This month at Heritage is one of the busiest. With the special ceremony held on Sept. 11 at the flagpole, the seniors preparing to take the ACT on Sept. 22, as well as the major preparations surrounding homecoming, you can see that the students are being diligent and working hard.

At 8 a.m. on Sept. 11, the cadets of Air Force JROTC TN 791, as well as Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Coggins USAF Retired, gathered around the flagpole to honor the men and women that died in the attacks on the country, along with the brave first responders as they raised the flag to half-mast. The ceremony served as remembrance to the people that experienced Sept. 11, but also taught the JROTC cadets important life skills such as being on time and in the right attire, which will help in normal life, and the skills for a ceremony that they will use when if they join the Air Force or other sections of the country’s military after high school. After the ceremony, c/Major Nolan Buckey led the school in a moment of silence and reminded students just how important it was that we as a country remember this day.

On Sept. 22, the seniors will be taking the ACT. The free ACT that the school provides is usually during the spring, but due to COVID-19, it was delayed. Since the seniors will have to be socially distanced while testing, all other grade levels will stay at home and do virtual school for the day.

In light of the new date for the ACT, the National Honors Society found a need in our community and stepped up. Since their goal is to work on community service this year, this is a wonderful opportunity to provide help, as well as give an opportunity for others to learn more. Many seniors may be rusty on topics that were covered in previous years, and a little extra studying never hurt anyone, so there will be a ACT Prep Week, with presentations led by students that have scored well on certain subject areas to help their fellow classmates and any underclassmen that want extra help for a future ACT test. Good luck seniors!

Even though it feels like yesterday that school started, Homecoming Week is here! Preparations have already begun, and the buzz around the school is growing. Sept. 14-18 will be Spirit Week with themes such as hat day, wacky-tacky day, sports and clubs day, twin day and school spirit day. When the students returned to school Monday, they were greeted by the homecoming queen candidates’ beautiful decorations lining the halls. COVID-19 has spread us apart, but homecoming will be a time for us to all come together as a community again and boost our school spirit. Kickoff will be at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, so come support our football team, the homecoming court, as well as the band and choir.

Isabella Wright is the school correspondent from Heritage High School.

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