May 24 to May 30

• Jacob Edward White to Hailee N. Vanlandingham, Efler Subdivision, Lot 10, District 9, $139,400

• Donna D. Benson to Gene L. Benson and Donna D. Benson Rev. Trust, Turnberry Square, Building D, District 19, $0

• Nellie R. Ford, Mary E. Price and Charles E. Price to Kenneth Lee Gazaway and Sonya Gossage Gazaway, Sundown Resort, Lot 61, District 15, $20,000

• Mary Jo Beard and Thomas James Beard to Andrea W. Xixis and Lauren H. Xixis, Homestead Acres Subdivision, Lot 61, District 6, $64,500

• Catherine H. Murphy to Catherine Anderson Murphy Trust, Conley E. Morris Property, Lot 1, District 11, $0

• Christian P. Halloy and Ingrid Haun to Taylor Spruell and Katelyn Spruell, Carroll to Holland, Lot B, District 19, $218,900

• Jacob Wynn, Anita Wynn and Madisyn Wynn to Eric Brent Lingerfelt and Terra Hickson Lingerfelt, Timberline Estates, Section 2, Lot 35, District 5, $190,000

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. and CMH Parks Inc. to Davis Montenegro-Martinez, The Morganton Reserve, Phase 2, Lot 92, District 19, $306,385

• Wayne C. Angel to William R. Carroll and Annette S. Carroll, Mountain States Development Corporations Saddle Ridge Subdivision, Section 4, Lot 4, District 18, $16,500

• Ralph T. Clark and Sandra K. Clark to Matthew Coty Matoy and Cassidy Matoy, Beechwood Addition, Lots 12 and 13, District 9, $170,000

• Margie Deen Rosa to Donald Warren and Shari Warren, Wyndsong Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 44, District 2, $60,000

• Gerald G. Anderson and Leah P. Anderson to Steven A. Hepperly and Trenia Hepperly, LGI Properties LTD Property, Acres 5.123, District 14, $800,000

• Dean J. Pettine to Charles Collins and Kathryn Collins, Kenmark Hills Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 3, District 6, $282,000

• Pankratz Construction Inc. to Billy Ray Buckner and Deanna Michelle Buckner, Griffiths Mill at Mint, Phase 2, Lot 1A, District 7, $238,547

• Gary Rowland, Dinah Rowland and Keith Rowland to State of Tennessee, Cusick Road, Acres 1.591, $0

• Donna L. Yearout to Billy J. Kennedy and Judy C. Kennedy, McGhee Farm Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 12, District 7, $199,900

• Edna M. Maupin and Charlene M. Parks to Harold David Joines and Sally Joines, Blount Development Company Lands, Lot 10, District 9, $137,000

• Judy L. Burns to Sally L. Buckner, State Highway No. 73, District 14, $159,000

• Andrea L. Clapp to Meranda M. Rutherford, Maryville Housing Authority Maryville Redevelopment Area No. 2, Lot 58, District 19, $144,000

• Katherine P. Walter to Tiffany Dorlene Sutton, Royal Oaks Subdivision, Section 2, Phase 2, Lot 369, District 19, $275,000

• Jerry V. Abbott Jr. and Wonda S. Abbott to David J. Michael, Grand Vista Subdivision, Lot 102-R, District 8, $218,000

• GDP Properties LLC to Forest William McCollough, West Springbrook Subdivision, Lot 111, District 9, $139,750

• Matthew Blondell to Calvin Ernest Shular and Shawn Michael Irvin, Rocky Waters Subdivision, Lot 105, District 11, $222,000

• Robert L. Entner Trust, Susan L. Entner Trust and EntnerFamily Trust to James Ronnie Wolfenbarger and Kathy Wolfenbarger, Oliver Pickens Farm Subdivision, Lots 21 and 22, District 13, $80,000

• Barbara J. Zuber to Dawn R. Millican, Bayberry Terrace, Lot 3, District 19, $155,000

• Jerry T. Rainwater and Cynthia R. Rainwater to Carrie R. Smith, Bradley Property, Lot 4, District 15, $205,000

• Amelia Crotwell and John Davis Lee to Kevin Armstrong and Crystal Armstrong, Academy Farms Subdivision, Section 2, Lot 27R-1, District 4, $17,500

• Lisa J. Morgan to Troy Edward Morgan III and Shasta Morgan, Gillenwater Lane, Acres 1.6, District 7, $234,900

• Taylor Made Investments Inc. to Anthony R. Keslik Jr. and Kimberly Pilas Keslik, Colonial Heights Subdivision, Lot 38, District 7, $264,900

• D.R. Horton Inc to Mitchell Stott and Tonya L. Stott, Farmington View, Phase 3, Lot 63, District 10, $250,840

• David G. Davis to Tamara Fawver, South Hall District, Lot 128, Acres 0.172, District 9, $67,900

• Michael S. Sadler to Peter Furnad, Savannah Park, Lot 13, District 19, $370,000

• Kristen E. Long to Derek M. Salcido and Courtney Salcido, Overlook Addition, Lot 82, District 9, $150,000

• Carl Lawson Jr. and Linda G. Lawson to Gary L. Cable and Jennifer L. Cable, Pleasant Hill View, Lot 2, District 8, $53,000

• U.S. Bank National Association Trust, CIM Trust and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Marcia Torres, Beverly Heights Addition No. 2, Lot 22, District 9, $110,000

• Alan M. Misak, Bobbie Carver Misak and Bobbie Bailey to Alan M. Misak and Bobbie Carver Misak, Sweet Grass Plantation, Phase 2, Lot 75, District 12, $0

• Roger Boring to James A. Bradley and Cynthia C. Bradley, Kayes View Subdivision, Lot 5R, District 7, $440,000

• GDP Properties LLC to Navilluso Properties LLC, Fairview-Sentell Addition, Lot 10, District 6, $175,000

• Morris Leon Kitts and Mary E. Kitts to Jason S. Reeves and Dawn C. Reeves, Giffin Estates, Section 2, Lot 13, District 7, $560,000

• John Edward Bleazey and Virgina L. Bleazey to Michael K. Dunn and Sheri L. Dunn, South Burchfield Lane, Acres 3.016, District 8, $120,000

• Cheryl Cain to Loren E. James, Littlebrook Subdivision, Section B, Lot 7, District 11, $170,000

• Ida Rae Braund to Justin M. Hale and Lauren Hale, Blount Development Company, Lot 180, District 9, $207,100

• Blake L. Bookstaff to Jared Hubbard and Megan Hubbard, Lashbrook, Lot 91, District 10, $63,000

• Tristan Cooper to Kevin R. King and Mary King, Ghormley Estates Subdivision, Section 2, Lot 11, District 6, $179,000

• Justin Treadwell, Quint Bourgeois and Eddie D&C Investments LLC to William L. Booth, Marilyn J. Booth and Christopher Booth, District 8, $239,900

• George W. Tipton and Joy M. Tipton to Home Avenue Partnership, Hamil-Tipton Office Condominiums Property Replat, District 19, $55,000

• Anthony Dominics and Traci K. Dominics to Rick A. Ross and Janet D. Ross, Look Rock Estates, Lot 23R, District 7, $95,000

• Karen Reed, Karen Janette Bargerstock and Helga W. Deloach Estate to Joshua I. Freeman, Echo Subdivision, Lot 44, District 11, $165,000

• Justin Treadwell to Danita A. King, Fox Chase Condominium-Laurel Valley, District 15, $168,900

• George Lane to Robert W. Nutting and Raina M. Nutting, Stratton Property, Lot 1, Acres 1.57, District 15, $180,000

• Derrick Crabtree and Brittany Crabtree to Milan Daslik and Miroslava Daslik, Druid Hill Subdivision, Phase 4, Lot 4, District 9, $186,900

• Daniel Pope to Alan M. Misak and Bobbie C. Misak, Fairway Vistas at Laurel Valley, Lot 8, District 15, $150,000

• Frank E. Larue and Vicki M. Larue to Scott M. Bassitt and Catherine E. Bassitt, Earl H. Francis Estate and Calvin Jones Property, Lot 11R-1, District 10, $82,000

• Clayton Properties Group Inc to Christopher Andrew Kenley and Jennifer Crane Kenley, Morgan Park, Phase 1, Lot 4, District 19, $257,755

• Landon C. Reynolds and Leeanna G. Reynolds to Leah A. Alfter and Nathanael Troy Alfter, Charles C. Clark First Subdivision, Lot 12, District 9, $175,000

• Hugh Potter and Joyce Potter to Katie M. Middleton and James E. Middleton, Ethel P. Douglas Property, Lot 3, District 2, $213,450

• Phillip Bruce Moss to James Willis, Mt. Tabor Road, Acres 1.047, District 19, $95,000

• Pistol Creek Properties LLC to Lisa Vitale, Cochrans First Addition, Lot 57, District 9, $179,800

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Lael-Kaish Darnell Justice, Farmington View, Phase 3, Lot 64, District 10, $237,420

• Matthew D. Channell and Anderson E. Channell to Zook Properties LLC, Doll Mynders and Brownlee Addition No. 2, Lot 1, District 19; Sunset View Addition No. 1, Lot 137, District 19; $165,000

• David M. Talley and Harry K. McIntosh Jr. to Landon C. Reynolds and Leeanna G. Reynolds, Fairway Estates, Lot 12, District 19, $249,900

• Jeffrey Williams and Lori Williams to Rita K. Stellick and James P. Stellick, Mimosa Estates Subdivision, Lot 194, District 11, $325,000

• Julie Ann Corcoran to Clinton Jones and Seanna Jones, Cross Creek Subdivision, Phase 4, Lot 73, District 19, $582,000

• Marie P. Coon to James E. Lyons Jr. and Rosslyn A. Lyons, Happy Valley Cabin Sites Subdivision, Lots 13 and 24, District 3, $48,000

• Thomas B. White III to Brenton Frederick Wehber and Aimee Allison Wehber, Lowes Ferry Road, Acres 7.288, $335,000

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