July 12 to July 18

• Johnathan Andrew Pennington and Heather K. Pennington to Richard E. Lane and Nichola Ann Lane, Morganton Reserve, Phase 1, Lot 43, District 19, $384,900

• William B. Jenkins, Kimberly L. Jenkins and Brad Jenkins to Alex L. Vigil and Brooke R. Vigil, Dug Gap Road, Acres 1.982, District 10, $320,000

• Sarah Elizabeth Walker Delpy to Tyler Camera and Peyton Camera, Willard Addition, Lot 111, District 19, $212,500

• Brian Sanford and Nancy D. Sanford to Daniel James Staub and Janet Lynn Staub, Homestead West, Phase 2A, Lot 85W, District 18, $41,000

• Stephen Henderson, Michelle Schultz and Marilyn Maines to Massey Properties LLC, Curtis E. Henderson Property, Lot 2, District 19, $680,000

• Susan Jones, Kathleen Crowder, Lisa Skean and Ronald McCarthy to Linda Jo Staton Thompson, Robert Marshall Brassell and Paul Bryson Thompson, Cold Springs Subdivision, Lot 10, District 15, $220,000

• PennyMac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, L. Edward Williams Property, Lot 7, Acres 8.72, District 7, $0

• Lesha Anne Watson to Amelia Acosta Flores Socorro and Jose Armando De Anda Curro, Derby Downs Subdivision, Lot 22, District 2, $275,000

• Jeffrey Aidikoff and Jenny Aidikoff to Steven Oliff and Amy Oliff, Bolon Property, Lot 2B2, Acres 1.02, District 15, $50,000

• William Lyons and Stillwater Partners to Carroll E. Cowden Jr., Lisa Gaye Cowden and Lindsay Brook Merriman, Waters Place Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 1A, District 9, $199,900

• Deborah Jayne Ace to Tory E. Nelson, Sunset View Addition No. 4, Lot 28, District 19, $145,700

• DVZ Properties TN LLC to Deborah Jayne Ace, Sequoyah Square, District 9, $149,900

• Raymond J. Bakken III to Anita Paschal and Lori Michelle Paul, D.W. Brooks Addition, Lot 17, District 9, $148,000

• Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC and Fay Servicing LLC to Cole D. Parks, Mountain Meadow Subdivision, Lot 16, District 2, $164,500

• Frank M. Kidd and Norma P. Kidd to Joshua R. Lawhon and Sarah M. Lawhon, Huffstetler Road, Acres 12, District 7, $115,000

• Rod Jenkins to Nicholas P. McElrath and Kayla A. Roe, Panorama Estates Subdivision, Lot 3, District 6, $203,400

• Daniel J. Lawson and Gaynell Lawson to Elijah J. Mayo and Autumn E. Mayo, Harriet N. Watson Heirs Property, Lot 3, District 15, $285,000

• Paul A. Dyar and Kimberly J. Dyar to Jennifer Moylan, Steven D. Roper and Alice K. Moylan, Fairview-Sentell Addition, Lot 9, District 6; Fairview Heights Subdivision, Acres 42, District 6, $262,900

• DR Horton Inc. to Nicholas Scott Shields and Taylor Jordan Shields, Farmington View, Phase 3, Lot 70, District 10, $242,740

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and K.M. Minemier and Associates LLC to Michelle Matacunas, Vinegar Valley Subdivision, Lot 4, District 5, $100,000

• Andrew Craig Tinker and Joanna L. Tinker to Donald E. Watson Jr. and Rachel L. Watson, Armona Subdivision, Lot 2, District 9, $275,000

• Steve R. Guilliams and Shannon D. Tipton to Michael Joel Rohrer and Brandy Lynn Rohrer, Saddle Ridge, Section 10B, Lot 3, District 18, $20,000

• Tim Pitts and Gwen Pitts to Robin Walinski, Rocky Waters Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 14, District 11, $263,000

• Donald Abbott and Edith Abbott to Paul A. Dyar and Kimberly J. Dyar, Donald R. Abbott Property, Lot 1, Acres 4.239, District 8, $450,000

• Kasey Harris to Nicholas Andrew Martin and Misty Jean Martin, Tall Oaks Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 24, District 14, $16,000

• Judith Ivens to Joshua Wade and Amy Wade, St. Ives Subdivision, Phase 4, Lot 152, District 9, $90,000

• Lucille Longhofer to David L. Marsh, Heartland Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 2, District 2, $125,000

• Christopher M. Hardee and Naomi B. Hardee to Raymond E. Valdivia, Bradford View Subdivision, Lot 8, District 7, $345,000

• Melanie Pritchard to Elaine Roese and Ronnie Munoz, Mimosa Estates Subdivision, Lot 224, District 11, $295,000

• Todd C. Pugh and Cynthia S. Pugh to Richard Aaron Fowler and Shannon Fowler, Cross Creek Subdivision, Lot 36, District 19, $725,000

• Ashley W. Gaylor to John A. Gilliam Jr. and Jade Gilliam, Cooke Property Subdivision, Lot 1, District 4, $180,000

• William McManus and Jane McManus to Ged N. Gelber and Katlin M. Gelber, Farmington View Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 27, District 10, $389,000

• Adam Ehresman and Holly Ehresman to Sally Anne Corey, Whittenburg Estates, Phase 1, Lot 27, District 12, $425,000

• Thomas E. Hess and Christina Hess to Kenneth T. Bennett and Madison E. Bennett, Forest Glen Subdivision, Section 2, Lot 12, District 7. $235,000

• Jacob Levi Ashe and Kelsie Hunt Ashe to Kevin Cornwell, Worthington Subdivision, Section 2, Phase 4, Lot 288, District 19, $247,900

• Roger B. Levi and Melissa H. Levi to Donal S. Clark and David P. Lebouef, Sundown Resort, Lot 139, District 15, $43,000

• Bobby Holland to David P. Lebouef and Donal S. Clark, Sundown Resort, Lot 25, District 15, $33,500

• Eddie Wilmoth and Sandy Wilmoth to David P. Lebouef and Donal S. Clark, Sundown Resort, Lot 54, District 15, $55,000

• Kimberly R. McDaniel to Joshua T. Witt and Meredith K. Witt, Riverwood Estates, Lot 32, District 12, $235,000

• Stone Construction Group Inc. to Kitty Lee Hunter, Waterhaven Subdivision, Lot 95, District 4, $45,000

• BGRS LLC and Michelle Duoba to Manar K. Faidi and Husam Mohammad, Lashbrooke Subdivision, Lot 12, District 10, $760,000

• Diana M. Smith to Devin Daniel Conard and Barbara Elizabeth Conard, Chaney and Smith Properties, Lot 2, Acres 1.76, District 9, $156,000

• Sheldon Yelm and Erica Yelm to John Edgar III and Lora K. Edgar, Brandon Park Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 85, District 13, $195,000

• Damon Watson to Trinity Scott and Amy Scott, Ridgeview Subdivision, Lot 5, District 6, $100,000

• Smithbilt LLC to Christofer P. Pereda and Chelsea M. Pereda, Manor in the Foothills, Phase 1, Lot 19, District 7, $226,765

• Robert W. Ewart and Donna J. Ewart to Leslie Bowers Kirkland and Austin T. Kirkland, Mountain Meadow Subdivision, Lot 9, District 2, $289,000

• Steven Angell to Edward Luther Merriman, District 19, $174,000

• James H. Burns, Betty P. Burns and Bobby Scott Axley to Michael R. Stuart and Melissa L. Stuart, Burns Property, Lot 2R-1R1, District 9, $52,800

• Michael Steven Green and Shari Renee Green to Gary L. Holloway, Jennings Road, Acres 0.789, District 10, $40,000

• Amanda Channell Johnston, Gerald Mills and Brenda Mills to Sheldon Yelm and Erica Yelm, Worthington Subdivision, Section 2, Phase 4, Lot 313, District 19, $300,000

• Farmington Development Corporation to Janos Matluka and Shirley Ann Matluka, Hilltop Vista Subdivision, Section 3, Lot 61, District 28,450

• Christian Brown Construction LLC to Steve Lee Melson and Stacy Renee Melson, Hunters Meadow Subdivision, Lot 1, District 10, $299,900

• PS Investments LLC to Andrea D. Williams,Bill J. Williams and Richard Brozman, Green Valley Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 5, District 6, $265,000

• Larry McCarter and Corky McCarter to Harry R. Dennis and Jade M. Dennis, Effie Mae Hinkle Farm, Lot 4, Acres 4.21, District 13, $254,900

• Donald R. Abbott and Edith H. Abbott to Paul A. Dyar and Kimberly J. Dyar, Acres 18.670, District 8, $125,000

• James Patterson and Darlene Patterson to Felipe Salinas, Middlesettlements Road, District 19, $30,000

• Larry E. Morelock and Penelope J. Morelock to Donald C. Poteet and Katherine R. Poteet, W.B. Irwin Addition to Maryville, Lot 54, District 9, $109,000

• Timothy L. Stinnett and Richard W. Wardlaw II to Matthew A. Carta, Acres 1, District 4, $234,900

• Jeffrey S. Ellis and Jane M. Ellis to Darin F. Connolly, Broady Court Condominiums, Section 1, District 19, $212,000

• Robert A. Whitehead and Sarah B. Whitehead to Daniel J. Lupisella and Audrey M. Lupisella, Payne Hollow Road, Acres 5.001, District 14, $499,900

• Patrick R. Jarman and Candice Elizabeth Jarman to Robert Vandenbush Jr., Taliaferro Hills, Lot 7, District 5, $215,900

• Jason Bells and Jennifer Bells to Alexander Chantler and Lucy Chantler, John Johnson Property, Lots 35, 36 and 37, District 1, $51,500

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. to North Star Properties LLP, Morgan Park, Phase 1, Lot 8, District 19, $247,523

• Whitney L. Neal and Jessica Neal to Jane M. Ellis and Jeffrey S. Ellis, Belle Meade Subdivision, Lot 30, District 19, $300,000

• Gregory M. Williamson and Angela J. Williamson to Thomas John Kimsey and Sarah Kimsey, Fairview Sentell Addition, Lot 38, District 6, $204,000

• Earl B. Lamb Trust, Suzanne L. Lamb Trust and The Lamb Family Revocable Living Trust to Noah Ogle, Village Properties Inc. Subdivision, Lot 20, District 9, $158,000

• Marlaina King and Joseph King to Jason K. Pierce, Highland Acres First Addition, Lot 289, District 19, $134,900

• Ann Mostoller Trust and Tennessee Valley Builders LLC to Scotty G. Builders Inc., Doll Mynders and Brownlees First Addition, Lots 125, 126 and 127, District 19, $25,000

• DVZ Properties TN LLC to Zen T. Monday and Allison R. Taylor, Sequoyah Square, Lot 21R, District 9, $149,900

• TSP Investments LLC, Elizabeth D. Davis and Jack E. Redmond to Scott Tirocchi and Christine Tirocchi, Blount Acres Subdivision, Lot 10R, District 13, $299,900

• Rodney Kevin McAfee and Tina Rae Wright to Marcus R. Ortiz Sr. and Beverly J. Ortiz, Effie Wilburn Property, Lot 1B2A, District 8, $182,000

• Kenneth Michael Coon and Ashley J. Coon to Gloria M. Serrano Coronado and Isaac Serrano Ramos, Worthington Subdivision, Section 2, Phase 4, Lot 293, District 19, $275,000

• Lambert Land Company LP and LVL Management Company LLC to James D. Williams and Amber A. Williams, Majestic Mountain, Lot 88, District 13, $42,500

• Robert H. Kidd to James Williams and Amber Williams, Majestic Mountains, Lot 87, District 13, $45,000

• Gruen W. Huffman and Barbara Huffman to Robert J. Cooke and Sylvia A. Cooke, Brandon Park Subdivision, Lot 47, District 13, $292,500

• Lucas D. Johnson Sr. and Laura A. Johnson to Stephen D. Myers and Elizabeth A. Myers, Channel Oaks Subdivision, Lot 37, District 5, $1,125,000

• Nicholas Hodge to Shawn E. Eddy and Nicole R. Eddy, Adleys Place Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 5, District 7, $211,150

• Annie J. Thompson to Todd J. Jackson Jr., Highland Acres Subdivision First Addition, Lot 172, District 19, $35,000

• Home Key Solutions LLC to Lukasz Pikor and Magdalena Krystyna Pikor, Plainfield Addition, Lot 4, District 9, $131,505

• Michael S. Feeback and Emily B. Feeback to Brian Legrand, Canterbury Park, Lot 4, District 9, $214,600

• Dustin Teffeteller and Wendy Teffeteller to Kelsie A. Saxe, David W. Saxe and Nora K. Saxe, First Baptist Church of Maryville Property, Lot 1R1, District 9, $203,250

• Smithbilt LLC to Brandon M. Carter and Kirsty L. Carter, Manor in the Foothills, Phase 1, Lot 18, District 7, $251,395

• Betty J. McKee to Rand Norton Royball, Pleasant Hill Road, Acres 7.67, District 9, $330,000

• Stone Construction Group Inc. to Kitty Lee Hunter, Waterhaven Subdivision, Lot 93, District 4, $299,950

• Arron Fowler and Shannon Fowler to Ryan Luchner and Kaylin Luchner, Holland Springs Subdivision, Lot 34R, District 9, $540,000

• Vivian Frazier, Jeffrey Frazier Estate and Thomas Frazier to Ronald Hicks, Chota Subdivision, Lots 2 and 3, District 17, $70,000

• Zook Properties LC to Anna Sinders and Christopher Alexander Carris, Triangle Addition, Lots 22 and 23, District 9, $144,900

• Zachary White and Breana White to James R. Bell and Cindy L. P. Bell, Wyngate Subdivision, Lot 8, District 6, $320,000

• Amburn Builders LLC to Marcy L. Eddlemon and Dewey T. Eddlemon, Lindsey Estates, Lot 13R-3, District 1, $209,900

• Anita Gredig to Gary L. Kramp and Jane A. Kramp, Self Hollow Road, Acres 0.257, District 11, $105,555

• Jamie Payne and Jennifer Payne to Antonio Rubio and Melani D. Rubio, Beech Grove, Lot 2, District 7, $550,000

• CMH Homes Inc. to Matthew Bingham and Annett Bingham, Marcaro Lane, Acres 3.0001, District 10, $34,000

• Mary Nell Nasser, Bennie Presley, Carolyn Orr and James E. Sauls to Christopher John Alexander and April J. Alexander, Harris Hills Subdivision, Lots 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19, District 12, $200,000

• Roy E. Caughron and Krista P. Caughron to Justin Keith Hobbs and Cody D. Hobbs, Little River Estates Addition, Lot 44, District 15, $50,000

• Benjamin A. Bassett and Donna F. Bassett to Chester Richardson and Rebecca Richardson, Laurel Road, Acres 5, District 15, $235,000

• Adam L. Gillem and Lydia Caroline Pennington Gillem to Dooley Properties LP, Sunnyside Street, Acres 0.343, District 9, $155,000

• John H. Grose Jr. and Jana Leigh Grose to Ryan B. Kinte and Jazzmine D. Avery, Springfield Subdivision, Lot 55, District 9, $194,900

• Wallace Investments LLC and KRG Inc. 1 to Family Promise of Blount County Inc., Blount Development Co. Property, Lot 3, District 9, $22,500

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