Dec. 20 to Dec. 26

• John Busshart and Myra Malquisto to James Crawford and Eva Marie Crawford, Big Valley Subdivision, Lot 158, District 15, $40,000

• David Csurny and Linda Csurny to Michael Csurny and Nancy Csurny, Rambling Acres, Lot 23R, District 6, $20,000

• Cee Bee Partnership, Jay Crippen, Jason Crippen and Craig Beeler to Salubrious Farms LLC, Vananda Property, Lots 1R1 and 1R2, $1,100,000

• South Blount County Utility District to Blount County Fire Protection District, South Blount County Utility District Property, Lot 1, District 19, $0

• Brandi Saucier and Robert Saucier to Blu Dawn Inc., Laurel Road, District 15, $259,900

• Carla Head and William Head to Nathan Williams and Alma Williams, Trotwood Farms, Lot 3, District 19, $900,000

• Wanda Hendryx and Wesley Pittman to Eric White and Lindsey White, Knox County Property, $0

• Ball Homes LLC to Steven Stanick Jr. and Michelle Stanick, The Park, Phase 3, Lot 3, District 19, $363,689

• Moses Investment Group, Moore Moses Investment Group, Casey Moses and Robert Moses Jr. to Stewart Hanhoot and Marjory Hanhoot, Wyndsong Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 116, District 2, $379,900

• Yuriy Karcha and Olga Karcha to Cody Hipsher and Chelsea Ryan, Lakeview Estates Subdivision, Section A, Lot 5, District 11, $315,000

• Jordan Pruett and Travis Pruett to Dennis Cummings Jr. and Emily Cummings, Luther Road, Acres 0.46, District 9, $185,000

• Kellie Turner to Jared Hughes, Hunters Hill, Phase 2, Lot 50, District 8, $259,900

• Brad Guillot and Kellie Guillot to Nicholas Voyles and Kathryn Voyles, Kenneth and Janie Hall Property, Lots 37R and 39R, Districts 7 and 8, $54,900

• DR Horton Inc. to Kenneth Dunsmore and Jennifer Dunsmore, Jackson Park Subdivision, Lot 19, District 19, $256,940

• Bill Bales to Jorge L. Garcia Cazares, Cedar Hill Estates, Section 2, Lot 56, District 11, $20,000

• William T. Bogart and Mary M. Bogart to Mark Major and Carrie Major, Somerset Subdivision, Lot 11R1, District 19, $535,000

• Amber McKenzie and James McKenzie to Joshua Benjamin and Apryl Benjamin, Valley View Farms Subdivision, Lot 44, District 9, $370,000

• Megan Davis to Christian Davis, Blount Acres Subdivision, Lot 3, District 13, $145,000

• Ricky Lynn Stinnett to Jasper Tidwell and Evelyn Tidwell, Campers Paradise Top of the World, Lots 36 and 390, District 18, $20,000

• Ryan Cody Teffeteller and Stephanie Teffeteller to Christopher Finger, Highway No. 73, Acres 0.856, District 15, $186,300

• Smithbilt LLC to Jaime Edward Mireles and Kortny Mireles, Manor in the Foothills, Phase 1, Lot 34, District 7, $229,900

• Rita Campbell and James Prigmore Jr. to Andre Prigmore and James Prigmore Jr., Prigmore Property, Lots 1 and 2, District 11; Topside-Louisville Road, Acres 2.14, District 11, $1,074,600

• Amanda Michele Ranwez and Jean Paul Ranwez to Jamison Charles Albright and Angel Lynn Albright, Geraldine J. Henry Rev. Trust Property, Lot 1, District 9, $290,000

• A and H Holdings LLC to Paula Hancock and Larry Hancock, East Lamar Alexander Parkway, Acres 5.87, District 18, $265,000

• Mohammed Bhatti and Josefina Zelaya to Jeremy Lee Keough and Lori Keough, Reserve at Ross Springs, Phase 2, Lot 36, District 9, $479,900

• Joyce Kennemer Bates to John Morgan and Allison Morgan, Riveredge Village Condominiums, Phase 2, District 15, $230,000

• Laurie June McPeak to Michael North and Sara North, Brick Mill Road, Acres 1.05, District 1, $81,700

• Ivy Boudreau Winchester to Jeremy Max Schwartz and Chandler Ryan Schwartz, Everett Heights Subdivision No. 3, Lot 10, District 9, $260,000

• Hope Ledger to Daniel Parker, Lajanna Penton and Jeanna Penton, Eagleton Properties Inc. Subdivision No. 1 of Eagleton Village, Lot 177, District 9, $75,000

• Larry Keene and Roberta Keene to Lex Shankle and Angelie Shankle, Silver Brook Subdivision, Lot 14, District 8, $401,100

• Brandon Harvey to Deborah Dudley, Samuels Crossing, Lot 14, District 13, $220,000

• Amy Ryder to Debra Tiedt, Cades Cove Landing, District 15, $125,500

• Charlene Teffeteller to Kayla Inman, Fairway Estates, Lot 28, District 19, $259,900

• David Ratliff, Donna Ratliff Breese and Paul Ratliff to Ryan Jones and Katie Jones, Valley Vue Addition, Lot 28, District 19, $160,000

• Carson Scarbrough, Stella Scarbrough Estate, Martha Bryan and Daniel Roush to Tracy Queen, North Plainfield District Subdivision, Lot 135, District 9, $130,000

• Anne Headrick and Angela Kielsmeier to PS Real Estate LLC, Buena Vista Addition No. 5, Lot 38, District omitted, $102,375

• Regina Depew to Red Labs Reality LLC, Torrey Pines Subdivision and Concord Properties, Lot 2R1-2, District 19, $343,350

•  Mehran Mushtaq to Julie Barnette, Blount Hills Addition, Lot 17R, District 9, $175,000

• Lisa Kay Keyes to Kenneth Edwards and Tonia Edwards, Old Chilhowee Road, Lots 2 and 3, Acres 47.93, District 13, $258,750

• Eric Milsap and Kristie Milsap to Daniel Saxe and Aria Saxe, Park at Royal Oaks, Lot 62, District 19, $462,500

• Janet Josey to Dana Wilson and Darrin Wilson, Proffitt Springs Road and Old Louisville Pike, District 10, $44,500

• Johnny E. McCaulley III and Michelle McCaulley to PFR LLC, Worthington, Phase 2, Lot 101B, District 19, $125,000

• TSP Investments LLC and Elizabeth Davis to John Doan and Holly Doan, Blount Acres Subdivision, Lot 7R, District 13, $299,900

• Terry Nichols and Patricia Nichols to Peter Laurin and Susan Laurin, Coleman Estates, Lot 28R1, District 6, $455,000 

• Steven Flack and Sarah Flack to Timothy Wingfield and Joy Wingfield, Walland Executive Mountain Estates, Lot 16, District 18, $207,000

• Thomas C. Eichman to William Cowan and Ashley Nelson, Plainfield Addition, Lots 149 and 150, District 9, $215,000

• Garrett Griffith to Hunter Watson, Beverly Heights Addition, Lot 13, District 9, $150,000

• Stephen Shelton and Crystal Shelton to Nancy Eyck and Andrew Eyck, Logans Landing Subdivision, Lot 9R, District 5, $200,000

• GDP Properties LLC to Jacob Matthew Hensley, Harvey Bruce Arp and wife Ruth Ann Arp Property, Lot 1, District 17, $140,000

• Christian Brown Construction LLC to Kimery Watson and Teresa Watson, Hunters Meadow Subdivision, Lot 18, District 10, $299,900

• Michael L. Swihart to Kellie Turner, Spence Field Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 7, District 7, $225,000

• James William Millsaps and Sandra L. Millsaps to Hunter Ramsey and Emily Ramsey, East Lamar Alexander Parkway, Acres 5.42, District 9, $367,000

• Keith Etter and Kathy Etter to Amber Gonzalez and Henry Gonzalez Dardon, Hidden Valley Addition Subdivision, Lot 12, District 11, $176,500

• Douglas Hill and Brenda Hill to Dost LLC, Druid Hills Subdivision, Phase 4, Lots 8R and 9, District 9, $589,000

• Sarah Cox to Heather Thomas, Green Valley Subdivision, Section 4, Lot 56, District 6, $265,500

• Jon Munday Trust, Linda Munday Trust and the Munday Family Rev. Living Trust to Robert Price and Ann Price, West Hills Subdivision, Lot 89, District 7, $268,000

• Tennessee Rental Holdings LLC and Veterans Holding Group LLC to Jordan Black and Morgan Black, Lane Business Park, Lot 25R, District 19, $600,000

• Ami Anderson to Brody Pankratz, Worthington Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 95B, District 19, $130,000

• Burton Adair and Pamela Adair to John Jessup and Jannine Jessup, Royal Oaks Subdivision, Section 3, Phase 1, Lot 57R, District 19, $489,000

• Preferred Homes LLC to David Aubel and Donna Aubel, Springview Subdivision, Lot 3, District 6, $339,000

• Michael Campbell and Mary Campbell to Paul Breeding and Leslee Alexander, Grandview Drive, District 9, $772,000

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