July 5 to July 11

• Edgar A. Nuchols to Edgar A. Nuchols Trust, Old Louisville Pike, Acres 0.20, District 19, $0

• Spencer A. Roecker and Mary Roecker to Clifford Elton Mann, Pflanze West Maryville Subdivision, Lots 30, 31 and 32, District 19, $135,000

• Robert W. Kastens to Charles Sparks, Shore Builders Inc. Property, Lot 2, District 19, $209,500

• Quint Bourgeois and Justin Treadwell to Jeffery A. Pass and Meagan Pass, Plainfield Addition, Lot 89, District 9, $156,500

• Brent L. Griffin and Candy Leigh Wright Griffin to Jesse L. Bryant and Ashley E. Bryant, Mountain Meadow Subdivision, Lots 5 and 6, District 2, $279,000

• Winifred Dee and Lynda Dee Sugg to Signal Mountain Group LLC, Springfield Subdivision, Lot 13, District 9, $130,000

• Gerald F. Cosby Executor and Martha Marie Ledford Estate to Harold D. Joines and Sally Joines, East Springbrook Subdivision, Lot 105, District 9, $125,000

• Christopher Fehling and Heidi Fehling to Josh Cole and Tina Cole, Cross Creek Subdivision, Phase 3, Lot 4, District 19, $542,500

• Elizabeth E. Horton to William E. Weakland and Kathryn E. Weakland, Highview Subdivision, Lots 1, 2 and 3, District 10, $250,000

• Michael R. Robertson and Summer L. Robertson to Richard A. Bliss, Remington Park Subdivision, Lot 26, District 19, $226,900

• Jeff D. Lawson Builders Inc. to Odulia Greif, Plainfield Addition Subdivision, Lots 65, 66 and 67, District 9, $184,000

• Susan Rose Frost to Rikki Bringe and Jennifer Michelle Frost, Springbrook Park Subdivision, Lot 11, District 9, $135,000

• Scotty G. Builders Inc. to Matthew James Jesmer and Amber Nichole Jesmer, McReynolds Farm, Lot 1, District 6, $229,000

• Dwight Price to Claude R. Roy and Betty A. Roy, Franklin Meadows, Lot 16, District 1, $269,900

• David W. Drake and Juliana Drake to David Scott Crocker and Ruth E. Crocker, Country Club Subdivision, Lot 9, District 15, $620,000

• Dogwood Home Innovations LLC to Faber H. Raigoza and Laura L. Raigoza, Old Piney Road, Acres 2.5, District 8, $262,000

• Harry E. Newman III and Alisa S. Newman to Brent A. Johns and Denise L. Johns, Treymont Subdivision, Lot 16, District 19, $376,000

• Mia M. Click to Randy Ray Schuh, Victori Subdivision, Lot 7, District 9, $144,000

• Joshua Witt and Meredith M. Witt to Mia M. Click, Mel Hall Road, Acres 1.02, District 8, $169,900

• James M. Battles and Meera Battles to James Lawhead and Misti Ann Lawhead, Druid Hill Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 1, District 9, $152,000

• Bruce Tanner and Joyce Tanner to Jan L. Wagner, Big Valley Campground, Lot 277, District 15, $130,000

• Pamela Robin Spradlin and John Layman to Brian Cooper and Michele Cooper, Shenandoah Place, Lot 12, District 5, $179,900

• Elizabeth D. Davis and Dwight Price to Frank John Borbeck III and Angela R. Borbeck, Torrey Pines Cottages at Royal Oaks, Lot 17, District 19, $274,900

• Michael D. Rutherford and Kaye B. Rutherford to Justin M. Rutherford, Dogwood Heights Subdivision, Lot 2, District 9, $144,000

• Sean M. Thompson and Dana L. Thompson to Michael Brent Lasorsa and Karen Hannah Lasorsa, Lot 1, District 12, $549,000

• Elizabeth D. Davis, Dwight Price and Jack E. Redmond to Cheryl A. Hodge and Leeann D. Holsomback, Torrey Pines Cottages at Royal Oaks, Lot 14, District 19, $331,700

• Amber N. Jesmer and Matthew Jesmer to Alexander Sassenberg and Natasja Sassenberg, Grand Vista Subdivision, Lot 33, District 8, $188,000

• Donald E. Holland II to Smart Home Relief LLC, J.R. Wilson Subdivision Revision No. 3, Lot 22, District 9, $63,500

• Hangtime Blackberry LLC to Daniel Asher Trust, Blackberry Mountain Residential, Blackberry Mountain Residential Condominium, District 18, $900,000

• Scott W. Thompson to Brad C. Guillort and Kellie B. Guillot, Kenneth E. and Janie L. Hall Property, Lots 37R and 39R, District 7, $46,000

• Joyce E. Gotschall and Judith K. Delahunty to Alexander B. King and Sarah Elizabeth King, Highland Acres Addition No. 2, Lot 9, District 19, $238,000

• Gerald W. Lane and Jill L. Lane to Randall D. Craig and Lisha A. Craig, Junaluska Resort Area, Lot 17R, District 10, $355,000

• LWGM Development General Partnership, Leon Williams and Greg Mary to Nicholas Hodge, Indian Grove Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 10, District 1, $15,000

• Rebecca H. Glandon and Michael Glandon to Darin Suggs and Stacy Suggs, Gamble Property, Lot 2, District 18, $210,000

• Sally J. Lowery and Jan Hamilton to Sara E. Hill and Thomas W. Hill, Little River Light and Power Company Addition to Sunshine Subdivision, Lots 40 and 41, District 15, $45,000

• Ronald W. Pieslak and Holly J. Pieslak to Melvin Barker and Sherri Barker, Jackson Bend Subdivision, Lot 52R-2R, District 10, $644,500

• Dennis M. Ryniec and Donna L. Worrell to Jonathan Ralls and Amy Ralls, Royal Oaks, Section 17, Phase 1, Lot 295, District 19, $420,000

• Cross Creek Inc. to John Garland and Jennifer Garland, Cross Creek Subdivision, Lot 46, District 19, $82,700

• Derry Monroe Jr. to Ginger Oestrick and James Oestrick, W.C. Stanley Addition, Lot 11, District 19, $228,900

• Kevin A. Zinn and Lydia F. Zinn to Jerry R. Shackelford, West Springbrook Subdivision, Lot 4, District 9, $157,000

• Amy Lynn Snoderly Cook and Christopher Cook to Brandon Everhart, Misty Mountain Estates, Lot 12, District 8, $15,000

• Joy E. Russell to Holly Lynn Bolander, Tall Oaks Planned Community, Section 2, Phase 1, Lot 17, District 14, $130,000

• SWT LLC to Steve Lawicka Trust, Sandy Lawicka Trust and The Lawicka Trust, Majestic Mountains, Lots 9, 10 and 80, District 13, $120,000

• Tamara T. Hicks Hobby to Jeremy M. Book Gianino, Briarcliff Subdivision, Lots 15 and 16, District 19, $331,000

• Thomas Hurst and Deanna Hurst to James W. Peacock, Shenendoah Place Subdivision, Lot 1, District 5, $188,000

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. and CMH Parks Inc. to Laura Kay Burkhart and William Del Carpio, The Morganton Reserve, Phase 2, Lot 6, District 19, $243,615

• Janice Rogene Graeber Trust and Ray and Janice Graeber Living Trust to Joseph Franklin Wolfe, Connatser Lake Property, Lot 13, District 4, $487,500

• Forestar (USA) Real Estate Group Inc. to D.R. Horton Inc., Farmington View, Phase 3, Lots 57, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 101, 102, 118, 119 and 135, District 10, $769,104

• James F. Dagel and Jennifer L. Dagel to Alexis L. Bishop, Amerine Road, Acres 0.844, District 9, $124,400

• SCRR Investments General Partnership, Robert Morris and Simon Hughes to Michael Harris and Kelli Harris, Big Springs Ridge Road, District 2, $126,015

• Jerry L. Hodge to Donald C. Poteet and Katherine R. Poteet, Loveday Addition, Lot 8, District 19, $169,000

• Barbara J. Russell Caro, Edith Ward Love Estate, Judy Lucille Wade, Patricia Ann Russell, Gary Grayson Russell, Susan Stinnett Eblen, Susan Love Smith, Edith L. Russell Estate to Gary Grayson Russell, Russell Property, Lot 1, District 9, $10,000

• Daniel Asher Trust to Fourleaf Properties LLC, Blackberry Mountain Residential Condominium, District 18, $2,250,000

• Lloyd P. Luketin and Lorna V. Luketin to Alice F. Snyder, Reserve at Tuckaleechee Cove, Phase 2, Lot 31, District 15, $350,000

• Elizabeth D. Davis and Jack E. Redmond to Jason Hamilton and Misty Marie Hamilton, Farris Heights, Lot 6, District 8, $221,400

• Douglas A. Brown to Ryan Delaney and Emily Delaney, Stonecrest Subdivision, Lot 50, District 9, $265,000

• James Steffens and Eydie Steffens to Peter G. Hedger and Jane Hedger, Colonial Harbor, Lot 35, District 5, $879,900

• Pankratz Construction Inc. to Doug Wright and Renee Wright, Montgomery Farms, Phase 1, Lot 49, District 19, $244,900

• Kyle D. Hooker and Adrienne M. Hooker to Jessica Pace and Joel Pace Jr., Lashbrooke Subdivision, Lot 10, District 10, $80,000

• Max Hill to Elizabeth Ann Blair, Hunters Ridge Subdivision, Lot 2, District 6, $55,000

• Kathleen C. Burns to Vanguard Investmetns Inc., Crye Road, Acres 1.00, District 1, $13,000

• Philip J. Breeding and Kimberly A. Breeding to Millicent Ann Johnson and Ronald Cary Johnson, Whittington Subdivision, Lot 12, District 19, $587,900

• Nationstar Mortgage and Champion Mortgage to Raechel Condee and Kevin Condee, Eagleton Properties Inc. Subdivision No. 1 of Eagleton Villafe, Lot 209, District 9, $85,000

• Evelyn Sue Stuart, Michael R. Stuart and Susan S. Koehl to Polly Helen Johnson, Cochran Place Condominiums, Phase 2, District 19, $215,000

• Jeffrey V. Clark to Welyn Yovani Rivas Lopez, Oakdale Street, Acres 0.97, District 19, $150,000

• Timothy G. Sralla and Brenda S. Sralla to Scott Workman and Sarah Elizabeth Workman, Westcliff Subdivision, Section 3, Phase 2, Lot 74, District 19, $296,400

• John M. Teal and Patricia B. Teal to Lester Eugene Henley and Neta Laverne Henley, Saddle Ridge Subdivision, Section 6A, Lot 1, District 18, $265,000

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Kimberly Glasser, Morgan Park, Phase 1, Lot 68, District 19, $303,750

• Felicia S. Martin and Thomas C. Martin to Alyson Coates and Cleveland Coates Jr., Linda G. (Mayton) Smalley Property, Lot R1, District 13, $570,000

• Scott M. Marcus, Cami P. Marcus, Christopher P. Marcus and Amy M. Marcus to George Crnkovich Jr., Chilhowee Mountain Estates Subdivision, Section 4, Lot 41, District 7, $145,000

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. and Justin E. Carlson, Morgan Park, Phase 1, Lot 74, District 19, $262,565

• Ian McGhee and Calei McGhee to Arthur N. Wathen and Julia M. Wathen, Overlook Addition, Lot 1, District 9, $159,900

• Micheal L. McMillan and Sheila E. McMillan to Samantha H. Erwin and Daniel Sweeney, Vernie Lee Road, Acres 8.826, District 4, $350,900

• Tavin Schram to James M. Drake and Lindsay N. Drake, Turnberry Vista, Lot 12, District 19, $450,000

• Whitney E. Branch and Nathan B. Branch to Sheila Duncan Lee, Meadowbrook Addition No. 2, Lot 66, District 9, $120,000

• TSP Investments LLC to Janis Calloway, Torrey Pines Cottages at Royal Oaks, Lot 1, District 19, $270,000

• Edith R. Churchman Trust to Kevin C. Carroll and Ainsley C. Ellington, Andover Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 13, District 9, $315,000

• Kathy J. Moss and Jeffrey S. Moss to Rebeccah Claire Stewart and Trey Ryan Stewart, Worthington Subdivision, Section 2, Lot 76, District 6, $235,000

• Helen Jones Gregory and Linda R. Gregory to Isaac A. Morton III, Felecia A. Morton and Janet E. Morton, State Highway No. 33 and U.S. Highway 411, Acre 1, District 6, $189,400

• Dignity Properties LLC to Bobbie Denson, Laurel Bank Estates, Lot 105R, District 19, $147,900

• Nicholas Hodge to Nicholas Oxendine and Tia Young, Adleys Place Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 3, District 7, $206,700

• Clyde Loposser and Ruth Loposser to Daniel W. Odham and Patricia L. Odham, Seymour Estates Subdivision, Lot 15, District 13, $25,000

• Barbara J. Everett and Robert P. Coulter to Shore Land Company LLC, Davis Acres, Acres 16.354, District 14, $240,000

• Allen L. Bowerman and Carol S. Bowerman to Billy Tippitt and Misty Tippitt, Charles C. Clark Second Subdivision, Lot 116, District 9, $150,000

• Mark A. Chipperfield and Samantha Chipperfield to Wallace W. Harbin and Margery R. Miller, River Run Subdivision, Section 1, Phase 1, Lot 2, District 14, $580,000

• Gillis York and Paulette York to Collin C. Colby and Ben H. Colby, William E. Riden Property, Lot 3, District 12, $30,000

• Robert J. Receveur and Patsy J. Receveur to Boyd L. Byers, Mount Luke Addition to Laurel Lake Resorts Inc., Lot 39, District 15, $43,200

• Marshall Builders Inc. to Judy Lynn Williams and Lawrence Neal Williams, Panorama Estates Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 60, District 6, $329,000

• Joshua C. Duke and Carissa A. Duke to Jeffrey Alan Kirchberg and Kathryn Gray Kirchberg, Meadow Oaks Subdivision, Lot 23, District 9, $369,900

• Lynn Edward Hedrick to David Oliver and Brandi Oliver, Lynn Hedrick Property Subdivision, Lot 2, District 13, $90,000

• St. Peters LLC to James A. Wingo, Stonegate Subdivision, Lot 5, District 15, $19,900

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