000

• Claudia Tagliaferri to Jon Covington and Jenna Covington, Self Hollow Road, Acres .369, District 11, $21,000

• Judith Spicer to Roy Biberdorf and Valerie Biberdorf, Royal Oaks Legacy Villas, Lot V-260, District 19, $335,000

• Richard Kersenbrock and Misty Kersenbrock to George Kotiadis and Cathy Kotiadis, Oak Meadows Phase 3, Lot 31, District 7, $600,000

• Michael Wise, Samantha Wise and Samantha A. Wyse to Tiffany Smith, Janes Subdivision, Lot 7, District 19, $295,000

• Russell Property Partners LLC to Dusty Glass and Jody Glass, Overlook addition, Lot 137, District 9, $385,000

• Floyd Cable to James Deaton and Sharon Deaton, Acres 2.49, District 13, $150,000

• Peggy Smith and Sharon Smith to Scott Abbes and Jennifer Abbes, Mount Luke Subdivision Laurel Valley, Lot 15R, District 15, $80,000

• James Land, Cheryl Bennett-Land and Cheryl Land to Rachel McKee, Everett Avenue, District 9, $143,900

• Scott Slocum and Susan Slocum to David Rhodes and Karen Rhodes, Homestead in Wears Valley Homestead West, Phase 2A, Lot 96W, District 18, $625,000

• David Catlett and sherry Catlett to No Vacancy LC, Old Tuckaleechee Road, Acres 4.5, District 15, $120,000

• Julie Anderson to Gary Adams, Everett Street, District 9, $120,000

• Kevin Murrin to Nicholas Sword, Colonial Heights Subdivision, Lot 39, District 7, $229,900

• Patricia Gryce, Linda Pavelka, Lorella Brown Estate and Lorella L. Brown Estate to Dale Hill and Shelley Hill, Thompson Lane, Acres 3.140, Thompson Lane Acres .266, Thompson Lane, Thompson Lane Acres 5.72 and Brickmill Road, Acres 5.25, District 1, $432,900

• Brett Shaw and Kayla Shaw to Steven Lingenfelter and Christa Linginfelter, Lindsey Estate, Lot 11R-4, District 1, $195,000

• Zane Womac and Jeanine Womac to Crystal Mullet and Atlee Mullet, Northfield Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 62, District 9, $399,900

• TSP Investments LLC, Elizabeth Davis and Jack Redmond to Alex Taylor and Kali Taylor, Blount Acres Subdivision, Lot 4R, District 13, $350,000

• Bruce Thompson and Tichey Thompson to Ryan Williams, Hopewell Subdivision, Lot 3, District 6, $180,000

• Freeman Buckner to Johnson Properties LLC, Walnut Street Alley, District 9, $190,000

• Brandon Allen, Brandi Christopher, Terry Allen Estate and Terry M. Allen Estate to Max Hill and Janice Hill, Highway No. 33, Acres 1, District 9, $128,975

• Hemant Chhajwani and Anita Desai to Lloyd Smith and Brenda Smith, Bridgeway Park, Lot 5, Acres .979, District 19, $1,651,250

• Jason Riggs, Lindsey Riggs, Lindsey Alexander and Jason Riggs to Nancy Burnette, Brentwood Subdivision, Lot 23, District 19, $288,000

• Jesse Robinette and Jennifer Robinette to Silverman Family Trust, Barry Silverman, trust, Sandra Silverman, trust and Sandra Silverman-Truelove, trust, Grandview Heights Subdivision, Lot 27R, District 9

• Benjamin Sentell, Hillary Sentell, Kevin Sentell and Amy Sentell to Katherine Sivy and Robert Sivy, Creekwood Addition Number Two, Lot 11, District 9, $409,900

• Gerald Hughes and Penny Hughes to Sexton Family 2021 Revocable Trust, Steven Sexton, trust and Mylene Sexton, trust, Gray Meadows Subdivision, Lot 1, District 13, $363,000

• Donna Burns and Robin Burns to Goose Gap Properties LLC, Highway 321, District 15, $497,500

• Birkenmaier Family Revocable Trust, John Birkenmaier, trust and Susan Birkenmaier, trust to Ronald Kovac and Lisa Kovac, Clayton V. Christenberry SR Property, Acres 1.21, District 13, $660,000

• Paul Tubbs, Karen Tubbs and Paul S. Tubbs to Lennie Hawley, Bayberry Terrace, Lot 9 and Lot 9A, District 19, $202,500

• Mitchell Hyde to Richard Drew and Elizabeth Drew, Avery Meadows, Lot 11, District 6, $271,500

• Laurie Lusk, Laurie Williams and Laurie Houck-Williams to Julianne Matthews, Heritage View, Lot 8R, $188,000

• Robert and Joen Grizzard Tennessee, Joen Grizzard, trust and Robert Grizzard, trust to Oetgen Community Property Trust, Stephen Oetgen, trust and Margarie Oetgen, trust, Blackberry Mountain Houses A Condominium and Blackberry Mountain Houses A Condominium, District 18, $9,950,000

• GDP Properties LLC to Douglas Delozier, Pflanze West Maryville Subdivision, Lot 4, District 19, Industrial Subdivision, Lot 14, Industrial Subdivision, Lot 15, Industrial Subdivision Lot 16, District 19, $192,000

• Richard Gubatan and Veronica Gubatan to Stephen Carico, Traci Carico, David Carico and Judy Carico, Cross Creek Subdivision, Lot 81, Cross Creek Subdivision, Lot 81, District 19, $779,900

• D R Horton Inc. to Taylor Bell and Parker Suczynski, Aston Park Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 8, District 9, $273,090

• Leah Schuster, Aaron Woods and Aaron D. Woods to Kerek Bremerkamp and Jennifer Bremerkamp, Worthington Subdivision, Section 1, Phase 4, Lot 209, District 19, $308,000

• Matthew Harness and Jenna Harness to Timothy Spicer and Constance Spicer, Josephine Walker Property, Lot 2, District 10, $105,000

• Joanne Helterbrand to Ernest Barbera, Patton Estates, Lot 1, District 9, $195,000

• Daniel Johnson and Christine Johnson to Aubrey Crawford and Pamela Crawford, Sweet Grass Plantation, Phase 2, Lot 42, District 12, 105,000

• Cody Lesuer and Amanda Lesuer to Jerry Gable, Royal Oaks Subdivision, Section 2, Phase II, Lot 329, District 19, $415,000

• Melissa Strickland, Michael Strickland, Timothy Padgett, sub trust and Padgett Law Group sub trust to Joshua Goode and Jonathan Goode, Glen-Abbey Subdivision, Lot 8R, District 6, $212,600

• Nellie Clark Irrevocable Living Trust, Archie Clark, trust, and Curtis Clark, trust to Richard Brozman and Cherrie Brozman, Summerfield, Lot 17, District 19, $286,000

• Randal Gregg and Sarah Gregg to Guy Adams and Melissa Adams, Brantley Park Subdivision, Phase III, Lot 29,. District 9, $460,000

• Donald Clampet and Hope Clampet to Jared Sullivan and Samantha Sullivan, Longview Farm, Lot 4, District 2, $80,000

• Robert Kohr to Sheila Plasmyer, Chessingham Subdivision, Lot 5, District 2, 267,000

• Joey Ducote to Diane Niethammer, Lashbrooke Subdivision, Lot 108, District 10, $100,000

• Jason Mccallum and Jamie Mccallum to Johnny Grubb, Willard Addition, Lot 73R, District 19, $382,000

• Jay Blumenstock and Erin Blumenstock to Randy Debler and Sherry Debler, the Highlands at Maryville, Phase 3, Lot 117, District 19, $490,000

• Dwight Price, Elizabeth Davis and Jack Redmond to Curtis Nielsen and Joan Nielsen, Torrey Pines Subdivision and Concord Properties Inc., Lot 22R, District 19, $379,900

• Janice Gabbert and Amy Turley to Beth Rodgers, Eagleton Properties Inc. Subdivision No. 1 Eagleton Village, Lot 203, District 9, $155,000

• Billy Manning, Gaynelle Manning and Lois Manning to Christopher Schroeder and Tina Schroeder, Acres 2.66, District 14, $465,000

• Thomas Freeman and Sharon Freeman to Jeremy Delperdang and Alexis Delperdang, Chantay Acres Subdivision, Lot 5, District 14, $287,900

• Smithbilt LLC to Whitney Glenn and Camden Glenn, Manor in the Foothills, Phase 8, Lot 346, District 7, $242,090

• Rex Davis to Robert Davis and Suzanne Davis, Walter Davis Rad, Acres 5.048, District 13, $450,000

• Stephanie Alderman and Emory Alderman to David Lyons and Vickie Lyons, Acres 2.004, District 12, $34,000

• Robert Branum and Jessie Branum to Tony Young and Bonnie Young, Sundown Resort Subdivision, Lot 34, District 15, $32,500

• Rusty Perkins to Michael Burr and Deborah Burr, Rusty Shane Perkins Property, Lot 1, District 8, $80,000

• Jacqueline Mills to James Evans, Montvale Station Road, Acres .78, District 19, $480,000

• East TN Land Development LLC to David Shanks, Maryville and Sevierville Pike, Acres 4.50, District 9, $4,750,000

• Stock Creek Properties Partnership, Massey Properties LLC, Zappa Properties Partnership, Joseph Zappa and Randy Massey to David Shanks, Stock Creek Development Centre, Lot 18, District 11, $2,000,000

• Brandon Allen, Brandi Christopher, Terry Allen Estate and Terry Allen to Teena Tipton, State Highway 73 and Maples Subdivision, Lot 4, District 11, $82,775

• James Richards, Icie Richards and James Richards to Kenneth Cotter, Beechwood Addition, Lot 50, District 9, $250,000

• Marilou Costello and Mary Costello to Joel Kiesner and Katheryn Kiesner, Linda Lane, Linda Lane, Linda Lane Acres 3.04 and Linda Lane, Acres 1.837, District 11, $1,000,000

• Brandon Allen, Brandi Christopher and Terry Allen Estate to Shannon Gaddis, Hill Top Development Companys Subdivision, Lot 5, District 19, $12,650

• Charlene Teffeteller and Michael Manning to Zachary Wenger and Jonnay Wenger, Leconte Property Subdivision, Lot 1, District 8, $380,000

• David Smart and Margaret Smart to Joanie Helterbrand and Chandler Thone, Fairfield Subdivision, Lot 14, District 14, $264,900

• Lynn Pitts, Randy Martin and Ann Pitts to Lloyd Pratt and Justin Pratt, Candlewood Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 9,  Phase I, Lot 10 and Phase 1, Lot 11, District 12, $130,000

• Sam Ferguson, Penny Ferguson, Leland Blackwood and Lisa Blackwood to Christopher Pearson and Faith Pearson, Cooper Property Subdivision, Lot 1R, District 9, $330,000

Equity Trust Company, custodian, Saunders Anna Denise Saunders IRA, Anna Denise Saunders IRA and Hope Gonzales to Jordan Flick and Kayla Kirst, South Hall Subdivision, Lot 100, Acres .1722, District 9, $205,000

• Shannon Burton and Shannon C. Burton to Heather Rubino, Everett Heights Addition, Lot 9, District 9, $166,500

• Win-Gray Inc. to Salubrious Farms LLC, State Highway No. 73, Acres 3.44, District 15, $4,125,000

• Hyde Construction LLC and Hyde Construction Company LLC to Brandon Leitch and Krista Leitch, Avery Meadows, Lot 13, District 6, $293,000

• Timothy Blais and Howardina Blais to Timothy Blais II and Elisha Blais, Amerine Heights Subdivision, Lot 15, District 9, $200,000

• Samson Homes LLC and Sampson Homes LLC to Bory Cain and Debra Cain, Wildwood Springs Subdivision, Lot 83R, District 12, $218,000

• Joyce Sistrunk to Larry Hicks and Katrina Hicks, Charles C. Clark Second Subdivision, Lot 103, District 9, $187,300

• Bonnie Hitson and Billie Thomas to Eduardo Cruzada and Jacqueline Cruzada, College Addition, Lot 22, District 19, $75,000

• JMMcdaniel Properties LLC to Jerome Williams and Joan Williams, Doll-Mynders and Brownlees First Addition, Lot 134 and Lot 135, District 19, $124,000

• Robert W. Norris and Robert Norris to Nicholas Baker and Rachel Baker, Worthington Subdivision, Phase III, Lot 119, District 19, $305,000

• D R Horton Inc. to Lawrence Mcmichael and Linda Mcmichael, Aston Park Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 9, District 9, $272,245

• Carol Satterfield and Carol West to Wanda Green, Jason Green and Jason E. Green, Duncan Subdivision, Lot 16, District 9, $180,000

• Susan Cacyuk and Susan D. Cacyuk to Jennifer Bruce, Harold Drive, District 14, $310,000

• Richard White Junior and Vivian White to Juan Carretero and Juan Gutierrez, Wellstown Pike, District 14, $58,000

• Terry Wilds and Kacee Wilds to Joseph Bliss, forest Glen Subdivision, Lot 5, District 7, $310,000

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