Dec. 8 to Dec. 14

• Blackberry Mountain Club LLC to Fudge Orange LLC, Blackberry Mountain Residential Condominium, District 18, $2,500,000

• Brian Williams and Lisa Williams to Randy S. Schalburg and Dina M. Wellman, Cold Springs Subdivision, Lots 14 and 15, District 15, $279,000

• Everett Hills Properties LLC to Timothy R. Jordan and Staci D. Jordan, Burchfield Addition, lots 13 and 14, District 9, $79,000

• Brandon Martin Head to James W. Patty, West Old Topside Road, Acres 1.033, District 10, $128,000

• Janice Fields to Diana M. Pearl, Montgomery Farms, Phase 2, Lot 18, District 19, $254,900

• Robert Hank Purkey and Jacqueline B. Purkey to James I. Jones and Nancy K. Rose, Union Grove Road, Acres 2.518, District 5, $162,000

• Wilson and Associates PLLC Suc. Trust and Theodore F. Ranken to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Hidden Valley Subdivision, Lot 17, District 13, $136,161

• Teresa Sampsel to Jackie L. Franks Jr. and Karen R. Franks, District 12, $17,000

• Donald Lee Theobald and Christine Bell Theobald to Dianne S. Broadbent and William L. Broadbend, Little Best Cove Subdivision, Lots 8 and 9, District 8, $86,000

• Alexandria Sweeney and Johnathan Sweeney to Joseph E. Patterson, Meadowbrook Addition, Lot 30, District 9, $133,500

• Samuel L. Price Trust, Louise Price Trust, Alma L. Price Trust and The Price Trust to Bobby L. Morgan, Marsha L. Morgan, Michael Tate Morgan and Jeremy Shane Morgan, Royal Oaks Subdivision, Section 6, Phase 1, Lot 190, District 19, $299,995

• Danny Joe Davis and Sharon K. White Davis to Dennis N. Ocallaghan Jr. and Shannon L. Ocallaghan, D.T. Simerly Property, Lot 3D, District 5, $65,000

• Joanna Lee McCutcheon to Joshua R. Reynolds and Gail Reynolds, Crest Field Subdivision, Lot 4, District 9, $265,000

• Ben R. Long, Pamela Henry Co-Trust, Russell Bowen Rymer Co-Trust and The Norma J. Henry Trust to Home Avenue Partnership, Home Avenue, Acres 1.737, District 19, $680,000

• Kenneth R. Maples to Jeffrey D. Jackson and Sandra B. Jackson, Kinzel Springs Subdivision, Phase 5, Lot 83, District 15, $15,000

• Jerome Randolph and Brandy A. Smith Randolph to Jacqueline D. Hammons, Replat of the Cox Property, Lot 4R-2, District 1, $93,500

• James R. Lawson and Susan Lawson to Michael S. Turner, Jeffries Court, Lot 8, District 10, $1,000,000

• Jennifer Pittman and Paul Pittman to Becky Turner, Royal Oaks Subdivision, Section 2, Phase 2, Lot 376, District 19, $306,000

• Joy Kay Foley, Leroy Thomas Foley and Amy Foley to Carolyn L. Dougherty, Castaway Cove Subdivision, Lot 2, District 5, $149,900

• Raymond E. Johnson to Arlene Anderson, McCulley Commons, Lot 3, District 19, $283,000

• BDST, Benjamin Schroeppel and Daniel Turner to Jacob W. West and Maddy E. West, Sunset View Addition No. 3, Lot 14 and 15, District 19, $235,000

• Aaron Allen Johnson and Kelli N. Johnson to George S. Langley and Anna M. Langley, Joseph R. Coope Property, Lot 2, Acres 3.935, District 6, $235,000

• Wesley Childress and Vicky Hughes Estate to Tyler R. Marcum, Village Properties Inc. Subdivision Plat No. 2, Lot 194, District 9, $106,500

• Kenneth R. Maples to Carmen Erwin and Larry W. Milton, Kinzel Springs Subdivision, Phase 6A, Lot 72R, District 15, $15,000

• Tommy Ray Lail and Sammy Vineyard Lail to Bennie H. Lucy III, Rich Mountain Estates, Lots 9, 10 and 11, District 15, $201,000

• Tyler Wade Cox and Kirsten Cox to Christopher Edmonds, Scenic Terrace Subdivision, Lot 18R, District 9, $141,000

• Scott Hatcher and Marilyn G. Crowe to Nita Graves and Tedd Graves, Mimosa Estates Subdivision, Lot 190, District 11, $251,000

• Richard D. Knight and Janet K. Knight to Brian N. Daniel, Cidney Levy Daniel and Terri Dalyn Levy, Walland Executive Mountain Estates, Lot 17, District 18, $319,400

• Kelly Tantum and William L. Tantum to Frances A. Greene and Benjamin L. Greene, Silver Brook Subdivision, Lot 4, District 8, $313,000

• First National Bank Suc. Trust, Elizabeth C. Moore Trust, Elizabeth C. Staley and Bobbie G. Phillips to Stephanie L. Anderson, Waterhaven Subdivision, Lots 90 and 91, District 4, $38,000

• Phillip Denny and Roger Denny to Gwendolyn Marie Harris and Robert Eugene Harris III, Lodwick Subdivision, Lots 23 and 24, District 11, $190,000

• Dan Curry and Christine Curry to Gabriel L. Wakefield and Brendan D. Stockton, Isom Lail Property, Lot 2, District 17, $130,000

• Jonathan M. Ellenburg and Chelsey P. Ellenburg to Tyler Corbin and Brooke Corbin, Pheasant Ridge Subdivision, Lot 4R-2, District 14, $203,900

• Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, College Addition, Lot 14, District 19, $0

• AS Properties Inc. to Roger Dale Melson, Mentor Road, Acres 0.53, District 11, $146,000

• Melissa Wagner Warren and Mary Roxanna Wagner Estate to Sofia Rojo and Carmelo Carreto, Cedar Hill Estates, Section 3, Lot 81, District 11, $60,000

• Cassidy Melhorn to Brady A. King, Eggers Addition, Lot 7, District 9, $129,900

• Kayla Gurley Pace and Timothy McLeod Pace to Darrell G. Dixon and Melinda Dixon, Chilhowee Mountain Estates, Section 5, Lot 27R, District 7, $42,500

• Blackberry Mountain Club LLC to Christopher Di Bonaventura Trust and CDB Rev. Trust, Blackberry Mountain Residential Condominium, District 18, $1,500,000

• Julia M. Akers to Bradley M. Bassitt and Naomi Bassitt, Jackson Hills Subdivision, Lot 10, District 12, $165,000

• Billie K. Reynolds and Wilson Berkley Reynolds Estate to Daniel Yarnell and Kristi Barger, Richard Carnes Property, Lot 1, District 15; Bradshaw Property, Lot 3, District 15, $19,000

• Glynis Tilley, Lee F. Tilley Jr., Rebecca S. Waiwaiole and Garvin K. Waiwaiole to Jonathan P. Russell, Hideaway Village Top of the World No. 3, Lots 22, 23 and 24, District 18, $30,000

• William D. LaBarge and Danielle M. LaBarge to Aaron James Pitts, McGhee Springs Subdivision, Lot 3, District 7, $179,900

• Signal Mountain Group LLC to David Raulston and Beth Raulston, Brannon Subdivision, Lot 17, District 19, $158,960

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Patrick A. Taylor and Jessica N. Taylor, Farmington View, Phase 3, Lot 105, District 10, $251,235

• Kevin Phillips to Paul Swierkowski and Meggan Swierkowski, Davis Acres Estates, Phase 1, Lot 12, District 14, $50,000

• Katherine W. Hess Family Trust to Edward D. Tipps and Vivian D. Tipps, Cochran Place Condominium Picturesque Unit 2, District 19, $236,900

• Edward Tipps and Vivian Tipps to Daniel S. Trott, Saddle Ridge Subdivision, Section 2B, Lot 15, District 18, $394,900

• Keith Stanley and Mary B. Stanley to Luke T. Compton and Amanda S. Compton, Oaklawn Addition, Section 3, Lots 30 and 31, Acres 0.095, District 9, $235,000

• Foothills Golf LLC to Cecil Curtis Freeman Trust and Jeanne West Freeman Trust, Royal Oaks, Section 6, Phase 1, Lot 188R2, District 19, $15,000

• David Powell and Taylor H. Powell to Donald William Freese and Heather Lynn Freese, Hollybrook Road, Acres 12, District 11, $784,900

• Steven T. Johnson and Christina H. Johnson to Curtis Keith Shiver and Ann M. Shiver, Steven T. Johnson Property, Lot 1, District 8, $200,000

• Karen A. Ledford to Lawrence E. Herstam and Katherine B. Herstam, Valley View Farms Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 89, District 9, $260,000

• Kacy S. Brackin and Robert Clifford Hillman Jr. to Yohaira A. Soler, Hutchins Subdivision, Lots 34 and 35, District 9, $122,000

• Branch Banking and Trust Company to Bobby Joe Conn and Ashley Elizabeth Conn, Kagley View Subdivision, Lot 5, District 7, $200,000

• Michael E. Fann to Equity Trust Company and Dennis Lee Kuzara IRA, Breckinridge Subdivision, Lot 16, District 6, $140,000

• Kathy Tallent to Terry Leonard Beckmann and Nancy Ellen Beckmann, Olympia Condominiums, Phase 2, Lot 37, District 9, $120,000

• Michael J. Ingleston and Mitzi D. Ingleston to Alejandro A. Conde and Lauren M. Ingleston, Royal Oaks, Section 17, Phase 1, Lot 294R, District 19, $350,000

• Jerry Daniel Russell to Dennis Morris and Donna Elser, Turkey Pen Gap Road, Acres 3, District 7, $85,000

• Lee R. Whitehead to Jose V. Castillo Avila and Angelica Ramirez Valeriano, John L. Laws First Subdivision, Lot 28, District 19, $139,900

• Kimberly K. Monroe and Paul L. Monroe to William W. Stevens and Kristie A. Stevens, Canterbury Park Subdivision, Lot 23, District 9, $178,000

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