July 4 to July 10

• Schrock Family Trust, Kevin Schrock trust, to Confluence Investments LLC, Lane Business Park, Lot 26, District 19, $190,000

• Ronald Baker to Jorge Hernandez and Caroline Hernandez, Russell Woods Estates, Lot 3, District 11, $67,500

• James Clark and Jennifer Clark to Kyle Skeen and Jennifer Skeen, Mcghee Farms Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 8, District 7, $699,999

• Willard Stacy Anderson, Lorene Anderson and Willard S. Anderson to Nice Flippin Homes and Ellis Construction LLC, Walker School Road, Acres 2.5, District 7, $100,000

• Colin Padal and Lisa Padal to Eric Tillemans and Donna Tillemans, Majestic Mountains, Lot 73, District 13, $49,900

• Wayne Forgan and Lori Forgan to Chace Conrad, Highway 129, District 17, $140,000

• Keith Stephens and Catherine Stephens to Tracy Longhurst, West Springbrook Subdivision, Lot 101, District 9, $170,000

• KLV LLC to Marco Rodriguez and Krista Rodriguez, Candlewood Subdivision Phase II, Lot 34, District 12, $498,000

• Ernest Brewster and Debra Brewster to Morgan Rogliano, Devault Road, District 10, $330,000

• First Peoples Bank Inc. to William Hutchinson and Patricia Hutchinson, Jackson Bend, Lot 13, District 10, $20,000

• Lydia Noel, Lydia Spencer, David Spencer and Lydia Lea Spencer to Patti Lehman, Sunset View Lot 120, Lot 121, Lot 122, District 19, $215,000

• Smithbilt LLC to Samuel Rainey, Manor in the Foothills Phase II, Lot 334, District 7, $228,188

• Willie Walden and Wilson and Associates PLLC, trust to Stephen Byrd, South Hall Subdivision, Lot 106, District omitted, $60,100

• GDP Properties LLC to Rod Davis and Susanne Davis, Blount Development Company Addition, Lot 11, District 9, $130,000

• Kelly Brown, Stacie Brown and Stacie L. Brown to Trevor Kurschner, Smoky View Estates, Lot 20, District 19, $475,000

• Kathy Krueger to Aubrey Crawford and Pamela Crawford, Sweet Grass Plantation Phase 2, Lot 67, District 12, $120,000

• Elizabeth Wilson to Jacobus Erasmus and Kharis Erasmus, Remington Park Subdivision, Lot 33, District 19, $380,000

• Riccardo Falco and Sharon Falco to Eric Lewis and Lindsey Lewis, Valley View Farms Subdivision, Lot 12, District 6, $350,000

• Cassandra Dunlap, Justin Lee Dunlap, Casandra Russell and Justin Dunlap to Nicholas Olivo and Candice Olivo, UHR LLC Property, Lot 3, District 5, $182,500

• Sheena Macgowan to Jimmy Gray and Jacqueline Gray, Willow Creek Subdivision, Lot 24, District 9, $225,000

• James Rice and Elizabeth Rice to Katie Mason and Jerry Mason, Graham Property Phase 1, Lot 2, District 2, $330,000

• Amanda Holden and Amanda Anderson to Fred Ballew, Worthington Subdivision Section 2, Phase 1, Lot 62 and Section 3, Phase 1, Lot 62, District 19, $276,000

• Robert Bailes and Dawn Bailes to Penny Burgess, Troy Burgess, Andrew Deardorff, Trent Deardorff, Tyler Deardorff and Jordan Burgess, Fern Ridge Subdivision, Lot 1, District 15, $299,000

• Dorothy Raulston to Steven Hatcher and Tiffany Hatcher, Ongus Henry Road, Acres 15, District 7, $48,000

• Douglas Nelson and Julie Nelson to Trenton Delahoussaye and Melanie Delahoussaye, Andover Subdivision Phase 1, Lot 67, District 9, $335,000

• William R Pickens and Sharon Pickens to William T Pickens, Richard T Evey Property, Acres 4.001, District 14, $428,500

• Ryan Cunningham and Katelynn Cunningham to John Etchason and Barbara Etchason, Serenity Meadows Phase 1, Lot 2, District 14, $294,000

• Ronald Kooch and Tami Kooch to Andros Family Trust, Gerald Andros trust and Tamara Andros trust, Royal Oaks Subdivision, Section 1, Phase 2, Lot 112, District 19, $483,500

• Joseph Wallace and Allison Wallace to Gregory Spencer, Morganton Reserve Phase 2, Lot 112, District 19, $335,000

• Brent Bunnell to KLV LLC, Doll-Myderse and Brownlees First Addition, Lot 2 and Lot 3, District 19, $120,000

• Terry Haley and Belinda Haley to Brendon Gipe and Lauren Parkison, Effler Subdivision, Lot 9, District 9, $185,000

• Jerry A. Huddleston, Michelle Huddleston and Jerry Huddleston to Scott Yates and Nicole Yates, Owens Property, Lot 3, District 12, $385,000

• Clyde Weeks and Lisa Weeks to Billy Frank, Clendenen Heights Subdivision, Lot 12, District 6, $300,000

• Chris Bradberry, Tammy Bradberry and Chris W. Bradbery to Richard and Regina Collett Family Trust, Richard Collett trust and Regina Collett trust, Worthington, Section 2, Phase 4, Lot 295, District 19, $310,000

• Chris Evans, Randall Evans and John Evans to Chance Oliver and Sara Oliver, Watershaw Subdivision, Lot 1R4, District 4, $59,900

• Gene R. Walker and Gene Walker to Spencer Walker and Melony Walker, State Highway 73, District 18, $67,813

• Joseph B. Creech and Joseph N. Creech to State of Tennessee, Singleton Station, District Omitted, $0

• Cayce Keith, Cayce Crisp and Scott Keith to Eric Clement and Ashley Martak, Mossy Grove Estates Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 42, District 6


• Patrick England and Jennifer England to Jordan Sheely, Asbury Estates Subdivision, Lot 28, District 9, $420,000

• Rex Alexander to Aletha Alexander, Virgil Lee Dunlap Property, Lot 1, District 14, $180,000

• Robert Hetrick and Dian Hetrick to Larry Chafin and Jackie Chafin, Big Valley Campground, Lot 129, District 15, $70,000

• Samuel Cox and Whitney Cox to Richard Huskey, The Park Phase III, Lot 7, District 19, $419,000

• Oreste Sorvillo, Orste Sorvillo and Ann Sorvillo to Bruce Kerr and Leigh Kerr, Stonegate Subdivision, Lot 30, District 15, $560,000

• Connie Householder and Connie Sullivan to Chad Combs and Christa Combs, Blount Hills Addition, Lot 1 and Lot 2, District 9, $186,200

• Carrie A. Stephens and Carrie Stephens to Mark Boles and Tacy Boles, Browns Creek Subdivision, Lot 58R, District 9, $399,900

• Russell Thomas to Jason Kughler, Kristie Kughler and Marsha Kughler, Fox Creek Farms, Lot 25, District 5, $400,000

• Marc Ernst and Julia Ernst to Mary Spradling, Regal Tower Condominiums, District 9, $250,000

• Mary Spradling to Joseph Lipman and Gail Dos, Browns Creek Subdivision, Lot 55, District 9, $323,000

• Ryan Williams and Kaylee Williams to thomas Haywood and Tina Haywood, Norman Tipton Property, Lot 1, Acres 0.89, District 5, $320,000

• Nancy Welch, Dorothy Harper, Patricia Spanjers, Patricia Boss and Susan Ruelle to Gary Whitehead and Kathryn Whitehead, Coleman Estates Subdivision, Lot 56, District 6, $328,000

• Roger Spier Jr. and Angela Spier to Pearl Dion and Michael Dion, Philpot and Meska Property, Lot 1RA, District 14, $263,000

• Daniel Johnson and Christine Johnson to Jacob Smithson and Rhonda Smithson, Holland Springs Subdivision, Lot 77, District 9, $88,000

• Ronald Hepperly and Regina Hepperly to Amy Bivens and Adam Bivens, Walter W. Pugh Subdivision, Lot 18, Acres 21.06, District 4, $650,000

• Derek A. Hunt, Derek Hunt and Jessica Hunt to Samuel Cox and Whitney Cos, Forest Hill Road, Acres 1.98, District 8, $399,900

• E. Wilson Purdy Trust, Pamela Frohock trust and Pamela Mesmer Frohock, trust to Premium Cabins Resort LLC, Chestnut Hill Subdivision, Section 3, Acres 76.20, East of Utility District Reservoir site, West of Utility District Reservoir Site, Reservoir Tract, District 15, $299,900

• L.P. Velmor and John Candlish to Lena Logan, Hughes Loop Road, District 14, $170,000

• Corrie Jones to North Island Capital LLC, Everett Heights Subdivision, Lot 4 and Lot 5, District 9, $179,900

• MPG and JMG Land Management LLC to Alisha Bacon and Mark Bacon, Wyndsong Subdivision Phase 1, Lot 107, District 2, $65,500

• Bradley Shore to Rosemary Saczawa, Coulter View Subdivision, Lot 6, District 14, $460,000

• Larry Morelock and Penelope Morelock to Martha Richardson and Brent Bunnell, W. B. Irwin Addition, Lot 78, District 9, $139,000

• Darrell Watts and Bryan Buchanan to Thomas Mcintosh and Amanda Mcintosh, Arthur A. Farmer Property, Lot 3, District 9, $127,500

• Ling Lin and Michael Ni to Kathleen Maddox, Autumn View Subdivision, Lot 6, District 7, $289,900

• Jean Daniels, Anita Daniels, Anita Jean Daniels, Ralph Willocks and David Willocks to Joshua Smithson, Mimosa Estates Subdivision, Lot 107, District 11, $245,000

• Church Living Trust, Janice Church, trust to Abigail Reagan, South Hall Subdivision, Lot 106, District 9, $127,900

• GDP Properties LLC to Sharon Mcnutt, Logans Landing Subdivision, Lot 6, District 5, $520,000

• Khaja Properties LLC to Samuel Stainback and Daniel Stainback, Lashbrooke Subdivision, Lot 89R1A, District 10, $115,000

• Harmony Investments LLC to Ridgement LLC, John A. Mccall and Geraldine Mccall Estate, Lot 1, District 1, $150,000

• Brandt Jones and Elizabeth Jones to Kingdom Rentals LLC, Holiday Hill No. 2 Top of the World, Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 3, District 18, $70,000

• Kevin Whiting, Carey Potter-Whiting, Carey Potter Whiting and Carey P. Whiting to Michael Jackson and Casey Jackson, Leconte Property Subdivision, Lot 5, District 8, $373,650

• Timothy Moore Jr. to Hope Mcisaac, Misty View Subdivision Phase 1, Lot 6, District 14, $290,000

• David Whaley and Maxine Whaley to Melvin Elliott and Carolyn Elliott, Sundown Resort, Lot 180 District 15, $39,500

• Tamela K. Wilkin Revocable Living Trust, Tamela Wilkin, trust to James Wilkin and Tamela Wilkin, Lakeview Subdivision of Laurel Valley, Lot 11, District 15, $0

• Karen Malone to Franklin Wilkinson and Betty Wilkinson, Big Valley Campground, Lot 26, District 15, $169,000

• James Leach and Barbara Leach to Wild Laurel LLC, Eagle Nest Subdivision, Lot 15, District 15, $1,270,000

• Raymond Winsky to Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority, Benford Heights Subdivision, Lot 3, District 9, $0

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