Oct. 4 to Oct. 10

• Grizzlys Trax LLC to Michael Fryt Trust, Homestead Ridge, Lot 51W, District 18, $78,500

• Artigues Construction LLC to Matthew C. Spangler and Rebecca T. Spangler, Grace Crossing, Lot 23, District 13, $274,900

• Edward N. Irwin and Shirley C. Irwin to Jennifer L. Palmer and John M. Palmer, Andera Estates, Lot 32, District 6, $347,500

• Kevin Ensor and April Ensor to Lee Alan Haines and Karen Marie Haines, Holland Springs, Lot 32R, District 9, $83,000

• SWT LLC to Allison A. Varlan, Majestic Mountain, Lots 82 and 83, District 13, $99,800

• Angela Marie Melfi to David Sparks, Sparks Drive, Acres 4.30, District 8, $50,000

• Taylor E. Gray and Gregory R. Stinson to J&S Investments LLC, Olympia Condominiums, District 9, $225,000

• Thomas A. Githens and Summer B. Githens to Casey Messer and Seth Messer, Worthington Subdivision, Phase 3, Lot 154, District 19, $289,000

• John D. Hendershot Trust, Marjorie A. Hendershot Trust and Inter Vivos Trust Agreement to Noreen G. Ptak and Leis M. Bohacek, Oxford Hills Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 7, District 19, $365,000

• Michael L. Roach and Rebecca A. Roach to Victoria Spry, Acre 33.399, District 15, $145,000

• Andrew Weishaupt to Brittany D. Duvall, U.S. Highway 411, District 13, $137,000

• Anthony Beard and Aubri Beard to Chance Vananda and Thomas Vananda, Teffeteller Lane, Acres 6.80, District 8, $95,000

• Scott D. Reeve and Grace H. Reeve to Tracie Traver and Natalia Traver, Niles Ferry Subdivision, Lots 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 and 49, District 19, $269,999

• Glenda S. Jordan Suc. Trust, Samuel E. Sentell and or Flo W. Sentell, Gerald D. Sentell Sr. and Glenda S. Jordan to Dean Walker and Kelsey Walker, Timbercreek Subdivision, Lot 27, District 6, $324,000

• Hughston Homes of Tennessee LLC to Jeffrey S. Wyatt and Deanna M. Wyatt, Parks Place Subdivision, Lot 6, District 9, $337,000

• Keith R. Gottfried Co-Trust and Pamela L. Gottfried Co-Trust to John K. Kennedy and Tina Kennedy, Tee Pee Village Top of the World, Lots 64, 65 and 66, $107,000

• Robert J. Richardson and Kimberly Jones Richardson to Tara K. Walker and Marian Joy Parker, Riverview Estates No. 2, Lots 1 and 2, District 12, $259,900

• Douglas R. Lequire and Laura E. Lequire to Michael N. Giles and Rosanna B. Giles, East Springbrook Subdivision, Lot 2, District 9, $132,750

• Ronnie Kelly to Rachel L. Waters, D.W. Brooks Subdivision, Lot 12, District 1, $179,900

• Smithbilt LLC to Tracy Jeffers Hudson, Manor in the Foothills, Phase 1, Lot 41, District 7, $237,745

• Kathy A. Dixon to Milessa Pendleton and Rob Calk, Whisper Creek Subdivision, Lot 7, District 5, $380,000

• Mack A. Gentry and Cheryl T. Gentry to Michael A. Miller and Martin J. Miller, Smoky Hills Subdivision, Lot 46, District 13, $75,900

• Emily Brobst to Timothy S. Bassett and Terry Wilson Bassett, Coleman Estates, Lot 12, District 6, $362,000

• Robert Calk and Milessa Pendleton to Michael V. Mullally and Laura Mullally, Rudd Hollow Acres, Lots 5 and 6R2, District 15, $499,900

• Harold Sands and Judy Sands to L&P Property Solutions LLC, Big Springs Road, Acres 0.5, District 19, $70,000

• Margaret A. Cody and Barry L. Cody to Richard James Trimmer and Teresa Lee Trimmer, Bays Mountain Overlook Subdivision, Lot 39, District 13, $203,000

• Kay R. McVey to Christopher G. Borders and Kathleen M. Borders, Park Line Heights, Section 1, Lot 16, District 18, $14,500

• Bonnie L. West to David M. Clark and Denise Clark, Rock Gardens, Lot 72 and 73, District 9, $232,000

• Elizabeth Patty to James Morrissey and Rosemary E. Morrissey, Youngs Mountain View Addition, Lot 47, District 19, $180,000

• Emily L. Boren to Andrew J. Baumann and Brittney K. Baumann, Edgewood Acres Subdivision, Section 2, Lot 25, District 9, $182,000

• Mara J. Beets Trust to Tammy Wood, Torrey Pines Cottage at Royal Oaks, Lot 15, District 19, $375,000

• Carnese B. Fisher and Jonathan Fisher to Kevin Dale Montgomery, Andover Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 31R, District 9, $355,000

• Ethan H. Dwyer and Julia Dwyer to John Ray and Somer Ray, East Springbrook Subdivision, Lot 100, District 9, $156,000

• Marc J. Atchley and Denise S. Atchley to Austin Vick and Aubrey Vick, Gamble Street and Tedford Street, Acres 0.16, District 19, $330,000

• Francicso Verrire and Tracy Verrire to Michael Nusbaum and Melanie Nusbaum, Whisper Creek Subdivision, Lot 8, District 5, $35,000

• Monica R. Staley and Andrew Staley to Vickie D. Clark, Littlebrook Subdivision, Section B, Lot 11, District 11, $215,000

• Michael P. Gallagher and Janet M. Gallagher to Anthony Teneriello and Anelis Teneriello, Cobblestone Subdivision, Lot 18, District 8, $48,000

• Okhui C. Vickers to Daeon Fritz and Dalton Fritz, Duncan Road, Acres 8.89, District 9, $106,700

• Nancy Moore Simpson to Anne K. Mintz and Rebecca Bleidorn, Berwyn Fields, Section 3, Building A, District 19, $145,000

• James L. Bivens to Natalie Hawkins, James L. Bivens Property, Lot 2, District 2, $30,000

• CMH Homes Inc. to Aaron M. Reagan and Krystal A. Reagan, CMH Homes Inc. Property, Lot 1, District 4, $264,000

• Kevin L. McMillen and Diane M. McMillen to Clay Stalcup and Staci Stalcup, Jackson Bend Estates, Lot 45R-1, District 10, $95,000

• Carol R. Harrison to John Nowak Sr., Edgewood Acres, Section 2, Lots 12 and 13, District 9, $215,000

• Dan McInturff and Sylvia McInturff to Michael D. Durel and Mary P. Durel, Lindsey Estate, Lots 5, 6 and 7, District 1, $120,001

• Pistol Creek Properties LLC to Nolan Construction LLC, Pistol Creek Properties, Lot 1, District 9, $40,000

• Dane A. George and Katherine E. George to Joshua Michael Flynn, Michael Douglas Flynn and Elizabeth Phillips Flynn, Keiras Court Subdivision, Lot 5, District 19, $335,000

• Betty S. Salada to Robert Noda and Lilian Dasilva Noda, Jerry Lequire Property, Section 2, Lot 3, District 2, $95,000

• SEC Properties General Partnership, Matt C. Caldwell, Richard Evans and Steve Scarborough to Kevin S. Carlson and Charlene A. Carlson, Grand Pines on the Creek, Lot 1-R, District 1, $80,000

• Virginia Hodge to Robert A. Slaney and Susan M. Slaney, Maryville Gardens, Lot 1R, District 19, $120,000

• Thomas Thibert and Donna Thibert to Michael J. Basowski and Cathy Ann Basowski, Ashley Meadows Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 27, District 13, $280,000

• Nicholas R. Stevens and Marilyn R. Stevens to Margaret W. Trentham, Reserve at Tuckaleechee Cove, Lot 16, District 15, $395,000

• Chesney C. Redmond and Alexis R. Redmond to Stephen Thomas Walker and Ginger W. Walker, Highland at Maryville, Phase 1, Lot 17, District 19, $405,000

• Ann Mostoller Trust and Clarence Dover to Renee Holt, Wallace and Harris Addition, Lot 13, District 19, $6,500

• Judith A. Walker, Robert B. Walker, Janice L. Strempel and Elmond P. Strempel Jr. to Matthew Nolan Harvey and Kay Marie Harvey, Fairview Heights Subdivision, Lot 16, District 19, $180,000

• Susan Rachel Ross, Patricia W. Ross Estate, Rebecca Rose Ross Jordan, Michael L. Ross, Laura Elizabeth Ross, Jeffrey Dale Ross, Leanne Elaine Rosee, Jonathan David Ross and Julia Ellen Ross to Belle Building Group LLC, Russell and Beverly Forester Property, Lot 2, District 9, $85,000

• Timothy P. Wright and Sandra A. Wright to Theodore Pharaoh and Melissa Ann Pharaoh, Creekside Community Subdivision, Lot 1, District 1, $24,000

• Timothy P. Wright and Sandra A. Wright to Theodore Pharaoh and Melissa Ann Pharaoh, Creekside Community Subdivision, Lot 2, District 1, $40,000

• Michael Ralph Brown and Kay D. Brown to William B. Craft and Brooke E. Craft, Heritage Hills Subdivision, Lot 13, District 19, $610,000

• Schaad Companies LLC to Edward J. Primka and Lynda R. Primka, Allegheny Loop Road, Acres 0.42, District 17, $2,250,000

• James Rippy to Meredith Disharoon and David Ray Stoppenhagen, County Road, Acres 1.7, District 10, $850,000

• Brenda A. Felty to Jeffrey Ervin and Bethan R. Ervin, Charles C. Clark First Subdivision, Lot 54, District 9, $170,000

• Mark Steven Roberts Trust and Debra Sue Roberts Trust to Brenda A. Felty, Chilhowee Acres Subdivision, Lots 16 and 17, District 8, $204,900

• George H. Clarke Co-Trust and Susie J. Clarke Co-Trust to Joseph B. Sisson Sr. and Amanda R. Sisson, Big Valley Subdivision, Lot 147, District 15, $42,000

• Lillie F. Nestor to Michelle Newman and James Newman III, McConnell Road, District 2, $30,000

• Brian Christopher Denton and Judy Ann Denton to Karl Abraham Terrazas, Adams Run Subdivision, Lot 4, District 9, $158,000

• Mark Naylor to State of Tennessee, Meadows at Pine Lakes Condominiums, Acres 2.937, District 11, $0

• Peggy Lou Rozell Potter and Michele Renee Potter Self to Jimmy L. Henry and Evelyn L. Henry, Peggy Lou Rozell Potter Estate Property, Lot 2, District 6, $18,000

• Shelly M. Smith to Scott M. Hoefer and Mary Jo Marie Hoefer, Mimosa Estates Subdivision, Lot 195, District 11, $249,900

• Shannon R. Skidmore and Shannan M. Skidmore to Salubrious Farms LLC, Highway 73, Acres 3.58, District 15; Vananda Property, Lot 2, District 15; Townsend Properties LLC Property, Acres 0.42, District 15; River Road, Acres 1.00, District 15; Acres 5.08, District 15, $1,750,000

• Volhomes LLC to Scott Greer and Angelika Greer, New Topside Road, District 10, $99,000

• Cherrill Lyn Cohen and Mary E. Mason Estate to Joshua D. Snyders, Brandon Park Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 60, District 13, $200,000

• Nancy Bromley Trust and Mary Neal Gamble Test. Trust to Mary Rich and Steven Rich, Brannon Subdivision, Lot 11, District 19, $120,000

• Donald R. Mull and Wilma A. Mull to David Bruce Coffey, West Springbrook Subdivision, Lot 110, District 9, $142,000

• Chance Lee Reagan, Taylor G. Reagan, Donna Lee Serna and Justin Lee Reagan to Hadi Falahati, Hutchins Subdivision, Lots 12, 13, 14 and 15, District 9, $345,000

• Charles P. Hill and Sandra K. Hill to Sanborn and Jessup Properties LLC, Oliveira Business Park, Lots 1 and 2, District 6, $735,000

• Robert H. Burger and Dixie S. Burger to Clifford S. Zipnick and Arlene M. Wolfe Zipnick, Dixie Boring Burger Property, Lots 3, 4 and 5, District omitted; $300,000

• John Milo Haynes and Linda Campbell Haynes to Trieu Ho Schwartz and Tuyen Ho, Hideaway Village, Lot 3, District 18, $190,000

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