Oct. 11 to Oct. 17

• Blackberry Mountain Club LLC to James R. Whiteley and Adrienne M. Johns, Blackberry Mountain Residential Condominiums, District 18, $2,000,000

• Melissa McDonald and James Austin to James Kloeckler and Trina Gregory, Light Pink Road, District 10, $375,000

• Matthew Wallace to Tyler Dean Moore, Grandview Place, Lot 8, District 9, $225,000

• Daniel Kinser and Shannon Kinser to Guillermo Martinez and Courtney Martinez, Lowes Ferry Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 20, District 10, $275,000

• Chris Franklin and Chester Franklin to Jeffrey F. Luckau and Magali M. Luckau, Franklin Meadows, Lot 19, District 1, $277,400

• John H. Bates and Janice E. Sullivan to Dedra Renee Carter, Fairlight Section of Laurel Valley, Lot 4, District 15, $229,750

• Shawn Frese and Heather Frese to Charles Morgan and Sarah Morgan, Morganton Reserve, Phase 2, Lot 25, District 19, $339,900

• Charles F. Morgan and Sarah K. Morgan to Zachary Payne, Worthington Subdivision, Section 1, Phase 4, Lot 204, District 19, $261,000

• Mable Inez Brown to Frances E. Clair, Pleasant Hill Homes, Section 2, Lots 21 and 22, District 8, $223,000

• Little Valley Mountain Resort Inc. to Kevin J. Carnes and Susan C. Carnes, Cades Cove Reserve, Building 3, District 15, $215,000

• John H. Bates and Janice E. Sullivan to Dedra Renee Carter, Fairlight Section of Laurel Valley, Lot 5, District 15, $5,000

• Everette V. Pierce and Peggie S. Pierce to John L. Carr and Felicia J. Carr, Sundown Resort, Lot 76, District 15, $28,000

• Katherine B. Cakmes to Kitty Lee Hunter and Drew Patrick Desantis, Sequoyah Heights Subdivision, Lot 64, District 4, $82,500

• Andrew McKevitz and Peter McKevitz to Joshua Norris Williamson and Meghan Michelle Williamson, Ramsey Road, Acres 0.932, District 6, $190,000

• DVZ Properties TN LLC to Tammy L. Webb, Sequoyah Square, District 9, $151,900

• James E. McDonald and Sharon W. McDonald to Julienne A. Moore, Panorama Estates Subdivision, Lot 114, District 6, $310,000

• Melissa G. Nance and Terry Wade Smith to Diego F. Aramburu-Movius and Sierra Aramburu, Sunset View Subdivision No. 3, Lots 2 and 3, District 19, $220,000

• Samuel Aaron Fowler and Kristi Houser Fowler to Brady Allen Hall and Alyssa Brett, Lodwick Drive, District 11, $170,000

• Claude Richard Wall to Reid Ambroz McCord, Beech Hill Estates, Section 2, Lot 7, District 19, $225,000

• Douglas L. Nelson Trust, Julie K. Nelson Trust and Nelson 401K Plan II to Gretchen M. Prisock, Andover Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 66, District 9, $270,000

• John S. Stuart to Terence C. Prater Jr. and Elizabeth Prater, J. Tyson Colvin and Robert L. Wilcox Property, Lot 1, District 19, $279,900

• Mechelle Schlomer Barton to Shahram Hadian and Michelle Hadian, Bletchley Park, Phase 2, Lot 26-R, District 4, $948,000

• Ball Homes LLC to Eldon C. Sheckles and Emily Sheckles, The Park at Royal Oaks, Phase 3, Lot 5, District 19, $397,404

• Bobbie Lynn Collins and Barbara Collins to Daniel McDonald and Casey McDonald, Morganton Pike Road, Acres 10.6, District 6, $175,000

• Daniel McDonald and Casey L. McDonald to Dennis John Toth and Barbara Ann Toth, Creekside Subdivision, Lot 8R1, District 1, $585,000

• Leonard Nelson to Deborah K. James and Steve M. James, Ina Louise McDaniel Property, Lot 2, District 10, $50,000

• Jay T. Bowman Trust to Suzanne P. Land Trust, Fern Ridge Subdivision, Lot 4, District 15, $185,000

• Smart Home Relief LLC to Faith Marie Hancock and Jason Scott Wise, J.R. Wilson Subdivision, Lot 22, District 9, $140,000

• Crain Overbey LLC to Benjamin W. Calimer and Ginger E. Calimer, Rocky Top Subdivision, Lot 15, District 15, $499,900

• Kerry A. Barnett and Lisa D. Barnett to Michael E. Wira Trust and Diana L. Wira Trust, Fox Chase Subdivision, Lot 4, District 15, $437,000

• Darlene S. Anderson to Zenith Centurion Ventures Inc. and Pratt Street Capital, Mount Luke Subdivision Laurel Valley, Lot 62, District 15, $3,268.48

• Steven W. Lundy and Michelle T. Lundy to Kimberly Owens Trust and Upton Street Trust, Eggers Addition, Lot 5, District 9, $90,000

• Lori Hall and Michael Hall to GDP Properties LLC, Weston Heistand and Boring Property, Lot 1, District 9, $95,000

• Sherry McCollum and Joaquim Juvencio Da Silva Netto and Ecaterina Gomez, Old Walland Highway and Lovers Lane, Acres 9.125, District 15, $78,000

• Terry Norton Suc-Trust, Wendy Anderson Suc-Trust, Cason B. Norton and Helen M. Norton to Matthew Kobalak and Tricia Kobalak, Laws Chapel Road, Acres 0.656, District 14, $75,000

• Maureen Marie Mendez and Joe Christopher Midgett to Midgett and Mendez Family Rev. Trust, Joe Christopher Midgett Trust and Maureen Marie Mendez Trust, Harrison Hills Subdivision, Lot 17, District 6, $0

• DR Horton Inc. to Kimberli N. Goins and Bryan Rogers, Farmington View, Phase 3, Lot 115, District 10, $260,945

• Blackberry Mountain Club LLC to Stellabella LLC, Blackberry Mountain Residential Condominium, District 18, $1,050,000

• KDKJ Holdings LLC to James O. William Trust, Blackberry Mountain Residential Condominium, District 18, $1,650,000

• Donnie Brewer to Julius E. Dengler and Sandra L. Dengler, Donnie Brewer Property, Lot 2, Acres 5.006, District 1, $395,000

• Janice E. Lowe to John Gray Pullias and Carolyn Beasley Pullias, Fairmeadow, Lot 6-A, District 6, $156,775

• Duane Henry Krueger Trust and Mary Judith Krueger to Michael D. Sharp and Leanne M. Sharp, Mount Luke Subdivision, Lot 40R, District 15, $450,000

• Julienne Moore to Terry L. Kinzle and Stephanie F. Kinzle, Valley View Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 55, District 7, $424,900

• Don Moore and Janice Moore to Cole W. Poyer, Don Marshall Moore Sr. Property, Lot 2, District 6, $130,000

• David A. Gann and Euretta M. Gann to Dwight Lee Cook and KC Marie Cook, Green Property, Lot 2AR1, District 12, $462,000

• LWGM Development General Partnership, Leon Williams and Greg Mary to Kevin S. Oldakowski and Deborah L. Oldakowski, Centenary Downs Subdivision, Lot 18, District 1, $75,000

• Ruth McLeod and John A. Conlin Jr. Estate to Spencer W. Garrett III and Amanda Garrett, Mint Chota Road, Acres 35.18, District 7, $420,000

• F&D Development General Partnership and Mack A. Gentry to Robert J. Maxwell and Tami M. Maxwell, Smoky Hills Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 59, District 13, $65,000

• Jamie Lovins, Kristan Cardillo Lee, Jason Cardillo Lee and Peter Cadell to Agustin Francisco Mateo and Maria Pedro Mateo, Delmar Word Estate Subdivision, Lot 3, District 5, $180,000

• Stillwater Partners to Helen Mae Rayder, Waters Place Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 1B, District 9, $224,900

• Rubin Lublin TN PLLC Sub. Trust, James Mychal Hembree and Katie Hembree to Allure Properties, DW Brooks Subdivision, Lot 4, District 9, $210,100

• Lorelei R. Delaney to Mary E. Rhodes, Forest Glen Subdivision, Lot 2, District 7, $2353,100

• Nathan Hall and Katherine Hall to Zachary Wilson and Clarissa Dashae Wilson, Paige's Place, Lot 3, District 6, $280,000

• Elizabeth F. Ritchey to Scott Stephen Vineyard and Savanah Mari Vineyard, New Blockhouse Road, Acres 1.736, District 8, $160,000

• David A. Graziano and Gloria T. Graziano to David McGuire and Barbara McGuire, Country Meadows Subdivision, Phase 1A, Lot 33, District 8, $279,900

• Smithbilt LLC to Samuel Dylan Sparks, Manor in the Foothills, Phase 1, Lot 40, District 7, $206,725

• Teresa Elaine Cross to Fabian Nunez Sanchez and Nora Hilda Garcia, East Springbrook Subdivision, Lots 118 and 119, District 9, $123,000

• Michael Dean Wilkins to Marcus Friedmann Co-trust and Iiona Friedmann Co-trust, Bedford Estates Subdivision, Lot 6R, District 1, $490,000

• Elzie M. Rhodes and Betty Goforth to Joseph D. Hall and Barbara Lynne Hall, Praters Ferry Pike, Acres 5.9, District 5, $35,000

• Peter Bollant and Deborah Gwen Bollant to Michael Wright and Susan Wright, Lakeshore Estates, Lot 3, District 3, $132,500

• Frank G. Bale and Hazel M. Bale to John Steven Clark and Angela M. Clark, Fairlight Subdivision, Lot 37, District 15, $225,760

• Amy N. Priest and Paul O. Priest to Jennifer Michelle Ricker, Oxford Hills Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 32, District 19, $285,000

• Farmington View LLC to Monica Suttles and Michael Brandon Suttles, Farmington View Subdivision, Lot 20, District 10, $44,900

• Alton K. Scharschu and Elizabeth Alice Scharschu to Troy Andrew Venable, Rachel Venable and Shirley O. Cox, Fairview Heights Subdivision, Section 4, Lot 12, District 19, $221,000

• Dianne G. Williams and Johnnie E. Williams to Camille Williams Glover, The Morganton Reserve, Phase 2, Lot 32, District 19, $300,000

• Randall Bill Teague and Robin T. Huskey to Bradley Headrick and Kelsey Headrick, Belmont Addition to the city of Maryville, Lot 10, District 9, $169,000

• Trendell Luellen to Jimmy W. Wesley and Vickie Wesley, Big Valley Campground, Lot 40, District 15, $64,000

• James G. Rickman to Phillip Moler and Jennifer Whitehead, Rocky Waters Addition, Lots 537, 548, 549, 550 and 551, District 11, $65,000

• Nancy L. Rudd to Kenneth L. Campbell and Karen S. Campbell, Olympia Villas, Phase 1, District 9, $140,000

• Robert Lyle Eckhardt and Mary Margaret Eckhardt to Danny C. Lee and Karen D. Lee, River Run Subdivision, Section 1, Phase 1, Lot 14, District 14, $599,500

• Sherley Heatherly Shuler and Oliver C. Heatherly Estate to Turn Key Properties LLC, Louisville Road, Acres 5.14, District 9, $410,000

• Dicia J. Tipton, Wanda J. Jeffries, Suzanne Barnes, Donna Bunch, Mitzi Brown, Joseph R. Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Michael Wilson, Jeffrey Wilson, Diana P. Peach and Jeanne M. Calloway to Michael Woodward, West Huffstetler Road, Acres 2.285, District 7, $156,000

• Focus 55 LLC to Four Champions LLC, Morganton Square, Lot 1, Acres 0.402, District 19, $333,724

• Gregory Cofield and Katie Cofield to Dave Davister and Tammy Dollar, Quarry Hollow Road, Acres 13.62, District 5, $60,000

• Tierra D. Halstead and Rex A. Halstead to John G. Griffis and Ramona G. Griffis, Huskey Valley Subdivision, Lot 22, District 13, $154,900

• Joseph Bryan Creech and Mollie Katherine Creech to Joseph Bryan Creech Trust and Mollie Katherine Creech Trust, Mimosa Estates Subdivision, Lot 212, District 11, $0

• Michael T. Blachowski Trust, Nancy M. Blachowski and Blachowski Rev. Living Trust to Robert Cochran and Geraldine Murphy, Fairlight Subdivision, Lot 11, District 15, $425,100

• Gregory Bennett and Karen Bennett to Daniel A. Dumont and Elizabeth Dumont, Andover Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 39, District 9, $399,900

• Jessica L. Kitts to David A. Edwards and Theresa M. Edwards, Morganton Road, Acres 0.28, District 19, $105,000

• Linda R. Bencze Trust and John Michael Bencze Trust to Nicholas Kilgore and Frances Kilgore, Oxford Hills Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 10, District 19, $255,000

• Fred Parker Pickens Trust, Steven Robert Pickens and Sarah Frances Parker Pickens Test. Trust to Phillip McGill and Patricia McGill, Berwyn Fields Subdivision, Section 8, Lot 10, District 19, $169,900

• Robert B. Holt and Ami M. Holt to Derek Kaucher and Jessica Kaucher, Somerset Subdivision, Lot 31, District 19, $349,000

• DVZ Properties LLC to Michelle McCaulley, Sequoyah Square, District 9, $194,900

• Lisa Saffles to Victor Daniel Rodriguez and Anisveyvy Lopez Lopez, Colonial Heights Subdivision, Lot 90, District 7, $187,000

• Joseph Miller Keel to Kerri S. Thompson Dicke and William T. Dicke, Look Out Rock Estates, Lot 29R-2, District 7, $194,650

• Barry W. Weathers and Nancy R. Weathers to Tia Cooper, Royal Heights Subdivision, Section 2, Lot 32, District 19, $709,500

• Christopher A. Fulcher and Brandi Fulcher to Morgan Swanson and Kristina Swanson, Hall Road, Acres 13.09, District 8, $300,000

• Roy E. Kuhl Jr. and Shannon K. Kuhl to Robert Jones and Sophie Jones, Trotwood Farms, Lot 7, District 19, $760,000

• Robert Swain to Cindy Buckner and David Buckner, James L. Sloan Property, Phase 2, Lot 8, District 1, $269,900

• Renea Anderson, Breanne Anderson, Zachary Anderson and Brian Anderson to Moses Investment Group, H.G. Kidd Addition No. 1, Lot 27, District 6, $50,000

• Melissa Gail Friar, Martha Gail Cochran, Sammi Maria Mould, Mildred Scarbrough and Toni Russell to David Thomas Mould and Sammi Maria Mould, Everett Cook Property, Lot 1R-1, District 17, $11,000

• Ball Homes LLC to Lindsey Brooke Payne and Nathan Rex Payne, Plan of the Park, Phase 3, Lot 40, District omitted, $341,599

• Oliver R. Williams Jr. and Clellie Sue Williams to Melissa M. Gilmour and Kevin V. Gilmour, Country Charm Estates, Lot 8, District 14, $292,000

• Cindy A. Norrod Buckner and Charles David Buckner to Madison A. Wade and Grayson E. Russell, Kelley Property, Lot 3, Acres 1.004, District 14, $179,900

• Debra A. Berbaum and Richard D. Berbaum to Thomas Bradbury and Kimber Bradbury, Kinzel Springs Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 10, District 15; Kinzel Springs Lot Line Adjustment, Phase 1, Acres 0.020, District 15, $687,500

• Elizabeth Marrero Garcia to Bill R. Burgess and Lynne Burgess, Dejavoo Meadows, Lots 1 and 2, District 13, $262,000

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