June 28 to July 4

• Snyder Developments LLC to Clifford E. Hendrix, Royal Oaks Subdivision, Lot V-20, District 19, $225,000

• Andrea Ray and Andrea Miles to Andrea Ray, Springbrook Park, Lot 5, District 9, $10

• Earnest E. Hudson to Patrick David Sniffen and Donna Ferguson, Old Piney Road and Floyd Lambert Road, District 8, $530,000

• Brett Coulter and Maria Coulter to Daniel Hassenzahl and Angela K. Hassenzahl, Cross Creek Subdivision, Lot 6, District 19, $445,000

• Linda C. Stinson and Jessica Kuhling to Jennifer Schwartz and Joseph Schwartz, Fairview Addition, Lot 23, District 9, $112,000

• Donna Sue Martin to Keith Acklin, Castaway Cove Subdivision, Lot 6, District 5, $465,000

•  Nelson Bradley Ashbrook to Jeannette Blackman and Merrill Blackman, Brighton Meadows Subdivision, Lot 30, District 7, $39,900

• D. R. Horton Inc. to Christopher G. Burke and Logan Burke, Farmington View, Lot 68, District 10, $269,305

• Regina Law, Gary Reagan, Judy Tucker, Gail Franklin, Stephen Reagan, Steve Thomas, Jennifer Wynn and Christopher Webb to Andrew Still and Jacqueline Still, Ravenwood Subdivision, Lot 50, District 19, $160,500 

• Zach Hammond and Lauren Hammond to Justin M. Dove, Brittingham at William Blount, Lot 5, District 6, $430,000

• Frankye Boone, Frankye Edwina Boone and Janine T. Bolin to Amanda Stone, Bassell District, Lot 242, District 9, $51,000 

• Daniel K. Crum to Maryann R. Picarello, Allenbrook Subdivision, Lot 198, District 19, $242,000

• Smithbilt LLC to Verda N. Miller, Manor in the Foothills, Lot 54, District 7, $208,590

• Lillian Marr and Elsie Suttles to Franklin T. Moneymaker and Thresia Moneymaker, Sundown Resort, Lot 73, District 15, $18,000

• William T. Parker and Linnell M. Parker to Bruce Wilcox and Pam Wilcox, Maryville Gardens, Lot 17R, District 19, $30,000

• Smithbilt LLC to Castillo Englebert J. Fuentes or Englebert J. Fuentes Castillo, Manor in the Foothills, Lot 65, District 7, $192,675 

• Brent B. Roberts and Whitney C. Roberts to Jeffrey Galloway, Lot 48, District 19, $409,900

• The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and K. M. Minemier and Associates to Myles S. Schipfer, Dante Estates, Lot 3, District 1, $116,000

• Smithbilt LLC to Chaen M. Cowden and Alyssa M. Cowden, Manor in the Foothills, Lot 55, District 7, $206,080

• Todd L. Williams and Kristen L. Williams to Michael E. Casey, Philip L. Marshal Property, Lot 1R, District 10, $340,000

• Oliver D. Adams and Angelina H. Ingle to David A. Shanks, Ashwood Park-The Villas at Fairview, Lot 36A, District 19, $245,185

• Ashley Nicole Bell to Nancy R. Neilsen, Magnolia Place, District 19, $140,300

• Justin Treadwell to Andrew Taylor Putney, Airbase Road, District 10, $203,400

• D. R. Horton Inc. to Jason Christopher Elliott and Varunee Elliott, Farmington View, Lot 72, District 10, $234,677

• D. R. Horton Inc. to Matthew L. Martin and Arminda R. Martin, Farmington View, Lot 73, District 10, $262,550

• Eric Baumgardner and Kimberly Baumgardner to Amber Denise White, Ridgeview, Lot 83, District 6, $168,300

•  D. R. Horton Inc. to Robert F. Pollock and Margaret F. Pollock, Farmington View, Lot 88, District 10, $235,675

• Kelly Hugh Rule, Hugh Rule, Carolyn Rule, Carolyn R. Rule and Lucille Rule to Equanimity LLC, Roddy Branch Road, District 11, $1,000,000

• Edgardo Horta and Mayra Cecilia Horta to Barbara L. McLean and Samantha A. McLean, Worthington, Lot 59, District 6 and Lot 59, District 19, $246,000 

• Sherman Meadows Inc. to Saddlebrook Properties LLC, Meadows at Broady Place, Lot 1, District 19 and Lot 14, District 19 and Lot 17, District 19, $192,000

• Kaci D. Eakens, Kaci D. White and Pal C. Eakins to Mallory J. Hatfield, Morningside Addition to Maryville, Lot 8, District 9 and Lot 9, District 9, $155,000

• Ben Penton and LaJeanna Penton to Mandolin G. Whitehead, Old Tuckaleechee Pike, District 9, $157,000 

• Donna J. Kopsell to David Ray Yoder and Dolores DePalma Yoder, Candlewood Subdivision, Lot 44R, District 12, $385,000 

• Michael J. Pacifico and Colby M. Pacifico to Michael D. Smith and Donna L. Smith, Davis Heirs, Lot 1RR, District 15, $252,000

•  Daniel Hassenzahl and Angela K. Hassenzah to Johnny D. Walker and Bambi A. Walker, Alexander Place, Lot 1, District 19, $322,500

• Frederick Meunier to Stephen Sanderson and Cynthia Sanderson, Wyndsong Subdivision, Lot 35, District 2, $370,000 

• John D. Letterman and Joseph Q. Letterman to David Facemire and Laurie Facemire, Highland Addition, Lot 64, District 9, $203,000

• William M. Johnson to Mark E. Miller, Windsor Village, Lot 55, District 9, $320,000

• C & D Contracting Inc. to Matthew Wilcoxen and Juliet Wilcoxen, Cross Creek Subdivision, Lot 42, District 19, $484,900

• Stephen L. Sanderson and Cynthia A. Sanderson to Rick Hudgens and Katrina Hudgens, Lambert Estates, Lot 41, District 14 and Lot 42, District 14, $210,000

• Betty C. Johnston and John Michael Johnston to Julie R. Durand, Village Green Subdivision, Lot 10, District 9, $215,000

• Jeannie E. Taylor and Edna J. Taylor to Madeline Sarah McDevitt, Church Hill Heights Subdivision, Lot 2, District 19, $152,00 

• Sydney E. Topham to Michael G. Breeden and Ashley D. Breeden, The Morganton Reserve, Lot 89, District 19, $323,500

• Joshua A. Philips and Katie E. Philips to to Larry W. Moore and Stephanie M. Moore, Worthington, Lot 188, District 19, $271,000

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Settlement Services to Lisa Malia Davidson, Allegheny Springs Road, District 7, $20,500

• Brent A. Johns and Denise L. Johns to Brent B. Roberts and Whitney C. Roberts, Cross Creek Subdivision, Lot 62, District 19, $575,000

• Smithbilt LLC to Aaron L. Lay and Jan E. Lay, Manor in the Foothills, Lot 20, District 7, $299,465

• Pankratz Construction Inc. to Justin S. Miller, Griffitts Mill at Mint, Lot 6A, District 7, $219,900

• Joshua A. Cole and Tina D. Cole to Ryan P. McMillan and Rachel Ryan McMillan, Andover Subdivision, Lot 191, District 9, $393,000 

• Matthew K. Stocking and Tera N. Stocking to Melissa Larue, Worthington, Lot 19, District 19, $227,500

• Edward Manuel to Jack Daniel Tidwell and Melissa Rae Tidwell, 9 lots in District 18, $23,000

• David Templeton and Kathleen Templeton to Michael S. Green and Shari R. Green, Serenity Meadows, Lot 11, District 14, $240,000

• Robert S. Gaylon and Martha L. Gaylon to William T. Long and Angela G. Kirby, Windsor Manor, District 9, $200,000

• Stock Creek Properties Partnership, Massey Properties, Mark J. Grayson, Zappa Properties and Joseph R. Zappa Jr. to Zappa Properties, Basepointe Business Park Subdivision, Lot 1R, District 11, $1,500,000 

• Ann Marie Cole and Danny William Hartley Jr. to Charles E. Babb and Lisa Sharpe, Morganton Estates Subdivision, Lot 24, District 2, $167,000

• Larry W. Darnes and Martha Jean Darnes to David Pierce and Andrew Pierce, Carrs Creek Road, District 15, $89,900

• Clyde J. Black and David J. Black to Russell Allen Renee Ann Hickmon, Chessingham Subdivision, Lot 33, District 2, $205,000

• D. R. Horton Inc. to Brian A. Lee and Shawn E. Lee, Farmington View, Lot 69, District 10, $263,955

• Dwight Price to Joe Prince and Sherry Blevins, Franklin Meadows, Lot 21, District 1, $255,000

• Jewel L. Endsley and Herbert Eric Endsley to Michael P. Bomster, Endsley Lane, District 4, $316,400

• A. Dean Ellis and Paula K. Ellis to Ronald M. Wilson Jr. and Rebekah E. Wilson, Heidi Danyelle Jones and Mark David Jones Property, District 12, $495,000 

• D. R. Horton Inc. to Julie Wilson and Cody Wilson, Farmington View, Lot 71, District 10, $237,305

• A. Dean Ellis and Paula K. Ellis to Ronald M. Wilson Jr. and Rebekah E. Wilson, Heidi Danyelle Jones and Mark David Jones Property, District 12, $50,000

• Brian Ailey and Amanda Ailey to Gina Marie Helton, Southern Oaks, Lot 88, District 19, $185,000 

• Vanessa Lyn Sparks to Tyler R. LeQuire and Jessi K. LeQuire, Creek Bridge Subdivision, Lot 40, District 14, $212,000

Lori E. Pickell to Matthew Art and Olivia Breeding, Mimosa Heights Subdivision, Lot 177, District 11, $200,000

• Arminda Renea Martin and Matthew Martin to Teresa G. Thompson, Grand Vista Subdivision, Lot 17, District 8, $195,000

• Roger A. Kerr and Mickie Diane Kerr to Billy Richards and Sherry Richards, Jay Kerr Road, District 12, $85,000

• Terry L. Couch and Paula D. Couch to Debra M. Tiedt, Cades Cove Landing Building 1, District 15, $134,400

• Julie Lynne Coldiron and Julie Lynn Young to James Scott Young and Debra Lynne Young, Remington Park Subdivision, Lot 30, District 19, $220,000

• Stephen P. Kerr and Lisa B. Kerr to Wayne J. Marchand and Tammy E. Marchand, Farmington, Lot 9R-2, District 6, $275,000.

• Brenda S. Davis to Marc Griffin and Ann Griffin, Logans Landing Subdivision, Lot 4, District 5, $55,000

• Janet L. Woodby and Michael L. Woodby to Hobert E. Divine, Maryville Pike (Sevierville Road), District 9, $157,400.

• Timothy M. Romero to State of Tennessee, Singleton Station Road, $0

• Susan R. Rogers to Kimberly I. McInnis, Ashbrook Farms, Lot 24R, District 1, $193,000

• Indian Gap Investments LLC to Ryan M. McClenagan and Jessica M. Saprissa, Holland Springs Subdivision, Lot 95, District 9, $405,000

• Shirley D. Beaty to Steve S. Jones, Irwin Addition, Lot 36, District 9, $25,000

• Frank J. Borbeck III and Angela R. Borbeck to David G. Wright and Mary Beth Wright, Knightbridge Subdivision, Lot 37, District 19, $524,900

• Clark Properties and Partnership to Elias Laureano Felix, Clark Properties Partnership Properties and Maryville-Knoxville Highway (State Highway 33), 3 lots in District 9, $900,000

• William C. Patty and Norma I. Correa to Katlin N. Cooke, Scenic Terrace Addition, Lot 20, District 9, $155,000

• Sandra Jo Neace and James R. Rhonda, Chilhowee Acres Subdivision, 2 lots in District 8, $130,000

• CMH Home Inc. to Pamela R. Spradlin, Cathy Russell Property, Lot 1, District 7, $269.286.73

• Bryan J. Haun and Tina L. Haun to Gail E. Glardon and Christian G. Glardon, River Run Subdivision, Lot 80, District 14, $405,000

• Holly Elizabeth Hutchens to Randy L. Kurschner and Cynthia L. Kurschner, Pea Ridge Road, 2 lots in District 14, $410,000

• Wallace M. Penn and Marie H. Penn to Erik J. Finnerty, Panorama Estates Subdivision, Lot 12, District 6, $280,000 

• Travis L. Loope to Ronnie Potter, Louisville Center, Lot 3, District 10, $60,000

• James J. Mathis to Craig E. Richardson Trust, Look Rock Estates, Lot 14R-1, District 7, $225,000

• John A. Loope and Donald Eugene Reynolds to Sam C. Franklin and Son Inc., Madison Cox Family Partnership LP Property, 2 lots in District 10, $419,000

• Phillip Ryan Massey to Nicholas P. Jones, Cherry Court, Lot 710B, District 9, $125,000

• Lyndsey Hazen to Bobby Douglas and Lauren Douglas, Rivertrace, Lot 24R, District 11, $670,000

• James T. Taylor and Jennifer K. Taylor to Rickie T. Puckett and Brenda J. Puckett, Ashes Addition to Kinzel Springs Subdivision, 2 lots in District 15, $156,000

• Judy Zafiris to L&P Property Solutions LLC, Plainfield Addition, Lot 72, $48,000

• Katie R. Hill to Jeni Lynn Roach, Rock Gardens, Lot 42, District 9, $172,000

• David L. Richman to Raymond C. Browning and Angela M. Browning, Vintage Village, Lot 2R, District 19, $430,000

• Jason E. Lippert and Kaitlin E. Lippert to Louis Nass and Lisa D. Nass, Village at Worthington, Lot 214, District 19, $234,000

• Jeremy N. Hodges and Katie Hodges to Gail A. Hill to Susan D. Hill, Smoky Hills Subdivision, Lot 21, District 13, $510,000

• James W. Kanipe and Kelly G. Kanipe to Jason Lippert and Kaitlin Lippert, The Morganton Reserve, Lot 69, District 19, $340,00

• D R Horton Inc. to Robin O'Connor and Richard C. O'Connor, Farmington View, Lot 74, District 10, $262,505

• Kenneth S. Hawkins and Lori A. Hawkins to Cumberland Capital, Luis A. Samuell Property, Lot 1, District 19, $389,000

• Charles Sparks to Ashley L. Kaminski and Kyle R. Kaminski, Remington Park, Lot 47, District 19, $264,5000

• James M. Campbell to Charlene A. Teffeteller, Fairway Estates, Lot 28, District 19, $30,000 

• Richard J. Delotto and Abby S. Delotta to Ellis A. Dean, Thunderhead Mountain Vista Subdivision, Lot 5, District 14, $70,000 

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