Jan. 5 to Jan. 11

• Susan Headrick to Katelynn Stinnet and Michael S. Grogory, Applewood Subdivision, Lot 8R, District 8, $197,900

• Jonathan P. Tatman and Ashley D. Tatman to Crystal Evans Aycocke and Justin Lee Aycocke, Holland Springs Subdivision, Lot 53, District 9, $480,000

• Richard L. Goins and Connie H. Goins to Christopher Daniel Linam and Nicole A. Linam, Woodland Acres Subdivision, Lot 29, District 10, $145,000

• Aubrey K. Needham Jr. to Sequatchie Concrete Service Inc., Singleton Station Road, Acres 14.55, District 11, $800,250

• Eric D. Smith and Amy M. Smith to Scott M. Ferry and Amy B. Ferry, Spring Meadows Subdivision, Lot 53, District 13, $300,000

• Donna P. Henderson to Donna P. Henderson Trust, Steve Mikels et al, Lots 2 and 3, District 12, $0

• Kimberly Sveska and Justin Sveska to Marti Middleton Petro and George Joseph Petro, Willard Addition, Lot 13, District 19, $223,500

• James D. Neal and Donna J. Neal to Lee A. Sloan and Jennifer Sloan, Chilhowee View Road, District 8, $425,000

• Michele M. Tarnacki to Sandra Lynne Stanton, Ellis McGaha Propertry, Acres 1.045, District 19, $169,000

• Kirk J. Henry and Christina Henry to Gail M. Wiedl, Fairview-Sentell Addition, Lots 6 and 6A, District 6, $185,000

• Virginia C. Patterson, Dorothy B. Patterson Estate, David L. Patterson, Joseph E. Patterson and Arthur E. Patterson to Robert C. Hays and Lisa M. Hays, Jackson Heights Subdivision No. 2, Lot 21, District 12, $199,900

• Jane Ingle to Lucille Ann Thares, Cochran Place Condominiums, Phase 7, Building D, District 19, $215,000

• Kimberly J. Burgess to Jane N. Ingle, Turnberry Square, Phase 2, Building 1, District 19, $206,100

• Jimmy Rochelle and Louise Rochelle to Lonnie S. Yarberry and Rhonda A. Yarberry, Mint Road, Acres 12.168, District 7, $237,500

• Morgan Landing LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc., Morgan Park, Phase 1, Lots 1, 6, 7, 8, 59, 60, 61, 63, 64, 73 and 77, District 19, $536,000

• Sarah J. Williams to Jane E. Jacobs Trust, Browns Creek Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 92, District 9, $242,000

• Sonia Byrd to Matthew John Ward and Lauren E. Ward, West Springbrook Subdivision, Lot 108, District 9, $420,000

• Matthew John Ward and Lauren E. Ward to Gregory A. Ward and Marie L. Ward, Wyndsong Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 1, District 2, $365,000

• Chase Beickel and Autumn C. Beickel to Mark A. De Vries and Mary Ann Updyke De Vries, Window Ridge Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 32, District 2, $359,900

• Christian Brown Construction to Chasney T. White and Mark R. Chance, Hunter's Meadow Subdivision, Lot 10, District 10, $289,900

• Paul Joseph Decoeur and Carol A. Decoeur to Matthew Clark and Jessica Clark, Trigonia Road, Acres 2.1, District 1, $267,000

• Justin Aycocke and Crystal Aycocke to Isaac Cline and Laura Cline, Laurie Street, District 19, $323,000

• Debbie Claxton to Ronald J. Clark and Paulette N. Clark, Ron Clark Property, Lots 1, 2 and 3, District 13, $200,000

• Mary Lou Ogle Watt to Joseph R. Ogle and Kathy A. Ogle, Helen P. Caulton Property, Lot 2, District 8, $120,640

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. and CMH Parks Inc. to Ronald David Kehn and Lynn Doris Kehn, The Morganton Reserve, Phase 2, Lot 41, District 19, $349,500

• Penny A. Klein and David J. Klein to Christopher A. Crissey, South Hall Subdivision, Lot 103, District 9, $127,500

• Darlene F. Patterson to Samira Abdalla, Patterson Property, Lot 1, District 9, $220,000

• SEC Properties and Matt C. Caldwell to Daniel N. Bodway and Laura Mae Bodway, Grand Pines on the Creek, Lot 6R-1, District 1, $42,000

• Kenneth Ray Lail Jr. and Janey L. Lail to Samir Bharwad and Radhika Bharwad, Tennessee Highway No. 73, District 14, $107,800

• Paulette H. Rench to Jacob Lowery Anh Phuong-Ngoc Nguyen, Lakeview Addition Laurel Lake Resorts Inc., Lot 20, District 15, $196,400

• Robert Gordon Woodward to Robin Michelle Arnette and John Curtis McBroom, Oakwood, Lot 5R3, District 13, $110,000

• James M. Tipton and Quint Bourgeois to Charles C. LaRue and Jennifer S. LaRue, Rambling Acres Subdivision, Lot 5, District 6, $259,900

• Tyler Rambo and Rachel Rambo to Sanford Goddard, John Harris First Addition, Lots 3 and 4, District 19, $55,500

• Vicki Diane Cagle McDaniel, Cheryl Ann Cagle West and Juanita Best to Harold W. Seabolt Trust and Mabel C. Seabolt Trust, Riverwood Estates Subdivision, Lot 31, District 12, $195,000

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. and Goodall Homes to Donna L. Groves, The Highlands at Maryville, Phase 3, Lot 122, District 19, $362,089

• Empire Distributors of Tennessee Inc. to City of Maryville, Clydesdale Street, $0

• Tracy Howard to Paul Tyrer and Dawn Tyrer, Big Valley Campground, Lot 143, District 15, $86,000

• LWGM Development, D. Leon Williams and J. Greg Mary to Roger W. Givens, Lou Beth Givens, Jeffrey D. Clark and Stacie L. Clark, Gracefield Farm, Lot 20, District 12, $62,000

• Daniel David to Laura Marie Hillis, Old Piney Road, Acres 3.122, District 8, $49,900

• Billy J. Long to William A. Hopper and Erica Hopper, Oak Park Avenue, Acres 0.51, District 19, $260,000

• Steven Massaro and Anthony P. Massaro to Richard D. Swaney and Karen D. Swaney, West Hills Subdivision, Lots 32 and 33, District 7, $225,000

• William B. Best and Shannon D. Best to Michael Main and Penny Main, Hinkle Estates, Section 4, Lot 24, District 13, $189,900

• BRC Construction Inc. to Stinson Foster, Cox Property, Lot 3R-6, District 13, $224,900

• Patricia H. Lang and Charles N. Lang Jr. to Harold Wheeler and Carolyn Anderson, Big Valley Campground, Lot 67, District 15, $28,000

• Julie D. Legg-Smith and Craig A. Smith to Christopher Todd Adkins and Samantha Joy Adkins, Willow Creek Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 55, District 9, $269,900

• Vigil and Wheeler LLC to Todd J. Anthony and Christine E. Anthony, Townsend Town Square, Lot 9, District 15, $140,000

• Jeffrey E. Bailey to George Dexter Day and Rhonda Morris Day, Kinzel Springs Subdivision, Phase 6, Lot 119, District 15, $70,000

• Tom McDougald, Sean Grimes and Shanna Grimes to Ted Tharpe and Deidre Tharpe, Lowes Ferry Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 67, District 10, $60,000

• Wilson & Associates PLLC Suc. Trust, Bryan C. Nuchols and Ashley Nuchols to PennyMac Loan Services LLC, Everett Heights Subdivision No. 3, Lot 10, District 9, $152,520

• Stacy L. Spradlin and Wilson & Associates PLLC Sub. Trust to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Mountain Meadow Subdivision, Lot 16, District 2, $144,300

• Bruce S. Gorenflo and Martha K. Gorenflo to Jeffrey Gorenflo and Michele Gorenflo, Mimosa Estates Subdivision, Lots 213 and 214, District 11, $235,000

• Ketron Property Management Inc. to Keith Akard, Lackey Street, District 19, $52,800

• Ball Homes LLC to Carrie McDaniel Staton and Corey Scott Staton, The Park at Royal Oaks, Lot 1, District 19, $308,344

• Ireit Maryville DG LLC to AFN Absprop001 LLC, Jason Kress Irrevocable Trust Property, Lot 1, Acres 1.200, $1,270,644

• Tommy Dwayne Lawson to Richard Adams and Carolyn Adams, Hideaway Village Top of the World, Lot 50, District 18, $7,500

• Claude C. Crabb and Jane M. Crabb to Ronald Lee Wilkinson and Rachel Irene Wilkinson, Raulston View Subdivision, Lot 107, District 19, $193,000

• Neal C. Johnston III to Lorie Lightfoot and Kay Lightfoot, Edward M. Yarnell Property, Lot 1R2, District 12, $131,000

• Franklin S. Ward and Cecelia R. Ward to Spencer E. Ward and Aislinn S. Ward, Lillard Lane and Little Dug Gap Road, Acres 1.97, District 10, $89,200

• Martha Ann Stephens to Steven G. Williams and Kathy Renee Williams, Big Valley Campground, Lot 41, District 15, $123,500

• Tipton G F LLC to Cornerstone Custom Homes LLC, Whittington, Lots 21 and 24, District 19, $106,000

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