Jan. 2-8

• American Advisors Group, Compu-Link Corporation and Celink to 6S Management LLC, Highland Acres S/D First Addition, Lot 174R, $190,000

• Max Hill to Debra Ann Stratemeyer and David James Stratemeyer, Whittenburg Estates, Phase 2, Lots 38 and 39, District 12, $215,000

• Eric John Lozano and Eric J. Lozano to Erik J. Wagoner, Bays Mountain Overlook Subdivision, Lot 12, District 13, $265,000

• Charles W. Brinkley and Tonya R. Brinkley to Steven Weinberg and Randi Weinberg, Raulston View Subdivision, Lot 4, District 19, $348,500

• John A. Sergio, Jerry P. Glenn, Karen Ann Crosslin Floyd Trustee, Karen Ann Crosslin Coriell Trustee, The Floyd Revocable Living Trust and Karen Ann Crosslin Trustee to Dustin Wieske and Caleb James Wieske, William Lyons Property Subdivision, Lot 4R2, District 9, $80,000

• Ridgemont LLC to Edward M. Harrison and Julie A. Harrison, McCall Property II Lot 10, District 1, $125,000

• Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Cheyenne R. Royce and Bryce Kroll, Tall Oaks Planned Community, Phase 2, Lot 22, District 14, $152,200

• C&C Trucking Inc. and C & C Trucking Inc. to Lada LLC, Parkway South Business Park, Lot 8R-2, District 11, $680,000

• Clearwater Construction LLC to Elizabeth Pearl Schaad, Sweet Grass Plantation, Phase 2, Lots 57 and 78, District 12, $750,000

• D. R. Horton Inc. to Eric D. Girard and Kathryn R. Girard, Aston Park Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 13, District 9, $313,290

• Aline A. Thompson Trustee and Aline A. Thompson Revocable Trust to Steven O. Thompson and Deborah Thompson, W. P. Orr Jr. and Wife Joyce Property, Lot 6, District 1, $200,000

• Bruce Baldwin to Katherine M. Smallwood, Mattie Bledsoe to Carl Bledsoe Property, Lot 1R, District 9, $240,000

• Jean-Pierre Vilaire and Anne C. Vilaire to James Peters, Tracy Shelton and Roseinna Lane, Farnum Street, District 4, $225,000

• Deborah S. Nichols to Peyton Burnette, Northfield Subdivision, Lot 117, District 9, $199,500

• Wilson and Associates PLLC Suc Trustee to Stephen H. Byrd, McConnell Addition, Lot 13, District 9, $115,000

• Marcus J. Sheppard and Michelle B. Sheppard to James Troy Adams and Stephanie Adams, Everett Heights Subdivision, Lots 2 and 3, District 9, $319,900

• Daniel H. Caldwell, Kathy Caldwell and Kathy Y. Caldwell to Fernando Castillo and Marilyn Yvette Castillo to Daniel H. and Kathy Y. Caldwell, Lot 1, 2.45 Acres, District 6, $375,000

• Rodney J. Barendse, Jennifer A. Barendse and Jennifer A. Rennison to Ernest Manuel Barrera, Gibson Property, Lot 1, 3.580 Acres, District 8, $611,000

• Wesley Ray Garland Jr., Melissa Ann Hardwick, Wesley Ray Garland Jr. Estate, Wesley Ray Garland Sr. and Wesley Garland to Danielle E. Nicol and Scott J. Nicol, McConnells Addition, Lots 42 and 43, District 9, $182,000

• Daniel E. Cox to Anne T. Parr, The Highlands at Maryville Villa, Phase 2, District 19, $420,000

• Scooter Investments LLC to Ernest Manuel Barrera, Everett Heights Subdivision No. 3, Lot 40, District 9, $315,000

• Steven B. Keirsey and Hannah J. Keirsey to Delmer K. Harris II and Malinda N. Harris, Montvale Road, 0.424 Acres, District 19, $25,440

• Steven B. Keirsey and Hanah J. Keirsey to Robert E. Henderson and Kelly M. Henderson, Montvale Road, 0.576 Acres, District 19, $34,560

• Larry Campbell and Carole Ryan Campbell to Brian C. Childs, Victoria Subdivision, Phase 4, Lot 73, District 9, $237,500

• Daniel C. Harris, Betty A. Harris and Betty Harris to Jeffrey D. Wilson, Bassel Subdivision, Lot 450, 0.1928, District 9, $155,000

• Nicholas J. Hodge to Sean E. Dennis and Rachel P. Dennis, Hodge Hills, Lot 3, District 1, $400,000

• Lum Watson, Beulah Watson, Lum C. Watson Trustee, Beulah B. Watson Trustee, The Watson Family Trust, Sandra Elaine Simpson, Michael Simpson, Randall Leon Watson, Randy Watson, Beulah B. Watson and Lum C. Watson to The Meadows (Maryville) LLC, The Meadows (Maryville) LLC, Lot 1, District 19, $1,870,000

• Winding Road Real Estate LLC to Thomas G. Selden and Dawnielle P. Selden, Stonegate Subdivision, Lots 61 and 62-R, District 15, $50,000

• Dyanne K. Parrish to Jesse Joseph Hanson, Bays Mountain Overlook, Lot 36, District 13, $295,000

• Maloney Development LLC to Jordan David Caldwell and Courtney Siann Caldwell, Horton Property Subdivision, Lot 19, District 8, $325,000

• Jeffrey R. Barnewolt, Mariola B. Kabat and Mariola Kabat to Donald F. Mason Jr. and Kristen Y. Mason, Bluff Crest Estates Subdivision, Lot 12, District 4, $155,000

• Roger Nash and Cheryl Nash to Stephen R. Malat and Christina L. Malat, Cold Springs Subdivision, Lot 15, District 15, $50,000

• Jonathan Lee Berry, Randy Allen Berry Estate and Kathy Ann Moseley to John Howard and Connie Howard, Briar Branch Properties, Lot 13, 5.43 Acres, District 15, $36,000

• Carrie McDaniel Staton and Corey Scott Staton to Colleen Commentz-Ciminieri Trustee, Colleen Commentz Ciminieri Trustee and the Commentz Family Trust, Park at Royal Oaks, Lot 1, District 19, $469,900

• Luis Antiveres to Ronell Fernan Meier, Candlewood, Phase 2, Lot 15, District 12, $600,000

• Pamela A. Jones to Katherine Ann Dilbeck, Eagleton Properties Inc. Subdivision No. 1 Eagleton Village, Lot 217, District 9, $148,500

• Homestead Investments LLC to Marcia Prieto-Carazo, Marcia Prieto Crarazo and Steve Gonzalo Carazo, Homestead West, Phase 1, Lot 15W, District 18, $45,000

• James W. Mayor IV and Grace A. Mayor to Cayleigh A. Millsapps and Chance Anderson, Hamil Road, 0.70 Acres, District 4, $235,000

• Joseph Whitver Taylor Trustee, Sarah E. Taylor Trustee and Joseph Whitver Taylor and Sarah E. Taylor Revocable Trust to Terry L. Wilson Jr. and Caroline K. Wilson, Rosedale Addition, Lot 29, District 19, $259,900

• Betty J. Cassell and Rhonda J. McShesney to Errol D. French and Denise Sarhan, Huskey Valley Subdivision, Lot 3, District 13, $194,900

• Kristyn A. Bumby, Kristyn A. Eddleman and Matthew C. Bumby to Kristyn A. Bumby and Matthew C. Bumby, Meadow Valley Addition, Lot 12, 0.30 Acres, District 9, $10

• William Carson McLain Trustee, Debra Whaley McLain Trustee and William Carson McLain and Debra Whaley McLain Revocable Trust to James Walker Houston Price and Emily Rose Ward, Springbrook Park Subdivision, Lot 27, District 9, $225,100

• Carl Richard Poling to James E. Boruff and Sandra T. Boruff, Blockhouse Road, District 7, $200,000

• Phillip Roger Trotter to Nancy T. McMahan, 0.27 Acres, District 15, $7,500

• James Edwin Garner and Charles Edward Harmon Estate to Derek Hunt and Jessica Mae Hunt, Harmon Estate-Keeble Street, Lot 2, District 9, $231,000

• Jan Norton to Cody Norton and Rebecca Norton, Raulston View Subdivision, Lot 163, District 19, $350,000

• Sea Tropez LLC to Michelle Lynn Pickett and Caleb Tyler Pickett, Buena Vista Addition No. 5, Lot 50, District 19, $209,900

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Steven Chadwick Stafford and Hannah Grace Hager, Morgan Park, Phase 2, Lot 22, District 19, $386,392

• Marshall Builders Inc. to Jimmy Glen Routt Trustee, Joy Maire Routt Trustee and Jimmy Glen Routt and Joy Marie Routt Revocable Trust, Colby Cove Subdivision, Lot 35, District 19, $511,000

• Allen L. Bowerman to Michael R. McReynolds and Tina M. McReynolds, Rock Gardens Subdivision III, Lot 206, District 9, $148,000

• Caleb L. Sparks, Bethany Sparks and Caleb Sparks to Terri N. Moore and Adam M. Moore, West Hills Subdivision, Lot 34, District 7, $319,000

• Beth A. Thomas to Nicole M. Lum, Harry N. Plumlee Property and the Anna L. Plumlee Estate Property, Lot 2, District 19, $255,000

• John L. Drummond and Linda S. Drummond to Peter Jordan and Kara Jordan, Little Roundtop, Lot 5, District 15, $691,500

• Harry T. Glover and Vicki M. Glover to Erik B. Jens and Suzanne M. Jens, Eagle Crossing Subdivision, Lot 4, District 6, $446,000

• Sarah McManus to Johnathon X. Johnson and Madison L. Burbage, Everett Street, Everett Avenue, District 9, $190,000

• Jerry Morgan II and Jerry Morgan to Connie Anderson and Steven Anderson, Hinkle Estates, Lot 47, District 13, $22,000

• Curtis W. Weyerman and Sanya J. Weyerman to David H. Nickerson and Tamera C. Nickerson, Peppermint Hills Subdivision, Lot 58, District 12, $417,000

• Robert Wayne Davis, Kevin Wade and Michael Wade to John Jackson and Joan Jackson, Park Line Heights Subdivision, Section 2, Lot 39, District 18, $20,000

• Michele Mangham, Michele Ely Bishop and Steven Mangham to Cortney E. Erickson and Brandon K. Nichols, Plainfield Addition, Lot 202, District 9, $220,000

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Thomas J. Richards and Melissa Young Richards, Holland Springs Subdivision, Lot 85, District 9, $613,830

• Gusty Christenberry and Melissa Christenberry to Diana J. Owen Morris Trustee, Diana J. Owen-Morris Trustee and Diana Owen-Morris Separate Property, Clayton V. Christenberry Sr. Property, 2.58 Acres, Highway 411 North, 15.4404 Acres, District 13, $780,000

• James J. Mathis Jr. and Deborah Mathis to Craig E. Richardson Trustee and The Craig E. Richardson Trust, Look Rock Estates, Lot 32, District 7, $250,000

• Zappa Properties Partnerships, Industrial Development Board of Blount County and Joseph R. Zappa Jr. to ASR DC Partnership South LLC, Zappa Properties Partnerships, Lot 1R, District 19, $5,893,978

• Amy A. Goin and Amy A. Jones to Richard Talley and Carlene Talley, Tee-Lee Heights, Lot 9, District 19, $218,000

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