Myth: Homeschoolers miss out on traditional social experiences such as dances and the prom.

Fact: Blount Home Education Association hosts numerous dances throughout the year, including a Spring Formal.

As we jump back into the Homeschool MythBusters series, one of the fallacies that people often cite as a drawback to home education is the fear that homeschooled students miss out on dances and the all-important prom. But nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, teen members of Blount Home Education Association (BHEA) attend numerous dances throughout the year. Annual favorites include the Back to School Dance, Christmas Dance and the Black and White Dance, which are open to all BHEA members ages 13 to 19.

The dances are a great opportunity to get dressed up, dance and make new friends.

When asked why he enjoys the dances, senior Eli Seaton, said “I love the environment and goofing off with my friends.”

The Back to School Dance, held in mid-September, is a great way to kick off the semester and reconnect with friends for the new school year. The Christmas Dance, which is often a bit dressier, is a favorite way to end the fall semester. The Black and White dance, held in mid-February, breaks up the monotony of the gray winter evenings and is always popular with the BHEA student body.

The dances are well-attended, with somewhere between 100-120 members and guests attending on average. Dances are held in various locations including event spaces and church fellowship halls.

While most dances are planned and hosted by the BHEA Student Council, other student groups routinely host dances as fundraisers for their organizations. The BHEA Theatre Department has hosted several well-attended dances, such as a luau and a Broadway-themed dance to help fund their theatrical productions.

The biggest teen social event that BHEA hosts each year is the Spring Formal. This highly anticipated dance is open to high school-aged members and their guests and is the most popular event of the school year. This year’s spring formal is scheduled for late April and students are already formalizing their plans for this very special evening. Far from missing out, BHEA students take advantage of the many opportunities to dance the night away with friends and make wonderful memories.

Grace Dulin serves as the school correspondent for the Blount Home Education Association.

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