Sept. 8 to Sept. 14

• Thomas M. Gibson and Mary Sue Gibson to Edwin Bond and Elizabeth Bond, Spurgeon Lane, Acres 22.003, District 13, $225,000

• Joseph D. Horne and Shirley C. Horne to Laura G. Captain and Rick R. Captain, Riveredge Village Condominiums, Phase 1, District 15, $195,000

• Bruce J. Carrier and Marcia M. Carrier to Carol C. Knicely and Rick R. Knicely, Stonegate Subdivision, Lot 11, District 15, $195,000

• Blackberry Mountain LLC to Byron Wier and Ashley Wier, Blackberry Mountain Residential Condominium, District 18, $3,850,000

• Janet Stiles Rodrigue to Leah R. Polinski and Jason Ray Bryson, Amerine Road, Acres 0.78, District 9, $183,000

• Thomas Blake McDavid to Daniel F. Johnson and Christine L. Johnson, Amerine Station Subdivision, Lot 53, District 9, $204,000

• Jason A. Sparks to Christopher Hester and Amanda Hester, Lamon and McDaniel Property, District 14, $115,000

• Nadine Finchum and Paul T. Finchum to Volunteer Transit LLC, William Blount Drive, Acre 4.01, District 19, $640,000

• Pankratz Construction Inc. to Paul V. Hankins and Christina Hankins, Griffiths  Mill at Mint, Phase 1, Lot 96R, District 7, $281,900

• Robert W. Walker to Edward H. Crocco and Marianne Crocco, H.A. Harths Addition to Maryville Tennessee, Lots 37, 38 and 39, District 9, $149,900

• William D. Jones and Denise M. Jones to Freddie W. Cox Jr. to Margarete R. Cox, Cold Springs Subdivision, Lot 2, District 15, $40,000

• Lodge Street Properties LLC, James Keith Bennett Trust and James Reynolds Bennett to CZ Properties LLC, West Springbrook Subdivision, Lot 100, District 9, $140,000

• Joseph W. Stoltzfus and Joyelle D. Stoltzfus to Albert Martinez and Natalie Rothstein Martinez, Amburn Builders LLC Property, Lot 8, District 8, $236,000

• Catherine Alice Stephens and Keith Edward Stephens to Jake H. Turpin, Springbrook Park Subdivision, District 9, $161,000

• Rosalyn Bliss and Richard Bliss to Matthew Michael Matevey and Courtney Matevey, Bob Alcorn Property, Lot 2R, District 19, $365,000

• Wallace Investments LLC and KRG Inc. 1 to Eric D. Thompson, South Hall Subdivision, Lot 102, Acres 0.1435, District 9, $135,900

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Radian Settlement Services Inc. to Ivan Bulkhak, Wallace and Harris Addition, Lot 13, District 19, $26,500

• Delano Frerichs and Cynthia Frerichs to Joshua T. Frerichs and Lauren R. Frerichs, Garwood Lane, Lot 2, District 19, $187,500

• Robin Riggio to Aaron C. Poe and Theda-Jae V. Poe, Highland Acres Subdivision First Addition, Lot 148, District 19, $148,000

• Theron C. Bolen and Mary E. Bolen to Lawrence L. Adams and Brenda Adams, Brantley Park, Phase 2, Lot 53, District 9, $248,000

• Ball Homes LLC to Pankajkumar N. Patel and Asha P. Patel, The Park at Royal Oaks, Lot 116, District 19, $297,902

• Shanlon F. Letsinger and Kimberly Ann Fowler to Dennis Huckaba and Travis Fuller, Rio Vista Subdivision, Lot 36, District 4, $621,500

• Marty Inman Beck and Karen J. Beck to Shirley Sammons and Lisa Kneisley Sparks, Charles C. Clarks First Subdivision, Lot 39, District 9, $155,000

• Leconte Land Development LLC to Christopher Hunt and Kelly Hunt, Leconte Property Subdivision, Lot 2, District 8, $295,000

• Cody Monday and Brooke Monday to Julie M. Chaney, Panorama Estates, Lot 40, District 6, $223,500

• Roy Edward Chaney Jr. and Julie Morrow Chaney to Emily Harrod, St. Ives Subdivision, Phase 3, Lot 93, District 9, $450,000

• Jeffrey G. Henderlight and Diana L. Henderlight to Adam Moore and Teri Moore, Leatherwood Drive, Lot 6, District 6, $80,000

• Donna J. Gardner and Donald E. Gardner to Jack E. Millspaugh and Stephanie Gundlach Chess, Farris Road, District 8, $316,900

• Industrial Development Board of Blount to City of Maryville, Robert C. Jackson Drive, Acres 0.514, $0

• Industrial Development Board of Blount to City of Maryville, Clydesdale Street, Acres 3.665, $0

• Industrial Development Board of Blount to City of Maryville, Robert C. Jackson Drive, Acres 0.278, $0

• Industrial Development Board of Blount to City of Maryville, Clydesdale Street, Acres 1.891, $0

• Jeff Hurst, Phillip J. Hurst and Megan L. Hurst to Shari Keller, Emerald Valley Subdivision, Lot 19, District 5, $190,000

• Teresa A. Masincupp Trust and Frank B. Masincupp Trust to Randal S. Tomlinson and Bonita L. Tomlinson, Tyler Crossing, District 19, $274,900

• Eric S. Chamberlain and Stacy D. Chamberlain to Belinda Saunders, South View Addition, Lot 19, District 8, $219,900

• Sandra Lynne Stanton to Roger Allen Rex Jr. and Tonya Mae Rex, Teffeteller Property, Lot 2, District 18, $152,650

• Shapiro and Ingle LLP Sub. Trust, Stephen F. Rucco and Robin Kirtley to The Money Source Inc., Johnson Property, Lot 4R1, District 15, $120,900

• Manuell C. Rogers and Ashley R. Rogers to Jessica Nord and Sebastian Nord, Green Valley Subdivision, Section 6, Lot 126, District 6, $160,000

• Larry J. Lambert and Kim G. Lambert to John P. Cauley and Melissa A. Cauley, Blockhouse Road, District 8, $219,900

• Randell A. Teague and Mary A. Teague to Jonathan Smith and Mary Ann Smith, Carpenters View Subdivision, Lot 11, District 6, $355,000

• Rose Mary Ballard and Lisa Ballard to Angelina McIntosh, Worthington, Section 2, Phase 1, Lot 54, District 6; Section 3, Phase 1, Lot 54, District 6, $205,000

• Robert Chew and Bernadette Chew to Angela Rhea McLemore, Drews Meadow Condominium/Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 4, District 9, $168,000

• Max Willocks and Calvin B. Willocks Estate to Judith K. Delahunty and Joyce E. Gotschall, Calvin Willocls Property, Lot 2, Acres 5.817, District 6; U.S. Highway 411 S., Lot 2, Acres 5.817, District 6, $295,000

• Marcia Kay Hager to Ian M. Callaway and Katelyn R. Monroe, Howard F. Endsley Property Subdivision, Lot 4, District 4, $116,000

• Sandra K. Merritt and Deborah Sue Boling to Victor O. Blanco and Veronica L. Blanco, Wildwood Springs Addition, Lots 32 and 33, District 12, $141,300

• Lloyd Oslonian and Keristi Oslonian to Ronald Davis and Pamela Davis, The Highlands at Maryville, Phase 3, Lot 85, District 19, $325,000

• Denver Lee Holmes and Sandra Lee Holmes to Signal Mountain Group LLC, Cherokee Heights Subdivision, Lot 9, District 19, $95,000

• Samuel C. Gibbs and Natalie A. Gibbs to Daniel Lee Crask and Andrea C> Crask, Glen Abbey Subdivision, Lot 3, District 6, $249,000

• James L. Sloan and Deborah S. Sloan to Steven Andrew Smith and Kristy Lynn Smith, Sloan Property, Lots 1C and 1H, Acres 32.652, District 18; Kelly Springs, Lot 1C, Acres 5.00, District 18, $107,500

• Christopher Ronel Hill and Pamela J. Hill Estate to Jim L. Bivens and Violet V. Bivens, McClanahan Property, Lot 2, District 7, $65,000

• Kirsten M. Ramsey and Matthew G. Ramsey to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC, Holland Springs Subdivision, Lot 62, District 9, $400,000

• Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Wesley Wilber and Amanda Wilber, Holland Springs Subdivision, Lot 62, District 9, $380,000

• Marshall Builders Inc. to Cody A. Monday and Brooke A. Monday, Panorama Estates, Lot 48, District 6, $249,500

• Nathaniel Caughron and Rachel B. Caughron to Robert Nichols and Toosti Nichols, Worthington Subdivision, Section 2, Phase 4, Lot 347, District 19, $246,000

• Henry Chan to Paul Boehnke and Ann Boehnke, Sweet Briar Subdivision, Lot 7, District 9, $310,000

• Regions Bank and Regions Mortgage to Richard J. Plaga and Nancy A. Plaga, West Addition, Lot 4, District 11, $153,000

• Bryan S. Hitchcock and Erin Hitchcock to Christopher Carpenter, Highland Acres Subdivision First Addition, Lot 122, District 19, $129,900

• Bradley D. Klena and Kristy V. Klena to Stephen Paul Cunningham and Melissa Hinds Cunningham, Logan Landing Subdivision, Lot 20, District 5, $465,000

• Wallace and Wallace Properties, James A. Wallace and George C. Wallace to the Fort Properties V LLC, Springbrook Corporate Center, Lot 20R1, District 9, $1,000,000

• Charles Emmett Hawkins II and Jennifer Mae Hawkins to Duane J. McCrum, Timberline Estates, Section 2, Lot 97, District 5, $192,500

• Jacob C. Anderson and Beverly S. Anderson to State of Tennessee, Frontage Road, Acres 1.00, $0

• Thomas D. Fisher and Norma H. Fisher to State of Tennessee, Vista Road, Lot 205, $0

• Joel Kerr to Daniel F. Johnson and Christine L. Johnson, Ryleighs Place, Lot 3, District 19, $204,000

• Randy J. Finn and Bonnie L. Finn to Jason C. Merritt and Stephanie Merritt, Westcliff, Section 3, Phase 2, Lot 55, District 19, $304,000

• Hal Yount and Alice Yount to Mary G. Kitts, Savannah Park Subdivision, Lot 45, District 19, $420,000

• HME Properties LLC and Melissa Simpson to City of Maryville, Edgewood Addition, Lot 2, District 19, $0

• Stone Construction Group Inc. to Brent Anthony Bowman, Morganton Road, Acre 1.35, District 6, $285,000

• Derek Brawner and Shelby Brawner to Charles E. Cottrell and Mary F. Cottrell, Overlook Addition No. 3, Lots 75 and 76, District 9, $170,000

• Cory Green and Victoria Green to Misty Dawn Scott, Cochrans First Addition to Maryville, Lots 28 and 29, District 9, $143,000

• Ivy Boudreau Winchester to Cory S. Green and Victoria A. Green, Colonial Heights Subdivision, Lot 69, District 7, $249,900

• Jeffrey S. Wallace to Johnny R. Riggins and Charlotte H. Riggins, South Hall Subdivision, Lot 101, District 9, $38,500

• Ginger Ann Nicholson to Bobby G. Queen Jr., Sheridan H. Queen Estate and the Properties of Jack E. Queen and Others, Lot 2, District 1, $113,803.57

• Wesley D. Chamberlain and Erin M. Chamberlain to Lilli Anglin, Springbrook Park Subdivision, Lot 7, District 9, $153,000

• Larry G. Gibson and Pamela O. Gibson to Robert H. Wallace and Julia K. Wallace, Waters Place Subdivision, Phase 8, Lot 8D, District 9, $198,000

• Mary E. Russell to Danny Davis and Sharon Davis, Mills View Subdivision, Section 2, Lot 30, District 1, $224,900

• Robert J. Quinn Co-Trust and Patricia G. Quinn Co-Trust to Timothy Alexander, Westcliff Subdivision, Section 3, Phase 2, Lot 75, District 19, $284,900

• Melissa Pena and Sammy Pena to Corey D. Sloan and Glenda J. Sloan, Cold Springs Road, Acres 0.5, District 14, $115,000

• Deborah A. Todd to Richard L. Johnson, U.S. Highway 129, District 17, $26,000

• Joseph P. Wall Jr. Suc. Trust and Diane J. Vessel Rev. Trust to Tipton G F LLC, Willow Pond Subdivision, Lot 6, District 8, $198,000

• Arconic Inc. and Aluminum Company of America to City of Alcoa, Cusick Road, Acres 5.244, $0

• Arconic Inc. and Aluminum Company of America to City of Alcoa, Cusick Road, Acres 0.482, $0

• Daryl M. Longfellow and Wilma J. Longfellow to Thomas Charles Casey and Doris Jeannine Fontaine Casey, Spring Meadows, Lot 33, District 13, $352,100

• Pankratz Construction Inc. to Terry Schander and Maxwell Schander, Montgomery Farms, Phase 2, Lot 42, District 19, $247,900

• Douglas Renshaw to Brittany F. Friant and Peyton L. Friant, Derby Downs Subdivision, Lot 25, District 2, $21,000

• James M. Tipton, Quint Bourgeois and Robert Saunders to Connie Sue Clabo, Tall Oaks Planned Community, Phase 3, Lot 56, Districts 13 and 14, $132,000

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