June 21 to June 27

• Scott King to Erika Hipsky and Joshua Wolfe, East High Street Addition, Lot 18, District 9, $199,900

• Brenda Faircloth, Brenda Joyce Gibson, James Luther Gibson Jr. and Helen Louise Gibson Estate to Elaine Cara Donna and Richard Skidmore, River View Second Addition, Lots 50 and 51, District 11, $80,000

• Tyler J. Chase to Kevin Michael Garner, Brewers Cove, Lot 16, District 17, $177,900

• Sanford Goddard to John Tyler Gentry and Jennifer Danielle Gentry, Homer Butler Property, Lot 30, District 5, $259,900

• Gibson Properties Limited LLC, Charles Gibson, Betty S. Russell and Mary Cooksey to AS Properties Inc., Ford Addition to Alcoa, Tennessee, Lots 2A, 3 and 3A, District 9, $75,000

• Morgan Landing LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc., Morgan Park, Phase 1, Lot 52, District 19, $52,000

• DVZ Properties TN LLC to Jessica Trent, Sequoyah Square, Lot 17R, District 9, $149,900

• Savannah Properties LLC to John A. Sullivan III and Marsella A. Sullivan, Savannah Village Phase 2 of Savannah Park, Lot 22, District 19, $409,900

• Eva L. Buehler Rev. Living Trust, Roger D. Buehler Rev. Living Trust and The Orchard Church to Michael B. Reynolds and Bronwen Kelly Reynolds, Rio Vista Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 12, District 4, $205,000

• Michael P. Pasqua to Tyler G. Daugherty and Alison P. Daugherty, West Springbrook Subdivision, Lot 100, District 9, $210,000

• John E. Joiner and Marsha Joiner to Donna Ripic, Big Valley Campground, Lot 98, District 15, $82,000

• Darren P. Chapman and Bonnie J. Chapman to Dimitra K. Steeley and Mark Steeley, Springbrook Park Subdivision, Lot 12, District 9, $155,000

• Sonja Fields Jones to Sonja Fields Jones Living Trust, Riverbrook Subdivision, Lot 41, District 10, $0

• Chelsey S. Reagan and Marcus A. Reagan to Lucas P. Brackins and Theda P. Dyer, Seymour Estates, Section 2, Phase 1, Lot 29, District 13, $192,500

• Karen Sue Locklear to State of Tennessee, Meadows at Pine Lakes Condominiums, Acres 2.937, Distinct 11, $0

• Tyler Don Fugate and Marissa M. Fugate to Sherry R. Casey, Calvin Heights, Lot 3, District 1, $185,000

• Linda Glascock and Benjamin L. Glascock to Kenneth E. Lennox and Diana L. Lennox, Broadway, Acres 2.372, District 19, $610,000

• Seth Ridout to Jill Burbidge, Tia Cooper Property, Lot 1, District 9, $237,000

• James B. Delozier to Jason Chabera and Sara Chabera, Happy Valley Loop, District 3, $20,000

• John Tyler Gentry and Jennifer Gentry to Rachel Marie Bowlin and Brian Alan Baldwin, Bittle Village, Phase 2, Lot 6, District 9, $180,000

• Cindy L. Silipo and Joey P. Hensley to Ashley Dummitt, Ashwood Park the Villas at Fairview, Lot 37, District 19, $265,000

• Penny M. Day Relation to Patricia L. Sardegna and Anthony Sardegna, Wooddale Street, Acres 0.160, District 19, $125,000

• Bertha Rose Waider to Jennifer White Bradley and Carolyn S. White, Waters Place Subdivision, Phase 8, Lot 8B, District 9, $193,000

• Jesse L. Bryant and Ashley E. Bryant to Jaroslav Priban, Dominion Downs Subdivision, Lot 39, District 7, $205,000

• BND Properties LLC to Dustin James Hall and Hope Montgomery Hall, Sherwood Forest Addition No. 3, Lot 26, District 19, $305,000

• Jeff Byron Taylor to James Carr and Billie Kay Carr, Sundown Resort, Lot 77, District 15, $21,000

• Stillwater Partners and William P. Lyons to Karen Sue Locklear, Waters Place Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 1C, District 9, $228,000

• Cades Cove Reserve LLC to Deep South Investments Group LLC, Cades Cove Reserve, Building 3, District 15, $172,900

• Cody G. Henry and Lisa M. Henry to Lien T. Do and Anh Thu Ngoc Nguyen, Norwood Village Subdivision, Lot 5, District 19, $171,000

• Gerald Anderson and Leah Anderson to Dustin Wayne Antrican, Lashbrooke Subdivision, Lot 113, District 10, $88,500

• Drew D. Miles to Craig M. Strange and Jennifer A. Strange, Brantlin Reserve, Lot 2, District 19, $69,900

• Donna Bradley, Heather Thomas, Jonathan E. Thomas and Larry G. Thomas to Earl W. Watkins and Tasha M. Watkins, Fairfield Subdivision, Lot 6, District 14, $160,000

• Jeanne L. Slack and Kimberly Eileen Phillips to Diana Waldrip, Lynnwood Subdivision, Lot 8, District 12, $375,000

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. and CMH Parks Inc. to Taylor Lawson, The Morganton Reserve, Phase 2, Lot 104, District 19, $210,015

• John Alan Wheeler Trust and Celia Rose Vigil Trust to Robert D. Lunden, Musket Ridge Subdivision, Lot 17, District 15, $565,000

• Ray Wiley Valentine, Karen Valentine McMurray and Teresa Valentine McCroskey to Artigues Construction LLC, Cletis Valentine Estate Property, Acres 32.059, District 13, $510,000

• Homestead Investments LLC to Steven Figueredo Jr. and Stephanie Marie Figueredo, Homestead Ridge, Lot 41W, District 18, $59,900

• William A. Hoyt Jr., Mary Ruth Hoyt Estate, Michael Hoyt, Lace H. Hoyt, Eleanor Lovelace Hoyt Stevens and Brenda Hoyt to Bassitt Homes LLC to Pistol Creek Construction LLC, Lonas Addition, Lot 48, District 19, $65,000

• William A. Hoyt Jr., Mary Ruth Hoyt Estate, Michael Hoyt, Lace H. Hoyt, Eleanor Lovelace Hoyt Stevens and Brenda Hoyt to Bassitt Homes LLC to Pistol Creek Construction LLC, Lonas Addition, Lots 49 and 50, District 19, $208,000

• Larry Campbell and Carole R. Campbell to John Huynh, Sunshine, Lots 10 and 11, District 15, $65,000

• Jennifer Garland and John Clay Garland to David Richman and Christine Brooks, Vintage Village Subdivision, Lot 12, District 19, $429,900

• Marlaina D. King to Benjamin Morris and Susan Morris, Garner Hills, Lot 15, District 6, $272,000

• Paul Winston Dunlap to Helen Stilley Lilly, Lookmont Section Top of the World, Lots 18, 19, 26 and 27, District 18, $105,000

• Janalyn D. Jump to Nelda Kay Baker, Raulston View Subdivision, Section 7, Lot 158, District 19, $238,705

• Alois A. Metler and Billie J. Metler to David B. Siddons and Tracy Siddons, Hearthstone Estates, Lots 17R and 18, District 10, $650,000

• Benjamin C. Morris and Susan M. Morris to Cody G. Henry and Lisa Henry, Freedom Ridge, Lot 4, District 2, $186,000

• Heather Lindsay and James Lindsay to Patricia Craig, Carpenters Grade Road, Acres 1, District 7, $120,000

• DVZ Properties TN LLC to David Williams Suttles, Sequoyah Square, Lots 24R, District 9, $149,900

• Steven S. Hall and Jill A. Hall to Parker Borofsky and Osvaldo Martinez, Carnes Road, District 15, $815,000

• Rodney Winkler and Jeri Winkler to Dustin J. Olsen and Kelleen Norem, Royal Oaks, Section 1, Phase 1, Lot 99R1, District 19, $379,900

• Tonja Kae Williams to Jasmine A. Buchanan and Tristan A. Schmidt, Heritage Place, Lot 17, District 14, $200,000

• Richard K. Greene to Scotty G. Builders Inc., Clover Hills Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 13R, District 6, $22,000

• Charles B. Alexander Jr. and Margie M. Alexander to Aaron T. Mackey, Colvin Subdivision, Lots 7 and 8, District 9, $157,800

• Lacy Orena Hutchens to Holly Elizabeth Hutchens, Pea Ridge Road, District 14, $31,000

• Kayla Lachelle Hayes and Brian Anthony Hayes Jr. to Hubert Borden, Barbara Campbell Property, District 5, $14,000

• Carolyn F. Moon to Susan L. Moler, Holiday Hill Top of the World, Section 1, Lots 7 and 8, District 18, $1,823.16

• Edward Eugene Johnson to Edward Eugene Johnson and Tracy Lea Johnson, Pickens Gap Road, Lot 1, District 13, $0

• Brandon Orr Properties LLC to Jeffrey Shipley and Diane Shipley, Franklin Meadows, Lot 12, District 1, $270,850

• Fred L. Smith and Gail S. Smith to Gregory A. Xanders and Beth El Xanders, Meadowlands, Lot 11, District 11, $350,000

• Charles H. Powell Jr. and Patti M. Powell to Jason Wallace and Anna Wallace, Miser Station Road, District 5, $375,000

• Jerry G. Cunningham and Janis K. Cunningham to Henry Eugene Murphy and Samantha Murphy, Cunningham and Murphy Property Line Adjustment, Acres 1.9, District 13, $15,000

• Rodney A. Parton to Marlaina King and Joseph King, Montvue Subdivision No. 2, Lot 54R, District 19, $350,000

• Katya G. Monleon to Craig E. Boyd and Angela C. Boyd, Samuel E. Shore Property Subdivision, Lot 2, Acres 0.172, District 19, $240,000

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Joseph D. Gardner, Farmington View, Phase 3, Lot 126, District 10, $284,235

• John William Nichols to Mark Melton and Ragan Melton, West Millers Cove Road, Acres 4.349, District 18, $935,035

• Thane L. Schmadeke to John C. Olson and Deborah R. Olson, Logan Hill Road, Acres 9.624, District 10, $112,050

• Willis Robert Breeden and Willia Mae Breeden to Ryan Kerr and Rachel Kerr, Breeden and Kerr Lot Line Adjustment, Acres 6.315, District 10, $73,500

• Fred L. Smith and Gail S. Smith to Gregory A. Xanders and Beth El Xanders, Meadowlands, Lot 11, District 11, $350,000

• Smithbilt LLC to Michael James Fox and Pamela Goins Fox, Manor in the Foothills, Phase 1, Lot 56, District 7, $248,055

• Chris L. Wilson and Blanche E. Wilson to Thomas Isaac Morris and Jennifer D. Morris, Royal Oaks Subdivision, Section 14, Phase 1, Lot 225R, District 19, $54,900

• Robert M. Kelly and Yvonne C. Kelly to Mountain Capital Solutions LLC, McLeans Oakland Park Addition, Lots 65, 66, 67, 68, 69 and 70, District 9, $100,000

• Smithbilt LLC to Derrick Michael Crabtree and Brittany Gail Crabtree, Manor in the Foothills, Phase 1, Lot 66, District 7, $232,885

• John Charles Kelly and Laura D. Kelly to Jeffrey R. Brasser, South Hampton Subdivision, Lot 10, District 7, $282,150

• Billy R. Hudgens and Debra Hudgens to Tiffani D. Garner, Rachaels Place, Section 2, Phase 4, Lot 59, District 9, $187,500

• Jeff D. Lawson Builders Inc. to Ernest Melvin Callahan III and Allison Breanne Callahan, Plainfield Addition, Lot 80, District 9, $205,000

• Wanda Lou Cate Arnold and Jeffery Cate to Tammy Evans and Terry Evans, Holly Hills Drive, Acres 2.07, District 10, $180,000

• Charles D. Ingram to Andy J. Allen and Jan Allen to Rivertrace Subdivision, Lot 19, District 11, $285,500

• Andrew Morton and Fred McArthur to Hal Bone, Reserve at Tuckaleechee Cove, Lots 2 and 3, District 15; Mountain View Reserve, Lots 2 and 3, District 15, $90,000

• Gary Wayne Rose to Dragon Investment Properties LLC, Rose Property, Lot 1, District 15, $73,020.84

• William Douglas Craig and Brenda O. Craig to Alyssa B. Loy and John Thomas Loy, Westfields Subdivision, Lot 10, District 9, $182,500

• Jaroslav Priban to Ryan Preston Loge, Brown-Colvin Subdivision, Lot 16, District 9; Clark Road, District 9, $199,700

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Pam Richardson, Morgan Park, Phase 1, Lot 58, District 19, $281,255

• Kenneth McCullough Sr. and Janet McCullough to Kenneth McCullough Jr., Disco Riverview Subdivision, Lot 3, District 4, $57,500

• Cheryl McGaw to Sonya Roseann McGill and Gary W. Downing Jr., Mountain View Vista Subdivision, Lot 1R, District 13, $99,999

• Robert D. Kirkland and Lori M. Kirkland to Michael R. Robertson and Summer L. Robertson, Oxford Hills, Section 4, Lot 179R, District 19, $304,900

• Robert Lee Daugherty and Julie M. Daugherty to Robert D. Kirkland and Lori M. Kirkland, Crosswinds Subdivision, Lot 31, District 9, $485,000

• Tiffany A. Miles to Alexis Wiseman, South Hall Subdivision, Lot 121, District 9, $147,500

• Roger L. Bench and Lisa R. Bench to Kevin J. Shackleton and Diane M. Overbey, Big Valley Campground, Lot 110, District 15, $110,000

• Tracy A. Queen Price to Mason S. Howard, Tracy Price Property, Lot 1, District 7, $32,000

• Ramiro Dominguez and Blanca Dominguez to Robert Jay Eason Jr. and Rikki-Gene Danielle Eason, U.S. Highway 129, Acres 1.99, District 1, $160,000

• Carla Ann Hembree to Jennifer Nicole Hembree, Grandview Heights Subdivision, Lot 66, District 9, $80,000

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