Nov. 6-13

• Joyce Ann Cottrell, Dorothy Wallace Clark Estate, Rebecca Gail Smith and Teresa Faye Delph to Harmon Curtis Bower Jr., Druid Hill Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 3R, District 9, $183,000

• Eric S. Keenan, Amy Keenan and Amy Elizabeth Keenan to Opendoor Property Trust I, Joe E. Delozier Estate Subdivision, Lot 12, District 12, $365,600

• Timothy Stewart Jr. and Cris Leann Stewart to F. Sean Garrett and Stephanie B. Garrett, Worthington Subdivision, Section 2, Phase I, Lot 67 and Section 3, Phase I, Lot67, $347,000

• Candice Cornett and Pamela Cornett to Salah Ayoupi, Edgewood Addition Ni. 2, Lot 115, 0.21 acre, District 19, $208,000

• Billy Ray Morgan Sr. and Elizabeth Ann Morgan to Kenneth Wayne Kane and Sally Ann Kane, Sundown Resort, Lot 158, District 15, $70,000

• James Joseph Toteno Jr. to James J. Toteno, Big Valley Campground, Lot 45, District 15, $59,300

• Robert Meyer and Meagan Meyer to Joseph B. Tipton and Janet H. Tipton, Hitch Road, 1.49 acres and 1.35 acres, $415,000

• Carl J. Kirby to Gary Ramshur and Sharon Ramshur, Oak Wood Subdivision, Lot 7, District 13, $40,000

• Delsa Spence to Robert R. Blakeley, Fugate Property, Lot 2, District 2, $40,000

• Nancy T. Lawson to Edward Hensley and Janice Hensley, Sundown Resort, Lot 113, District 15, $41,000

• Cheryl Smith Harrison Successor Trustee and Betty W. Smith Irrevocable Grantor Trust to Max Willocks, Allenbrook Subdivision, Lot 190-R, District 19, $350,000

• Jerry Wayne Burrow and Jerry Lane Burrow to David Williams, Big Valley Campground, Lot 53, District 15, $45,000

• Margaret L. Watson to Gordon Couch and Mary Couch, Rock Gardens Subdivision, Lots 58-60, District 9, $200,000

• Tanasi Inc. to Shirley M. Jones, Tanasi Inc. Property, Lot 2, District omitted, $335,000

• Signal Mountain Group LLC to Bobby Curt Brackin and Amy Darlene Brackin, Highland Acres Subdivision First Addition, Lot 46, District 19, $195,000

• Pistol Creek Properties LLC to Rebecca K. Eckert, Cochrans First Addition, Lot 24, District 9, $195,000

• Joshua W. Rickman and Wayne L. Rickman to Daniel Pierce and Sara Pierce, Sequoyah Square, District 9, $200,000

• Lennie W. Bible to Kimberley Marie Potter, Porter Bridge Road, 1.22 Acres, District 1, $128,000

• Gregory Bert Gray Jr. and Stephanie E. Gray to David J. Chandler Jr. and Hunter Chandler, The Park at Royal Oaks, Lot 23, District 19, $555,000

• Susan E. Pershing and Brad W. Pershing to Donna Lynne Reynolds and Jeffrey Alan Reynolds, The Highlands at Maryville, Phase 1, Lot 26, District 19, $532,000

• Volhomes LLC to Joshua C. Stockberger, Samuel G. Matthews Property, Lot 3, District 19, $268,000

• Brittany Farmer Friant and Payton Lee Friant to Bradley Wayne Moorman and Sally Mliz Imes, The Park, Phase III, Lot 20, District 19, $505,000

•John Leslie Huffmann and Connie Wilson Huffman to Ryan A. Hart and Jemima C. Hagan, McDaniel and Finch Property, Lot 1, District 9, $100,000

• Renea Anderson, Zachary Anderson, Breanne Anderson, Celia Renea Anderson and Brian Anderson to Tyler S. West and Nicole A. West, H.G. (Dick) Kidd Property, Lots 10, 10A and 10B, District 6, $240,000

• James D. Solomon and Paula A. Solomon to Christopher Stevens, Highland Acres Subdivision, Lot 296, District 19, $185,000

• GDP Properties LLC to Opendoor Property Trust I, Royal Oaks Legacy Villas, Lot V-261, District 19, $327,200

• Derek W. Pettine, Ashley L. Pettine, Derek Pettine and Ashley Pettine to Brienna Vargas, Miller Street, District 19, $235,000

• Laura Matthews and Travis Matthews to Gary Dixon and Carolyn Dixon, District 13, $214,500

• John Charles Watkins Jr. , Esielee E. Watkins Estate, Esielee Arwood Watkins Estate and John C. Watkins Jr. to Christian J. Wilhelmsen and Tosha Wilhelmsen, Windsor Village, Lot 17, District 9, $375,000

• Todd O Talley Properties LLC, Todd Otalley Properties LLC and Todd O'Talley Properties LLC to Christopher Lane Rothermel and Amy Rothermel, Grandview Heights Subdivision, Lots 69 and 70, District 9, $327,500

• Patrick Hollis and Peggy Hollis to Brendan Nickel and Alyssa Malloy, Paradise Hills Subdivision, Lot 63, District 14, $259,000

• Sam Bone, Robert McKeel Bone Estate, Robert M. Bone Estate, Sam Bone Trust and The Robert McKeel Bone Living Trust to Steven M. Dixon and S. Mark Dixon II, Cold Springs Subdivision, Lot 4, District 15, $42,900

• Brian Andrew Walsh and Kelly Marie Walsh to Derek W. Pettine and Ashley Pettine, Valley View Farms Subdivision, Lot 53, District 9, $450,000

• Smithbilt LLC to PS Investments LLC, Manor in the Foothills, Phase III, Lot 91, District 7, $273,310

• Wanda L. Hodge to Christoper C. Perkins and Lori B. Perkins, Hodge Properties, Lot 1R, District 19, $250,000

• APAC-Tennessee Inc. to Robin Rene Birdsall, Bassel Subdivision, Lots 130-132, District 9, $125,000

• Darren Brent Caughron Co-Trustee, Tracy Nichole Caughron Co-Trustee and Caughron Family Revocable Living Trust to Matthew T. Xenos, Walter Hills Subdivision, Lot 14R, District 8, $408,033.62

• Robert Scott Delozier to Justin Bush, Greenmeadow Addition No. 2, Lot 58, District 9, $258,000

• Audrey P. Hines and William E. Hines to Michael Frederick Ferraro, Mint Meadows, Lot 23, District 7, $515,000

• Kathy L. Shipwash Trust and The Shipwash Family Trust to Christpher A. Shipwash and Brandi Shipwash, Omega Haun Shipwash Estate Property, Lot 2R, 5.033 acres, District 10, $380,000

• Carolyn Sue Burchfield and Carolyn Sue Birchfield to Rocky Monroe and Emily Monroe, Sunset Estates Subivision, Lot 34, District 2, $175,250

• Chad Stetler and Gayle Stetler to Randy Hamilton and Marceena Hamilton, St. Thomas Subdivision, Lot 29, District 9, $535,000

• James Richard Dunning and Codi Marie Dunning to Harold Brem and Laura Mary Brem, Northfield Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 43, District 9, $395,000

• Marshall D. Powell and Santalandis R. Powell to Douglas R. Spoerre and Janice M. Spoerre, Northfield Subdivision and Cruise Property, Lot 111R, District 9, $405,000

• Ronald Linginfelter, Henry H. Linginfelter Estate, Katherine Ann Hughes, Katherine A. Hughes, David Ronald Hughes, John William Hughes, William H. Linginfelter, Daniel M. Linginfelter, Henry P. Linginfelter, Matthew C. Linginfelter and John Hughes to Bruce Michael Applegate Jr. and Stephanie Raven Ann Hargrove, Springbrook Park Subdivision, Lot 5, District 9, $300,000

• Daniel E. Springhorn and Sabrina D. Springhorn to Carrie A. Muraca, Weston Heistand and Boring Property, Lot 2 and Alley 354, District 9, $142,000

• Jody Secaur and Gloria C. Secaur to Happy Housing LLC, Meadowbrook Addition, Lot 37, District 9, $85,000

• Betty F. Roberts to Sergio Aroldo Marroquin Garcia  and America Johana Deleon Monterrose, Rockford Heights No. 1, Lots 37 and 38, District 11, $170,000

• Robert G. Stringfield and Michelle L. Stringfield to Joseph Mark Beller Trust, Tracy Beller Trust and Joseph and Tracy Beller Family Trust, Highlands at Maryville, Phase 1, Lot 27, District 19, $575,000

• Jeffrey E. Bailey to David C. Patterson Co-Trustee, Lane Newton Patterson Summers Co-Trustee and Patterson Joint Revocable Trust, Kinzel Springs Partnership Kinzel Springs Subdivision, 9.89 acres, District 15, $90,000

• John Owen Franklin Long Successor Trustee, John Owen Franklin Long, Howard Owen Long and Mary P. Long, Sarah Belinda Stevens and Howard Owen Long to Steve West, Big Springs Road, 53.539 acres, District 19, $1.1 million

• Connie Ramsey Delozier to Dennis W. Huy Jr. and Heidi R. Huy, Campers Paradise Top O The World Tree Farms Inc,. Lots 22, 23, 30 and 31, $20,000

• Ralph Edward Ivens and Ralph E. Ivens to Ralph Edward Ivens and Carol Jean Bryan Ivens, 10 acres and 5 acres, District 8, $0

• Randal S. Jenkins, Randall S. Jenkins, Susan E. Jenkins and Susan Jenkins to Jeff Harmon and Sarah Harmon, Hannum Street, Lot 65, $99,900

• Donald Wayne Denton Trust, Joan Sulynne Denton Trust, Donald Wayne Denton and Joan Sulynne Denton and Donald Wayne Denton to Joseph T. Burbridge and Lisa M. Burbridge, Kinzel Springs, Lot 25, District 15, $825,000

• Signal Mountain Group LLC to Justina Bramley and Jay C. Denham, Signal Mountain Group LLC Property, Lot 1, District 13, $260,000

• Judith P. Nolan to David K. Powell and Cindy R. Powell, Savannah Park, Lot 48, District 19, $475,000

• William E. Pittman to Dieu Nguyen Huu and Thi Nhu Huynh Nguyen, Crosswinds Subdivision, Lot 10, District 9, $615,000

• Larry Johnston and Alice Johnston to Bambi K. Colyar and Clifton L. Colyar III, Woodland Trace Subdivision, Lot 24, District 7, $54,800

• Justina  Bramley and Jay C. Denman to Signal Mountain Group LLC, Nine Mile Creek, 8 acres, District 1, $200,000

• True Vision Hospitality LLC to Maa Shreem LLC, True Vision Hospitality LLC Property, 9.545 acres, District 15, $5 million

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Rebecca B. Adams, Morgan Park, Phase 2, Lot 23, District 19, $433,644

• Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Craig H. Wilber Trust, Nancy A. Wilber Trust  and Wilber Family Trust, Holland Springs Subdivision, Lot 46, District 9, $487,407

• Brandon T. Littleton, Amanda F. Littleton and Amanda F. Savino to Kelly S. Karnes, Doll Mynders and Brownlees First Addition to Maryville, Lot 44R1, District 19, $140,000

• Andrew M. Harris and Karen Renee Harris to Joseph M. Mikulecky and Dorothy Y. Mikulecky, The Hitch Family Estates, Lot 4, District 14, $255,000

• Kenneth F. Breeden and Joann M. Breeden to April Lyn Blankinship and Steven Glen Blankinship, Allenbrook Subdivision, Lot 82, District 7, $350,000

• Jeffrey T. Greene, Heather Greene and Heather M. Greene to Wayne F. Mello and Kathleen M. Mello, Ronald L.  and John L. Greene Property, Lot 1R-2, District 4, $499,900

• Tonya Mae Blevins to Gregory Ratliff, 0.34 acre, District 13, $163,500

• Don Stewart Construction LLC to Gerald L. Ross, Colby Cove Subdivision, Lot 33, District 19, $561,000

• Randall Cooper and Tara Cooper to Donal S. Clark and David P. Lebouef, Sundown Resort, Lot 173, District 15, $55,000

• Debbie L. Wick to Jan Louise Norton, West Springbrook Subdivision, Lot 115R, District 9, $375,000

• Louis Darras and Caitlin Darry to Spencer C. Morris and Joan E. Morris, Westcliff Subdivision, Lot 7, District 19, $420,000

• Ryan Chamberlin to Melissa Miller and Andrew L. Miller, Chris Haven Drive, 2.31 acres, District 13, $329,900

• Scott D. Bruch and Stephanie L. Bruch to Bill Massengill and Nelda Massengill, Waters Place Subdivision, Phase 14, Lot 14A, District 9, $235,000

• Spencer Morris and Joan Morris to James Leonard Stinnett and Whitney Elizabeth Stinnett, Jackson Park Subdivision, Lot 5, District 19, $355,000

• Flat Ford LLC to Daniel L. Smith and Allegra Smith, Fox Trace Subdivision, Seciton 2, Lot 29, District 11, $210,000

• Dwight Price to Jarrod Michael Wolford and Morgan Rhodes Wolford, Franklin Meadows, Lot 8, District 1, $359,900

• Joel C. Kiesner and K. Ashton Kiesner to Emerson Lee Richmond and Rosemary Richmond, St. Ives, Phase 3, Lot 74, District 9, $890,000

• James Grubbs to Tony Grubbs and Louise Grubbs, Youssefi Property, Lot 1, District 18, $160,000

• Lee Whitehead, Lola Waldo Estate, Lola Vee Waldo and Lee R. Whitehead to F&R Investments Inc., McCammon Acres, Lot 8, District 12, $298,100

• Wayne Walker to Chaning Housely, Henderson Heights, Lot 44, District 9, $22,500

• Mary Lucinda Heaton Baker, Susan Elizabeth Heaton, Barry Edwin Heaton, Mary Sue Headrick Heaton, Edwin Lane Heaton and Edwin L. Heaton to Sergio Rincon, Academy Farm Subdivision, Lot 35, District 4, $48,000

• Robin Spears to Johnathan Harris and Hayley Renee Murphy, St. Ives Subdivision, Phase II, Lot 115, District 9, $90,000

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