A few weeks after coming to the US to start working on the new SLP’s record, Raul gets home and asks us to come upstairs, to the studio, to listen to this old song that had been on his computer for years, and that had been written by two outstanding songwriters Kostas and John Goodwin. I remember him being a little skeptical. He was not sure what our reaction would be (that was a very early stage in our relationship... now he can predict every reaction...lol). It took four words for me to fall in love with the song. The melody, the words, the message, the love. The next day, we recorded our own version and showed it to Raul. Three months later we were at Blackbird Studios recording the song with The Mavericks. Both bands, different styles, different generations, different countries, sharing what should bring the whole world together... MUSIC! It meant a lot to us and I’m sure it meant a lot to them. Then we started thinking about the idea for the video, but we shortly realized the perfect way to put this song out. Nothing was going to explain the song better than our own faces while creating it, the honest smiles, the jokes, the dancing, our friends, the happiness. These are the images we gathered from that day. A day we feel extremely happy to have in our memories and our story. We can’t thank enough to every single one involved! So here it is exactly what happened...


The Flower’s In The Seed

The day the Beatles sang from me to you

The world was innocent but then who knew

All of the changes we’d be going through

Dreams unraveling in shades of blue

The times are different but life’s still the same

Same old story just another day

You never know what tomorrow may bring

Something new or the same old thing

'Cause the rain is in the clouds

The want is in the need

Love is waiting to reveal itself

The flower is in the seed

Heaven made a plan for everything

From joy to sadness and in between

When angels fall sometimes they break their wings

We go on no matter what time brings

'Cause the rain is in the clouds

The want is in the need

Love is waiting to reveal itself

The flower's in the seed

One thing ends where another begins

Time’s a door we’re passing through

And everything that is meant to be

Will be from me and you

'Cause the rain is in the clouds

The want is in the need

Love is waiting to reveal itself

The flower's in the seed

Music & lyrics by John Goodwin and Kostas

Produced by Raul Malo & Niko Bolas

Engineered by Niko Bolas

Mastered by Richard Dodd

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