Greenback School has had a very busy first nine weeks of school. Of course, with the end of this time came nine week tests for upper classes.

This past week, seniors took the ACT tests, and the juniors took a practice ACT test. This week, Oct. 7-11, we are having our fall break. While some seniors will vacation, others will be away as a group “Talent Search” visiting colleges. These visits will help students decide where they will be continuing their education.

Seniors have started filling out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) applications, the first step to receive funds for college.

All Tennessee students have a great opportunity to go to college through the Hope Scholarship and the Tennessee Promise. Our guidance counselors are helping us understand and complete papers to apply for these programs.

Sept. 16-29 was homecoming week. What a busy week it was as classes spent hours decorating the halls for a chance to win the best hallway. Our senior class was voted best this year. Each day was a dress up day: Country vs. City Monday, Boys vs. Girls Tuesday, Young vs. Old Wednesday, Summer vs. Winter Thursday, Orange and Black Friday. Our senior homecoming queen was Grace Shockley. Thank you teacher Libby Hess for coordinating our homecoming activities. We would like to thank Tammie and Justin Phillips for welcoming our senior superlatives to their beautiful home for our yearbook photographs.

Our “G-word” video winner has been chosen. Our G-words are positive character words that start with G. There words help students remember what it means to show “Greenback Simply Loves.” Our school was divided into eight teams of teachers and students to choose four G words and create a video showing how their G words exemplified positive character traits. All teams did great, but the team of Karen Liles, Laura Overholt and Chris Green was chosen the winner by a group of community leaders. Be sure to watch all the videos on our website.

Our much anticipated Fall Festival will be 5-8 p.m. Oct. 24. Many booths, entertainment and a dodge ball tournament will be featured.

Our fourth grade students spent Farm Day at Sweetwater Valley Farms. This is always a much looked forward to trip for these students.

Our student Tribe’s food drive for our Community Food Pantry was a great success.

Congratulations to Alex Russell. chosen to participate in Tennessee Cooperative’s Washington Youth Tours this past summer. Alex toured our capital and is featured in “Tennessee Magazine.”

Liles hosted our book fair in the library. What a great way to introduce books to our students. Special thanks to Mike Garren, our interim director of Loudon County Schools, and our Central Office supervisors who prepared a cook-out lunch Sep. 27 for our staff.

While in this column I cannot report on school sports, I do want to congratulate and thank our sports teams, band and cheerleaders.

Our community and school are stronger because of our much loved sports.

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